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Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers Mod APK v1.31.2 (Unlimited plutonium and money)

SeoAdam Dec 17, 2022

Zombie Catchers Mod APK - Unlimited everything - has always been one of the hottest game themes of all time that has never stopped being hot today. It is one of the highest-rated games available today with millions of downloads annually on Android devices. The game possesses many outstanding advantages and many attractive features to bring a great experience to players. Let's find out more details right after the article below.

Name Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell
Updated 2022-12-06
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.31.2
Size 80M
MOD Unlimited plutonium and money
Category Action
Developer Deca Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Zombie Catchers Mod APK?

Zombie Catchers Mod APK is a game with an attractive zombie theme, but scary but brings a dramatic experience to players. Through the weapons, in the game, so you can fight the zombies to win. The ultimate goal of the game is to completely destroy those scary zombies.

Zombies are living corpses that invade the earth, they will eat people and spread diseases to all people living on earth. With noble ideals, you need to kill and destroy all these Zombie bugs.

Fascinating plot

The plot of the game is set in the year 2050 when a zombie pandemic is spreading around the world. With the raging of the hateful Zombies, there are many serious consequences for the earth as well as human life.

They are disease spreaders, with deadly bites that make us all turn into Zombies like them. And players will transform into hunters to sell zombies to aliens.


How to play Zombie Catchers Mod APK 2022 is also very simple. Players will transform into 1 of 2 characters, which is AJ or Bud. This is a character representing the aliens who play the role of hunters to destroy the scary zombies.

To be able to quickly catch all the zombies, you need to quickly find out where they sleep and hide. Next, you need to make plans to catch them, you need to set up subtle traps so that the zombies cannot detect them.

To win the player needs to reach the required number of zombies through each level. The number will increase as the level increases. One type of trick that helps you quickly kill the Zombies is to hide before catching the zombies. Set traps to wait for Zombies to fall into the net because direct confrontation will cause them to counterattack and throw darts and sticks at you. Especially before hunting, remove some animals that interfere with your work such as Snakes, bats, ...

Features of the game Zombie Catchers Mod APK Unlimited everything

Zombie Catchers Mod APK all levels unlocked is an attractive game that attracts players with many unique features. This is also one of the other things that make this game so famous

In-game currency

The way to earn money to upgrade characters and buy weapons in the game is to sell food to zombies. This is like a normal exchange, when you sell an item you will earn a certain amount of money.

Money in the game is coins and Plutonium. Through the money you get, you will use it to buy more weapons and equipment for hunters

Sound and graphics

Zombie Catchers Mod APK is a horror game, so the publisher focuses on investing in sound quality and graphics. However, unlike the name of the game, Zombie Catchers Mod APK has a bright and fun image, the character creation is quite cute and silly and the 2D graphics, are sharp and realistic. As for the sound quality, it's really lovely.

Weapon systems and upgrades

The weapon system of Zombie Catchers Mod APK for android is extremely diverse, with many different guns. You can freely choose your favorite guns such as sniper rifles, Aka guns, hook guns, …

At the same time, each type of gun will have different strengths, to quickly destroy all zombies you need to upgrade equipment regularly. To do that, you need to make a lot of money.

Diverse maps associated with many quests

Zombie Catchers Mod APK has many attractive locations for players to explore and track down monsters. Each location on the map will have different terrain, so you need to explore each place to be able to quickly win. Some famous places on the map can be mentioned: Swamp, Beach, Snow, Chinatown, Lagoon,...

Many support equipment

Zombie Catchers Mod APK is equipped with a variety of equipment and advanced equipment to help players easily track down Zombies. Specifically, some of the most used equipment are Jetpack, Net Gun, Tranquilizer, Harpoon Model 2, Tesla Trap...

You should regularly upgrade your equipment to be strong enough to fight the zombies. In particular, remember to absolutely not let monsters run away when they have crawled out of the ground.

Above is an article to share about the hit game Zombie Catchers Mod APK. This is an attractive game series to help you relieve all stress after a long tiring day at work. With attractive features and many outstanding advantages will surely bring interesting experiences for you. Now, what are you waiting for without Zombie Catchers Mod APK download now to immerse yourself in this game world? An important note for you is that you should only download games from reputable websites to ensure that it does not affect your device.

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