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Wizz Mod APK v3.7.0 (premium unlocked)

Jan 12, 2023

Download Wizz Mod APK Premium unlocked Latest version is a must-have for any Social enthusiast. It revolutionizes your life by adding a touch of fun to your daily routine.

Name Wizz - Expand Your World
Updated 2023-05-31
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 3.7.0
Size 22.73 MB
MOD premium unlocked
Category Social
Developer Wizz
Price Free
Google Play Link

Cyberspaces and communities are increasingly developed and expanded to bring joy to users. Wizz Mod APK is not a bad choice. It is not like today's popular social networks that own a completely different gameplay. The large community on this mod can share, chat or discuss a certain issue together. The entertainment is strongly developed by the mod developer, so you and everyone will have a comfortable space to relax.

wizz gold mod apk

It is not difficult for you to download this mod and find interesting things. If you really want to expand your circle of friends in a special way, you should not ignore this mod. Read the information we share in the following sections to know more about what this Wizz can do for you.

What is Wizz Mod Apk?

Wizz Mod Apk is a mod app that provides a community for players to join to interact and have fun with everyone. Users can chat live, find friends and use many entertainment features completely free. Safety features are also constantly added by mods to bring maximum efficiency to users. The developer also implements age-restriction measures to protect information security for all users. If you see inappropriate content you can ignore or block the source of that information.

Wizz Mod Apk For Android provides a large space for users to make friends with the people they want comfortably. Currently, there are more than 5 million users downloading and using, this number is gradually increasing. This means that there is a huge community of users waiting for you to come together to share and discuss interesting issues. This safe space is the right place for you to get to know and develop relationships with new friends. They can come from many different countries around the world. The connection is always guaranteed to be stable to bring the best.

wizz mod apk for android

Wizz Mod Apk Download Free helps you not to spend any extra cost but also to use quality and safe services. You just need to surf for friends, chat or join them in an interesting game. Know first thanks to this mod you can also find the love of your life.

Versions in Wizz Gold Mod Apk

The developer of this mod has launched many different versions of the mod on the market. Each version has its own special and interesting things. You can choose based on the specific features that each version offers.

  • Wizz Mod Apk Unlimited Coins is the version chosen by most people due to its ability to provide unlimited budget. You can use this feature for a variety of purposes. Owning a lot of coins gives you more opportunities and a more comfortable experience.

  • Wizz Mod Apk Latest Version allows users to use new features earlier than other versions. The mod house will update the first features or changes on this mod. If you are a lover of new things then you should not ignore them.

  • If in the original version you are restricted to use premium features and have to pay extra fees to unlock it, Wizz Mod Apk Premium Unlocked does not need that. You can use premium features without paying extra fees or spending time watching ads.

Features of Wizz Mod Apk 2023

wizz mod apk unlimited coins

In this 2023, this mod promises to bring more possibilities with more unique features to players. You can refer to those special features below:

Swipe to find friends

Users just need to swipe to find new friends. After each swipe you will see a new friend with their information. If you feel they are suitable, you can immediately contact them to connect and get to know them.

Live chat

The people you swipe to see in Wizz Mod Apk are all online users. You can text or chat with them right away.

Find things you love

Wizz Mod Apk provides users with a fast and efficient search engine. Accordingly, you can find things you love and use new features in entertainment such as casino, Roblox game, Fortnite, etc.

Safe for users

Wizz Mod Apk is really safe for users as it uses many policies and features to do it.


wizz mod apk

Use Wizz Mod Apk now if you want to meet new friends and learn about them. Fun and interesting conversations will make you feel more comfortable.

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