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CCleaner Pro

CCleaner Pro APK Mod (Activation code)

Hang Nguyen Dec 17, 2022
CCleaner Pro

Using smartphones is so popular these days. However, not everyone has an effective way to use their phone to take care of their phone. To use your phone effectively, the first thing you need to do is to organize and clean your phone. Frequent use of the phone will make your phone contain junk files or a lot of malicious software that will shorten your phone's life. Don't worry, there's CCleaner Pro to solve this problem for you.

Game and App Info.
Name CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Updated 2023-02-28
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version
Size 19 MB
MOD Activation code
Category Tools
Developer Piriform
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is CCleaner Pro APK?

CCleaner Pro APK is a junk cleaner for your phone. Your phone is like your house, if you do not regularly clean it, it will make it messy and dirty. Using the phone to work, play games ... always save junk files. CCleaner Pro APK helps you to clean these problems to optimize the performance of your phone. This application helps your phone work faster and smoother, keeping the battery as well as the user's phone in the best condition.

There are many people who do not understand what is the point of cleaning their phone when it is just an electronic system, but you do not know that even an electronic device has garbage and redundant files. CCleaner Pro APK will help you clean junk files as well as junk and malicious software for your phone.

CCleaner Pro APK helps you to scan and analyze the health of your phone.

CCleaner Pro APK has built-in AI recognition technology to help you scan your entire phone and report the status to you. CCleaner Pro APK clearly analyzes which parts are taking up space on your phone, and which ones are running with high frequency and heavy. Gives you clear choices about what to keep and what to let go of for your phone to perform at its best. Duplicate files will be reported to you by CCleaner Pro APK so you can decide for yourself.

After using the phone for a while, it will make your phone hot because of many factors. Another aspect is that going duplicate files, files, and pictures will make your phone slower. Your space being wasted will lead to your phone breaking down faster.

CCleaner Pro APK has the ability to automatically scan and find duplicate files, and long inactive files in your phone. When you grant permission, CCleaner Pro APK will help you delete those files to make your phone work at its best.

CCleaner Master Pro APK completely removes the original application

Removing or deleting a file or an application on the phone is not just deleting or removing it. There will be files that you cannot delete and will be saved on your phone. After a long time, if you do not remove it, your phone will be slower. CCleaner Master Pro APK will completely remove what's left of your device as well as remove an application or file from your phone.

Censoring apps on your phone

CCleaner Pro Mod APK will help you censor what apps work on your phone. CCleaner Pro Mod APK will help limit background apps on your phone. When you use your phone, there will be unrelated applications running in the background without your knowledge. CCleaner Pro Mod does not let that happen, your phone is always in the best condition.

Speed ​​up phone device

CCleaner Pro Mod APK helps your phone to be accelerated in the fastest way, cleans quickly, and helps your phone to work better. Optimize all mobile apps to keep your phone in top condition. Just one touch and your phone will be at its best with CCleaner Pro Mod.

CCleaner Pro Mod APK keeps your battery power always guaranteed. Currently, using smartphones that run out of battery too quickly makes many people uncomfortable. Although the capacity has been increased, many users do not know how to use the phone properly, leading to rapid battery drain. CCleaner Pro APK 2022 will help your battery power work optimally.

Reduce the heat of your phone

In addition to cleaning junk, and speeding up your phone, CCleaner Pro APK 2022 also helps your phone cool down. Many people using games for a long time will lead to your phone heating up. CCleaner Pro APK will cool down your phone, and cool it to avoid fire.

Instructions to download CCleaner Pro APK to install on your phone.

This is the CCleaner Pro APK android application, users go to the 3rd page to download CCleaner Pro APK latest version and install it on their phone. Before installing you need to grant permission to install apps from 3rd party to your phone.

Open the newly downloaded CCleaner Pro APK latest file and install it and you can give your phone the best care.


  • This is an application for Android phones and does not work on CCleaner Pro APK PC.
  • This mod has a CCleaner Pro APK activation code, so users can download and use it completely for free.


A neat and clean house needs someone to clean it, and so does the phone. To work well, you need a care and garbage cleaning application for your phone. CCleaner Pro APK is a completely free application that helps you clean junk applications, running in the background as well as junk files on your phone. CCleaner Pro APK will help keep your phone neat and tidy and increase the life of your phone even more. Download CCleaner Pro APK 2022 now for your phone.

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