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Walk Band

Walk Band Mod APK v7.5.5 (All instruments unlocked)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download Walk Band Mod APK - All instruments unlocked - If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use music-making application, Walk Band Mod APK is definitely the perfect choice.

Name Walk Band - Multitracks Music
Updated 2023-02-24
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 7.5.5
Size 65 MB
MOD All instruments unlocked
Category Music & Audio
Developer Revontulet Soft Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link

This application allows you to set up a studio with different types of instruments, you can be anywhere, anytime to create your own music. Walk Band Mod APK is completely free and used for Android devices. With many great features, this is definitely the perfect choice. Let's find out more details right after the article below

About Walk Band Mod APK

Walk Band Mod APK is a music application released by Revontulet Soft Inc. By using it you can create wonderful music from different instruments. If you are a music lover, don't hesitate to download it now to experience it.

walk band mod apk

With a comprehensive set of musical instruments from many different instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, etc, it will allow you to create, record, and compose music to create the coolest new tunes

Also, you can record your voice and use it to compose new songs

Create your own music

And if music is your life's purpose, you love them, and want to create your own tunes, then Walk Band Mod APK will definitely not disappoint you.

The music that you compose will make the soul relaxed and comfortable. The way to use this application is quite simple, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to use it

Types of musical instruments

Walk Band Mod APK has a lot of different musical instruments for players to explore. Each instrument has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Piano Keyboard

This is the most basic and favorite instrument in the Walk Band Mod APK game. If you love gentle, delicate sounds, this will be an instrument that you should not miss. Just like regular pianos, they have many keyboards with different notes and rhythms.

Guitar Solos and Chords

walk band mod apk 2022

Certainly, it is indispensable for the guitar in your music game. This app allows you to play Bass Guitar in solo mode


Drums Pad & Kit Drums are a great choice for beatboxing and rhythm making. You can use this instrument to have yourself a great solo.


If you want to combine many types of instruments together, then with Walk Band Mod APK it is very easy. You can mix it all to create unique music with the most amazing sound effects

Features of Walk Band Mod APK

Walk Band Mod APK has a lot of great features and is the ultimate music creation application that you should not ignore. Specifically, it is:

Recording & Editing MIDI Tracks

Walk Band Mod APK allows you to record your voice for editing and inserting into tracks. In particular, users can use the digital interface of different instruments to record their music.

Recording and editing songs by voice

If you feel confident with your voice and want to create a unique piece of music for yourself, you can use the voice recording feature and edit the application into the song.

Editing the piano roll mode

walk band mod apk download

You have the right to edit your tracks such as increase/decrease the speed and duration of the notes

MIDI . Effects

Walk Band Mod APK has a lot of great effects, which are MIDI effects that help to improve the quality of music. Specifically, they can add different filters to their music.

Convert MIDI to MP3

To have a complete track and export music to share with many people you need to convert them to MP3. And with Walk Band Mod APK, this conversion step is really fast, with just one simple click you can easily convert from the original MIDI file to an MP3 of equivalent quality.

Studio-quality sound

Certainly in any music editing application, sound quality is always the most important factor. And with Walk Band Mod APK you can rest assured because their quality is very good, perfect like a studio. The application also uses a lossless compression algorithm to ensure lossless quality.


The sharing feature is one of the most appreciated. After completing your music, you can share it with friends and relatives around you so that they can enjoy them together. You can export your music to various formats, including MP3 and WAV.

walk band mod apk latest version

Above is a shared article about the Walk Band Mod APK application. Hopefully, in a few minutes, this article has brought readers more useful knowledge.

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