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Viva Project

Viva Project Mod APK v1.2 (Unlock all characters)

Feb 04, 2023
Viva Project

Download Viva Project Mod APK Unlock all characters - in which you need to complete all the tasks to unlock them. Download the game and experience a new life with your virtual girls!

Game and App Info.
Name Viva Project
Updated 2022-09-12
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.2
Size 549 MB
MOD Unlock all characters
Category Role Playing
Developer Poison Pill
Price Free
Google Play Link

Loneliness often appears when we are alone and feel bored. An interactive game with AI characters will surely make you feel excited. Viva Project Mod APK is one of the outstanding game titles in the theme of interacting with AI characters. Although this mod does not work with VR, players can play it with the AI anime character you own. This free game allows players to interact with anime characters in a virtual world.

viva- roject mod apk free download

The player can perform many actions and give commands to his character. If you want to know more about this mod, then read the shares in this article!

What is Viva Project Mod APK?

Viva Project Mod APK is an advanced AI simulation game with many complex technologies, to create a character that can interact with the user. This mod does not work with VR but allows the player to play with his AI anime character. Characters in this game can automatically react to your actions or commands based on the respective circumstances. You will feel like you are taking care of and playing with your pet. The AI character's auto-response is formed by inverse kinematics.

The complex behavior of the character is also developed by the publisher to give players a more realistic experience. Download Viva Project Mod APK is really not a bad choice. You will see many different actions of the character with more than 200 animations available. AI characters can also perform complex behaviors to show their authenticity.

Coming to Viva Project Mod APK For Android, players can perform various caring actions such as feeding the AI character, playing with it or performing other cuddling gestures. AI characters are also very diverse and have a beautiful appearance. You can make many different choices to find the character you like best. The characters do not unlock at the same time, so you need to pay more attention.

Versions of Viva Project Mod APK

viva project mod apk latest version

Viva Project Mod APK Free Download is not only free to download but also has many different versions for players to choose from. You can diversify your experience by using the unique features of each version.

  • Viva Project Mod APK Unlock All Characters is a version that allows players to choose impressive AI anime characters right from the first days of participation. Normally, it will take you a while to unlock more beautiful and advanced characters. However, in this version you will immediately be able to choose the AI characters you want. Everything becomes easier.

  • Viva Project Mod APK Latest Version provides players with many new experiences. If new changes and features appear, you will be the first to experience them. There are so many interesting things that this version can bring, you won't even know what before. If you are a lover of novelty then this version is very suitable for you.

Outstanding features of Viva Project Mod APK

Viva Project 2 Mod APK has many outstanding features that make players feel excited. Thanks to these features, the player's experience is also more diverse. If you are curious about them you can read below:

Many novelties

viva project mod apk unlock all characters

It can be affirmed that Viva Project Mod APK never gets old. In addition to the publisher regularly updating the mod, the AI anime character owns more than 200 different animations. It will take you a long time to fully experience the uniqueness and novelty of these animations.

Satisfy your love of anime

If you love anime stories then now you can write your own story. Your AI anime character can be as beautiful as you want and perform the actions you require. It brings special satisfaction to players.

Perfect graphic frame

Viva Project Mod APK players will certainly be impressed with the quality of graphics that this mod has to offer. From the characters to the background, all are meticulously designed. Everything from the environment to the characters makes players feel satisfied.

Various location options

In addition to choosing the character, the player can also choose the position at will. This VR incompatible high-tech graphics and high-tech simulation can take you anywhere you want to go.


viva project mod apk

The AI anime character in Viva Project Mod APK will definitely be a great friend with rich animations. Quality graphics and unique features will bring many interesting experiences for players.

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