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Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter Mod APK v1.63.0 (Unlimited gold and money)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download Zombie Hunter Mod APK - Unlimited gold and money - This is one of the extremely new action games that bring extremely attractive and dramatic battles between players and evil Zombies.

Name ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games
Updated 2023-04-24
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.63.0
Size 138.1Mb
MOD Unlimited gold and money
Category Action
Price Free
Google Play Link

To be able to win, players need to use all their abilities to destroy them. In the following article, we will help you learn more about this extremely attractive game.

Introduction to Zombie Hunter Mod APK

This game is provided by VNG Game Studio, one of the game developers extremely famous for the hit Zombie series. Zombie hunter killing games mod apk is set in the days of a virus pandemic raging around the world. This virus can kill people and turn them into ferocious zombies.

zombie hunter killing games mod apk

If you are a lover of action and survival games, you definitely cannot miss Zombie Hunter Mod APK. This is a battle for survival to build a beautiful world.

By joining this game, your goal is to survive among the Zombies that are extremely aggressive and can infect you with the virus at any time. The task that you need to perform is to build a beautiful world like before.

Become a super hunter with Zombie Hunter Mod APK

This game gives you the extremely attractive experience of a top-notch shooter series. Zombie Hunter Mod APK latest version gives you a lot of difficult tasks to perform such as Campaigns to destroy Zombies, protect civilians, or build bases,...

The wars are often long and require a solid rear, so building a base is an important task to perform. This is a place to help you produce food, metal, or materials to serve the fight against the pandemic.

Brave fighting style

As soon as you start Zombie Hunter Mod APK unlimited gold and money, you will have to transform into a professional hunter with weapons in hand. Your task in this game is to defeat all the Zombies you see. Besides, you also have to stop the zombies so that they don't have a chance to infect others.

zombie hunter mod apk unlimited gold and money

Anyone who unfortunately gets a small scratch caused by a Zombie will also turn into a Zombie and attack the people around. With the danger caused by the Zombies, the survivors gathered and together built a base to survive and fight these monsters.

Exciting Zombie Hunter Mod APK reward

Join the game, after each victory, players will have the opportunity to receive a lot of great and attractive rewards. Be it specialized sniper rifles or powerful shotguns,... Besides, you can also get equipment through the base building.

In the process of performing missions at Zombie Hunter Mod APK unlimited gold and money, you will have the opportunity to collect EXP to level up your character. After each battle, you will accumulate a lot of experience and become more and more powerful.

Various weapons

The weapons used in Zombie hunter king mod apk unlimited money are designed based on real life. There are many types of guns from wartime to modern times.

These weapons are all exquisitely designed and you can upgrade weapons and equipment during the game. In particular, you can transform into many different characters. These characters are diverse in appearance as well as fighting styles and have different abilities.

zombie hunter mod apk

The most special thing Zombie hunter is an offline game so you can join the game at any time. This game can work stably on most mobile devices, so you can download Zombie Hunter Mod APK unlimited money and gold download to your device to join whenever you want.

Outstanding features of Zombie Hunter Mod APK

This game possesses a lot of features for you to explore, so quickly download Zombie Hunter Mod APK free download to experience.

  • With the mod you will be provided with many types of guns such as Rifles, machine guns, or sniper rifles. Each type of gun will have different uses to assist you in killing the intended enemy. To be able to destroy the enemy faster, you need to upgrade the gun during the game.
  • The characters will also be equipped with many other items such as Armor, grenades, and gloves, be able to protect the body in the best way and prevent emergencies.
  • This game can be played in offline mode so you can be entertained anytime, anywhere.


Zombie Hunter Mod APK is an extremely attractive game that combines action and survival games that you cannot miss.

zombie hunter mod apk free shopping

With sharp 3D images and meticulously designed characters, promises to bring you extremely attractive and interesting experiences. So hurry up and download the game to participate in these dramatic matches.

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