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Warganet Life

Warganet Life Mod APK vv2.7.1 (Unlimited money)

Dec 17, 2022
Warganet Life

Download Warganet Life Mod APK - Unlimited Money - This is a business game that will ask you to control the whole thing relative to the business.

Game and App Info.
Name Warganet Life
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v2.7.1
Size 8.4MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Simulation
Developer Kreatif Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

In this 3D simulation game, you will become a real businessman in the virtual world by owning an Internet Cafe. This is a combination of an internet shop and a cafe, which can bring you an unbelievable amount of revenue. If you are planning to open an Internet Cafe, this is an optimal choice because it simulates almost exactly what happens in the real world, which you may have to pay to learn one.

About Warganet Life Mod APK Unlimited Money

As mentioned above, you will have a direct view of the owner's position, through which you will be able to do all the work that needs to be done such as selling, calculating to make a profit, creating work, owning coffee, or build your own business strategy, …

download warganet life mod apk for android

Your target audience is all ages, but due to the specificity of an Internet cafe, boys or teenagers will often be the main audience. These teenagers will often play games or compete with each other. Meanwhile, less common subjects such as adults or girls will often come to do homework, use social networks, or read newspapers.

Because this is a game produced by the game publishing company of Indo, so you will experience real Indo people's life by enjoying Indo food, walking on the streets of Indonesia, and counting experiencing the entertainment services of Indonesia too.

Regarding the operation of the Internet Cafe, you will need to carry out computer sales or exchange activities with a series of electronic stores to upgrade your system or maintain and repair it when it occurs damaged. You can find the necessary supplies and equipment at local stores, including decorations for your salon.

Learn about Warganet Life Mod APK

Just like in reality, if you always have fresh, unique ideas, and keep up with the trends, your business will become very easy. Customers will actively find you and from there you will automatically have more income.

download warganet life mod apk

In addition, you can also expand your business by integrating other utilities such as food stalls, a variety of foods and drinks, or trading in electronic devices and toys games, or Internet phone cards,…

However, to expand your business, you must hire more employees, which will require you to calculate reasonably when the amount of capital is quite large. Either way, build yourself a reasonable strategy and learn from your competitors to get the best results.

Difficulties of doing business in Warganet Life Mod APK

At Warganet Life Mod APK, in addition to the above tasks, you also have to face countless difficulties that need to be handled. Some situations can be mentioned such as being harassed by grenades in the early morning, then being noisy by children at noon when guests are playing games and resting, or bad guys lurking around, etc.

warganet life mod apk

From there, you must take measures to solve those situations such as hiring security guards to ensure the safety of customers and the shop, hiring technical staff when the equipment has problems, etc. Many problems may happen that require your sensitivity.

Special Features of Warganet Life Mod APK

The feature of the mod versions is that you will often have a lot of money, in Warganet Life Mod APK too, the special features you will have are:

- Free shopping

- Computers, tables and chairs or decorations for the store are all priced at 0

Note: The above will not work with Casino and Lootbox.

Interface and graphics of Warganet Life Mod APK

Through the description above, surely readers can also imagine that Warganet Life Mod APK is a game with a bright, vivid form with high and impressive image quality. Indeed, the interface and graphics of Warganet Life Mod APK are highly appreciated and always at the top of the games with the best form ever.

warganet life mod apk latest version

When playing the Warganet Life Mod APK game, you will never encounter blurry images or game errors. On the other hand, despite such top-notch graphics, Warganet Life Mod APK takes up very little space in your device, thereby giving players the best experience.


Although the simulation game is no longer too strange for Indian gamers, Warganet Life Mod APK still has its own very special features that no other game has. Download Warganet Life Mod APK today to experience the unique features here.

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