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v2rayNG APK Mod v1.7.38 (For Android)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download V2rayNG APK Mod - Latest Version for Android, A completely free and safe application for users! provides fast and secure connection to various websites.

Game and App Info.
Name v2rayNG
Updated 2023-02-08
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.7.38
Size 15.7 MB
MOD For Android
Category Communication
Developer CaptainIron
Price Free
Google Play Link

Nowadays, there are many free chat apps developed and so is v2rayNG APK. It is quite a popular application on Chinese Xiaomi phones. The common feature of this software is to support chat, free calling, and instant messaging.

What is v2rayNG APK?

v2rayNG APK is a popular free chat app, or client app in China. It is similar to the famous Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp in the world today.

v2rayng apk

v2rayNG was hard-inserted by Xiaomi on the opening screen of the Xiaomi mobile phone. The last time such a thing happened, it was the black threshold software (no advertisements). However, its developer has posted it to the Google Play Store so that other Android devices can use it as well.

Now there is a black threshold software with the same package name in the Xiaomi application market. The software with the same package name has joined the Xiaomi Mobile Advertising Alliance. Next, the genuine black threshold software was also advertised by Xiaomi on Xiaomi mobile phones.

Unique features of v2rayNG APK

  • The speed of sending messages is extremely fast, you always receive a notification when there is a new message even when you do not open the application.
  • Group chat and share multimedia files.
  • Express emotions with emoticons and fun animations.
  • All chat data is encrypted for security
  • Voice messaging with clear, noise-free compressed voice quality
  • Chat with friends, and sending group messages in contacts is easy with many different items (Chat, SMS, Voice, Photo, Games).

v2rayng apk download

  • Xray core support
  • You can download it without registration and login.
  • If you want to use v2rayNG APK no ads feature, you need to pay a fee of about 0.99 dollars for this app.
  • v2rayNG More Than 2000 Devices Available For Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, Google, OnePlus, Sony, Tablet...

How to download v2rayNG APK

v2rayNG APK latest version is version 1.7.20, which was recently updated by Chinese developers.  

  • Please visit TechZApk to download this software v2rayNG APK.
  • Next, pay attention to Geoip and Geosite.
  • The geoip.dat and geosite.dat files are available in android/data/com.v2ray.ang/files/assets. This path may be different on some Android devices.
  • The download feature will get the latest version and there is the enhancement in this repo. You should Note that it needs an active proxy.
  • The latest official domain list and IP list can be entered manually.
  • This application has been updated and fixed on the new version with additional features such as:
  • You can use third-party data files in the same directory.
  • v2rayNG can run on Android Emulator. For WSA, you need to grant VPN permission via app ops set [package name] ACTIVATE_VPN allow.

v2rayng apk latest version

After finishing the v2rayNG APK download, you will get the latest version. 

What is special in the latest version? 

  • The latest version added a language switch in settings. The main interface needs to be reloaded if you want to use the new feature.
  • Added configuration file deletion confirmation in settings
  • Added functionality to receive and share subscription links, such as long press on the text and selecting this app after selecting share in the pop-up.
  • Added function to import shared links from websites (URL scheme),
  • Subscription settings are extended to subscription group settings. When the registration URL is empty, it is a normal thing.
  • Configuration file interface menu adds filtering function, can filter by subscription group
  • After selecting a subscription group, the new button belongs to this group

Development Guide for Foreign Developers

  • This app is mainly in Simplified Chinese, so many other countries may have difficulty using the v2rayNG app.
  • Android projects in the v2rayNG folder can be compiled directly in Android Studio or using the Gradle wrapper.
  • But the v2ray core inside aar is (probably) outdated.

v2rayng apk no ads​​​​​​​

  • Aar can be compiled from the Golang AndroidLibV2rayLite or AndroidLibXrayLite project so that it can be used by foreign users.


We have just shared the general information about v2rayNG APK. We hope you will understand more about this application through our article and find it useful. Have a great day. 

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