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Xshare File Transfer

Xshare File Transfer APK v3.7.0.001 (for Android/PC)

Sep 19, 2023

Xshare File Transfer APK is user-friendly app for seamless file sharing, even between mobile and PC.

Name XShare- Transfer & Share files
Updated 2023-11-22
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version
Size 43 MB
MOD for Android/PC
Category Tools
Developer Shalltry Group
Price Free
Google Play Link

Xshare File Transfer APK | Your Ultimate File Sharing Solution

Welcome to the world of seamless digital communication! Ever found yourself tangled in a web of wires or waiting hours to transfer a simple photo? Say goodbye to those days. With the rise of the digital age, we’re fortunate to have tools that make file transfers smooth and effortless. And leading the pack, especially for Android users, is the nifty app: Xshare File Transfer APK. Today, we're diving into this marvelous app, highlighting how it’s revolutionizing the way we share and transfer files in our tech-centric world.

Xshare File Transfer APK

Understanding Xshare - Transfer & Share All

But first, let’s demystify what an APK is. APK stands for Android Package Kit. Think of it like a box that houses everything an Android app needs to function. It’s what you’re technically installing when you get a new app on your Android phone.

Now, the app isn't just any APK. It's a powerhouse in its category. If you’ve ever wanted to share a video, a photo, or even a hefty game with a friend, Xshare makes it a walk in the park. And the process to get it? As easy as pie with the Xshare File Transfer APK Download. And for those of you who might be wondering - yes, there’s a version tailored for your computer too. We'll touch upon the app in a bit.

Key Features and Functions of The App

Fast and Efficient Transfers

Ever been in a hurry and needed to transfer a file ASAP? Xshare has got your back. Not only can you move any file type imaginable, but the speed is also unmatched. Whether it’s your favorite holiday photos, a must-watch movie, or a critical document, Xshare ensures the transfer happens in the blink of an eye. And here's a little secret - it’s even faster if both devices are using the app.

Xshare File Transfer APK Download

Intuitive User Interface

Remember the days when file transfers felt like decoding a secret language? At the top, you'll find a section displaying your file types. Swipe your finger, find the file, and voila! Whether you’re accessing your downloads, apps, images, videos, or even that eBook you kept postponing, Xshare makes navigation feel like a breeze.

Multi-File Selection

Here’s a scenario: You’re back from a holiday with a ton of pictures and videos. Now, you want to share them all with your buddy. Would you send each one individually? Of course not! With Xshare, you can select multiple files all at once. Imagine the time you save! Plus, it's all so streamlined that even if you're new to the app, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

QR Code Feature

Let’s say you and your friend both have Xshare. Instead of manually connecting, you can simply scan your friend's QR code, and bam! You’re connected. It's that simple. By now, you must be thinking that Xshare sounds too good to be true. And it’s not just for tech-savvy individuals. It’s designed for everyone, from your tech-averse grandma to your gadget-obsessed teen. 

A App is Not Just for Mobile Devices

For those who multitask across devices, there's Xshare File Transfer for PC. This means you can move your files between your computer and your Android device without missing a beat. Let’s say you've got a presentation on your PC that you need on your phone for a quick review on-the-go. Xshare ensures this task is as easy as 1-2-3. And if you're wondering how to get it on your PC, all you need to do is search for the app, and you'll be good to go.

Xshare File Transfer for PC

How Does Xshare Stand Out?

With numerous file transfer apps flooding the market, what makes Xshare wear the crown? Well, here are a few reasons:

Wireless Freedom

Imagine a global with out pesky cables, statistics utilization, or Bluetooth restrictions. Xshare brings this dream to existence. Utilizing the strength of Wi-Fi Direct, this app establishes a right away tool-to-device connection. So, whether you are in a cafe, a park, or on a mountain, so long as the gadgets have Xshare installed, you can transfer away!

Safety First

In the age of data breaches, safety cannot be compromised. Xshare ensures that transfers are secure. Only devices with the app installed are eligible for transfer, eliminating the risk of sending files to the wrong device. Plus, you receive only the files meant for you. Your data's integrity and security? Xshare's got them covered.

No More File-Type Headaches

From videos, music, and apps to niche file types like ebooks and compressed files, Xshare handles them all. No need to hop between multiple apps or worry if the receiver can open the file type. It's universal sharing at its finest!

Modern Look, Easy Navigation

Gone are the days of dull, complicated user interfaces. Xshare boasts a modern design that's not just visually appealing but also easy to navigate. Every feature, every option is laid out clearly, making your experience smooth and enjoyable.

How to Get Started with Xshare

By now, the excitement to get started with Xshare must be through the roof. If you're an Android user, just head to your app store, search for Xshare, and initiate the app. Once downloaded, open the app, and you'll be greeted with a simple tutorial to help you hit the ground running.

And if you’re eyeing the PC version, just remember the magic phrase: Xshare File Transfer APK Download for PC. A few clicks, and your computer will be Xshare-ready!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Xshare for Android


  • Lightning-Fast Transfer: Xshare excels in speed, allowing you to share files quickly, even large ones, in the blink of an eye.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive design ensures that users of all tech backgrounds can easily navigate the app.
  • Multi-File Selection: Xshare lets you send multiple files at once, saving valuable time and effort.
  • QR Code Feature: With its futuristic QR code scanning, connecting and transferring files is effortless and secure.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Xshare isn't limited to mobile devices; it seamlessly bridges the gap between Android smartphones and PCs, offering unparalleled convenience.


  • Android Exclusivity: Xshare primarily caters to Android users, leaving iOS and other operating systems out of the equation.
  • Limited Cross-Platform Compatibility: While Xshare connects mobile devices and PCs, it may not be as versatile when it comes to interacting with devices running different operating systems.
  • Network Dependency: Xshare relies on Wi-Fi Direct, which means you need a stable Wi-Fi connection for it to work effectively.
  • Storage Space: Frequent file transfers can consume device storage, potentially affecting your device's available space.
  • Security Concerns: Although Xshare is designed with security in mind, any wireless data transfer method carries inherent risks, and users should exercise caution.

Xshare - Transfer & Share All


In our fast-paced world, where every second counts, Xshare File Transfer APK swoops in as the unsung hero. Whether you're sharing vacation snaps, vital documents, or the latest apps, Xshare ensures it's done quickly, efficiently, and safely. So, download it using the link below and dive into the this app universe and experience file sharing attractive like never before!

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