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Dating My High School Bully

Dating My High School Bully APK Mod v3.1.3 (All unlocked)

Dec 17, 2022

Download Dating My High School Bully Mod APK - All Unlocked - This is a game set in a dynamic high school, currently the game is extremely popular among young people.

Name Dating My High School Bully
Updated 2022-11-01
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 3.1.3
Size 62MB
MOD All unlocked
Category Simulation
Developer Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

In the 4.0 technology era, every aspect and perspective of life is brought into the digital world in a vivid and modern way. Game publishers take advantage of the live pictures put in as the context for their video games. The game Dating My High School Bully Mod APK is set in a dynamic high school, currently, the game is extremely popular among young people, let's learn more about this game through the article below.

Introduction Dating My High School Bully Mod APK

Coming to Dating My High School Bully Mod APK, the publisher builds the game in the form of a simulation game, incarnation, players will be transformed into students in Matsubara high school, participating in activities learning, playing, researching, especially players can experience the feeling of high school dating that is extremely authentic and desirable.

dating my high school bully mod apk all unlocked

Dating My High School Bully Mod APK installs smart and diverse features, allowing gamers to experience challenges, and rich tasks, not boring, making each of us easily relax after a day. Stressful and tiring working day.

Log in to the game, and you will become a new person, with the main tasks being to mingle with everyone in the Matsubara school and quickly make friends with many people around. However, making new friends in a strange environment is never easy, but don't worry, this is also an interesting feature of the game. Beautiful classmate characters, and a poetic, romantic Japanese school setting, all will bring players great experiences.

The character system in the game

Dating My High School Bully Mod APK is equipped with beautiful characters, accompanying players throughout the game experience, under the talented hands of designers, the characters appear extremely lovely and funny.

Take a look at the outstanding, beautiful, lovely characters with each of them having a different look and personality in the game!

Aya - Gentle, lovely character

Aya is built with a gentle appearance, she is quite quiet in her noisy, naughty high school environment. The 3D graphics make Aya extremely vivid and beautiful with the appearance of any guy who can easily fall. Despite her aloof and cold appearance, her personality is truly amazing. Aya is built as a very kind character, it seems she is ready to help a new friend there, don't hesitate, let's connect and get to know her.

Chikako - Personality, strong and reliable

Chikako appeared with striking gray hair, the hair was cut short in the stylized layer, making her figure and appearance stand out even more. The publisher builds Chikako under a striking appearance, somewhat expressing Chikako's strong, explosive personality.

dating my high school bully mod apk.

To please and impress a girl with such a strong personality, it requires the player to actively get to know and impress Chikako with synergistic actions, a high sense of responsibility and a good character. A lot of challenges gamers have to go through to be able to make friends with this special girl.

Eichi - Studying in a fiery lecture hall

Eichi knows what he wants and how to get it, Eichi is built by the publisher in the image of a girl who studies well but is extremely strong and strong. With a superhuman mind, and superb intelligence, Eichi easily won the top position in the school, but that does not mean that she is a quiet and docile person. In contrast, Eichi has a fiery appearance, strong actions, gestures, and fiery dress, showing off his outstanding appearance. How to make friends and get acquainted with EIchi is still a secret, join Dating My High School Bully Mod APK and experience it yourself!

Outstanding Features

Dating My High School Bully Mod APK uses 3D graphics, bringing a realistic and vivid feeling to the player. The characters, game settings, classrooms, buildings, books, and lecture halls are beautifully sketched by the creators with colorful and eye-catching colors.

Besides, the sound system of Dating My High School Bully Mod APK is also an extremely outstanding feature. The music and sound system are intelligently and harmoniously integrated with the movements of the characters.

dating my high school bully mod apk android

Dating My High School Bully Mod APK has huge hits, and a large game community, showing the popularity and popularity of the game. Dating My High School Bully Mod APK creates a rich community of players, allowing us to make friends and socialize while playing extremely interesting games.

Dating My High School Bully Mod APK secures user information, and is absolutely safe

The game is committed to absolute confidentiality of customer information, gamers can rest assured when using and experiencing the game. In addition, Dating My High School Bully Mod APK is installed with a friendly interface, easy to use, and players can easily manipulate the game to make friends and date their favorite characters.

The game is compatible with most smart devices, providing gamers with a smooth, lag-free game experience. In particular, the publisher trains an extremely professional customer service team, providing quick and convenient answers and support for all gaming communities participating in the game experience.


A beautiful, attractive game, along with smart features that give players hours of relaxation and ultimate entertainment, what are you waiting for without quickly downloading and experiencing Dating my high school right away? bully mod APK.

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