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Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile APK Mod v3.1.0 (No verification)

Dec 17, 2022

Shooting game is a very popular game genre nowadays, everyone loves to play top gun battles to show their ability to win every one. Playing a shooting game on the phone is loved by many gamers, in their spare time, they often gather friends to participate in top gun battles.

Name Valorant Mobile
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 3.1.0
Size 150 MB
MOD No verification
Category Action
Developer Riot Games
Price Free
Google Play Link


VALORANT Mobile APK is an extremely attractive shooting game, the game is a combination of CS: GO and Overwatch on the mobile platform. This is a free game for everyone, now there are many shooting games on mobile phones, but there is no game that is as perfect as the VALORANT Mobile APK.

VALORANT Mobile APK is a top gun battle game that you can hardly match, from the shortcomings of current shooting games, VALORANT Mobile APK has been completely set up, as a game that does not make players feel boring from graphics, sound quality as well as game features.

Outstanding features of VALORANT Mobile APK

Game Background

VALORANT Mobile APK is a new breeze in the FPS game genre, the game has brought players breathtaking gun battles in the context of a futuristic world. The game context is built on the event of 2039, the earth experiences an event that the New Light has formed mutants, at this time the player becomes a warrior who combines with his teammates to destroy a mysterious organization.

Gameplay in the game

VALORANT Mobile APK is a game that is a perfect combination of two games CS: GO and Overwatch. The form of confrontation is divided into 2 factions, each side has 5 people. The attacker's job is to protect the Spike until it explodes and destroys the defender, while the defender is to prevent the enemy from placing the Spike or destroying the entire attacker.

An arena has 13 rounds, two sides change sides in 12 rounds, and the side that reaches 7 wins will win.

Various weapon systems

Coming to VALORANT mobile beta, players can choose a variety of weapons to participate in combat, from weapons such as pistols, sniper rifles, rifles, machine guns, and melee weapons with many types for players to choose.

The advantages that VALORANT Mobile APK has

It's a completely free game

VALORANT Mobile APK is a completely free game, you just need VALORANT Mobile APK free download and install to be able to play extremely attractive shooting battles that need VALORANT Mobile APK no verification (no verification).

No need to register an account

When playing VALORANT Mobile APK you do not need to register an account, you just need to download and install VALORANT Mobile APK to play the game. Registering an account is not necessary, players participate in the same game when they first start, so it is unnecessary to not need to register.

Beautiful interface, vivid sound

VALORANT Mobile APK has a great interface system, every little detail in the game is built perfectly on 3D graphics. The characters are extremely beautiful with skillful and real-life movements.

The sound system in the game is very lively, players participate in the battles in the game that feel like they are participating in real-life battles.

Vast character system

VALORANT Mobile APK has a large character system for players to experience. VALORANT Mobile APK has 18 characters with 4 main roles for players to choose from, each character will have main roles, players need to choose a character to combine with teammates to be able to win against the enemy.

Is a game that does not contain ads

VALORANT Mobile APK absolutely bans ads from a 3rd party, you will experience an extremely smooth game that is never interrupted by ads.

Instructions to install VALORANT Mobile APK for your phone

You can download and play the game on mobile simply and quickly from the publisher with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the publisher's website and download the VALORANT Mobile APK to install. You should choose VALORANT Mobile APK latest version to download and install
  • Step 2: Find the newly downloaded VALORANT Mobile APK file and install it. If your phone asks for permission to install apps from unknown sources, you can go to settings and enable this feature.
  • Step 3: Wait for the installation process to complete and you can play the game on your phone.

Frequently asked questions in VALORANT Mobile APK

Is VALORANT Mobile APK 2022 a beta?

VALORANT Mobile APK 2022 version is a VALORANT mobile beta, players visit the publisher's website and download the VALORANT mobile beta to install and play the game.

Is VALORANT Mobile APK a Mod or not?

VALORANT mobile is a game released for free, the VALORANT Mobile APK mod versions are the same as the originals, currently building some mods with new features to develop for better players.

Does VALORANT mobile need verification?

VALORANT mobile is an unreleased game on the app store, so when downloading, VALORANT Mobile APK has no verification by Google, please scan for viruses before installing to be safe.

Does VALORANT Mobile APK automatically update the version?

No, this is an application provided by a 3rd party, so it will not automatically update when a new version is available, players need to update it manually for their phones.

In Conclusion

VALORANT mobile is an extremely attractive and exciting shooting game. VALORANT Mobile APK integrates all the advantages of the current shooter series on the market, coming to the game players are never bored and disappointed from the beginning to the end. Extremely attractive firefights make gamers excited and never want to leave.

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