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Virustotal Mod APK v2.5 (Everything Unlocked)

Dec 17, 2022

Download Virustotal Mod APK - Everything Unlocked - This is one of the applications that help players check for malicious software that is intentionally entering the phone.

Game and App Info.
Name VirusTotal Mobile
Updated 2022-12-21
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 2.5
Size 2.8M
MOD Everything Unlocked
Category Tools
Developer FunnyCat
Price Free
Google Play Link

Sometimes links containing viruses are hidden in some websites when you accidentally visit while looking up information, choosing the wrong link will cause your smartphone to be damaged by a virus.

What is Virustotal Mod APK?

Virustotal Mod APK is an application for Android phone users that scans and analyzes malicious links or accesses that adversely affect your phone. Virustotal Mod APK applications will see if they contain malicious code or viruses, thereby making accurate assessments of the safety level in your phone. Virustotal Mod APK app contains a lot of antivirus programs or technology people call it the world's leading virus and malware scanner, allowing users to upload files up to 550MB in size.

virustota mod apk download latest version

Virustotal Mod APK application has a fairly simple interface with a streamlined and scientific layout, you can use it easily even if it is the first time you approach the application.

Benefits of using Virustotal Mod APK

Nowadays, mobile phones are indispensable items in everyone's daily life. That is why many bad guys have attached malicious links to steal user information through smartphones such as full name, citizen identity, bank account number, .. to serve many other purposes. together. So equipping your smartphone with Virustotal Mod APK download latest version is a very necessary thing. Let's take a look at the outstanding features of the above application.


Although the Virustotal Mod APK application possesses a lot of features belonging to major corporations in the world, the application still provides a free experience for users. Virustotal Mod APK is developed for non-commercial purposes, does not distribute advertising, and does not force users to buy any tools or software from any third party.

virustotal mod apk download

Customers can download Virustotal Mod APK download via CHPlay available on the phone easily.

Detailed analysis results

After scanning and analyzing the files or links accessed by the user, the Virustotal Mod APK application will produce results based on many different analysis tools. This will bring you accurate results, in the results table will include extracting data, and determining the location of malicious code or viruses in the file. Not only that, but the Virustotal Mod APK application is also capable of cooling and shutting down background applications to ensure the performance of your smartphone.

Continuously updated

The Virustotal Mod APK application is a collection of tools from many of the world's leading companies, which means that the staff here will be extremely powerful and highly specialized. The process of patching and updating applications for users will happen extremely quickly.

Not only that, during use, if players encounter any problems or have questions, they can contact Virustotal Mod APK directly. Your problems will then be received by the staff and taken to the relevant department for resolution. It is this that has helped the application stay ahead of the market and keep abreast of developments in the fiercely competitive world of malicious applications.

Strong community

Not just a single application, Virustotal Mod APK has created its own community.

virustotal mod apk app

There, players can freely publicize information to those who have been using Virustotal Mod APK, and members of the forum can consult each other's information and make the right decisions. At the same time, this will also help players know the links have viruses or malicious code and avoid clicking on those links.

Instructions to download Virustotal Mod APK for Android

How to download Virustotal Mod APK download for android is probably one of the biggest questions of phone users today. However, with just a few simple steps, you will be able to immediately use the Virustotal Mod APK application for your phone.

  • Step 1: First, users need to access the CHPlay application included in their Android phone.
  • Step 2: Next, players need to search for Virustotal Mod APK or Virustotal Mobile application and proceed to Install.
  • Step 3: After the 2nd step is completed, the player clicks on the application and proceeds to log in to the account (you can use Gmail, Facebook account, ..).
  • Step 4: Players need to grant permission for the Virustotal Mod APK application to access other applications available on the phone. That way, Virustotal can scan all links.
  • Step 5: Finally, players only need to select an application that they want to scan to look for viruses or malicious code. After the scan is complete, the application will notify you of the status of the link with virus intrusion or not.

How Virustotal Mod APK works

According to the information, we have collected, the Virustotal Mod APK application currently has more than 70 tools to scan viruses and block malicious code from different links. The Virustotal Mod APK everything unlocked application will store its own domain name, data, and functions contained in each file, link that the user asks the application to browse.

virustotal mod apk

Then Virustotal Mod APK puts the information into the tools above to conduct a scan and give the exact results that the user needs.

In Conclusion

As you have seen Virustotal Mod APK is an application that scans links to find viruses or malicious code hidden inside, equipped with scanning tools from the world's leading companies that have helped the application gain great responsibility from users. Always protect your phone before something too bad happens and Virustotal Mod APK application will be a great "soldier" to do that.

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