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Zombie Diary 2

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK v1.2.4 (Unlimited money and gems)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Zombie Diary 2

Download Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK - Unlimited Money and gems - This is one of the hottest games and a new trending game genre today. Completely free for players.

Game and App Info.
Name Zombie Diary 2: Evolution
Updated 2020-06-02
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 1.2.4
Size 18 MB
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Action
Developer Mountain Lion
Price Free
Google Play Link

Every year there are many games on this topic, and among them, the most prominent one cannot fail to mention that is Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK. With unique gameplay and many great features, the game will bring relaxing moments for players. Shooting mode is very simple, does not require a lot of skills, very suitable for those of you who want to play entertaining games. Let's find out more details right after the article below.

About Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK

download zombie diary 2 mod apk

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK is the latest version based on the Zombie diary game. Also a zombie-themed game with a variety of content that provides great stimulation to play. Compared to other zombie games, Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK is not too creepy, but instead is a very "fun" substance. It's interesting and impressive with many unique features that are hard to get.


Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK has quite an attractive action gameplay. You will be playing the hero, who will stand up to destroy the scary zombies. Bring back peace to humanity.

Of course, everything will not be simple, you need to use your skills to destroy them as quickly as possible. Use your skills and combat weapons properly to protect your beloved land.

Features of Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK has many interesting features, these are the differences between this game compared to other games. Specifically, it is:

Multiple characters

zombie diary 2 mod apk

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK has a lot of characters with more than 10 different characters for you to choose from freely. The characters are diverse and they also have their own skills, you should know and take advantage of that skill in the most reasonable way. Specifically: Alex Murphy, John Bob, JK, Ray Park, Bane, Snake Eyes, John Bob, or Sophia. You can unlock the character you want, and choose the strongest character to have enough power to fight the zombies.

Modern weapons and vehicles

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK has a modern weapon system with more than 100 different types. In addition to guns, they also have knives, grenades, or other types of high damage. Each type will have its own attack abilities, use them properly and suitable for each case.

In addition, the means of combat is also an extremely important factor to help you get the victory easier. You can use Robots, tanks, or even planes to fly.

Item system

After winning, you will receive items, which are worthy prizes for the player's efforts. The item system is diverse with many types. You will use them to increase your own strength and contribute to helping players win faster.

zombie diary 2 mod apk download

When the number of monsters is too large, you will definitely be attacked by some monsters and lose blood.

Then the item will take effect, for example, the HP recovery pot will help the character recover and supply blood faster. So try to defeat as many zombies as possible to bring back many items. Use them more wisely to complete the next quests.

Graphics and sound evaluation

Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK has a really impressive and amazing graphics and sound system. This is an interesting game with unique images. The image quality of Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK is really good, with the most detailed and meticulous description. They are realistic with unique 2D visuals and with a cute western style, so you will have a very comfortable feeling when playing.

The sound of the game is also really impressive. Noises such as gunfire or zombie cries for help also contribute to making the game more interesting. It is also these sounds that make the game scarier, you will feel nervous because you do not know when they may appear. The background music in the game also gives players a sense of excitement, and suspense and increases the drama of the game.

zombie diary 2 mod apk free shopping

Above is an article to share about the most popular zombie game Zombie Diary 2 Mod APK. If it's your favorite genre, don't hesitate to skip it. Download now to experience it without spending any money. Hopefully, with a few minutes on this article, you will have the most relaxing moments for you.

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