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Truck And Logistics Simulator

Truck And Logistics Simulator APK v1.0 (Diverse Vehicle, New)

techzapk Dec 04, 2023

Truck And Logistics Simulator APK is a strategic game with diverse vehicles, engaging environments.

Name Truck And Logistics Simulator
Updated 2023-12-04
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 10 MB
MOD Diverse Vehicle, New
Category Simulator
Developer Astrid Simulation Games Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Embark on a Virtual Trucking Adventure | Exploring Realism and Diversity in Truck and Logistics Simulator APK

Welcome to the world of Truck And Logistics Simulator APK, an exciting video game that puts you in the driver’s seat of the trucking and logistics industry. This game isn’t your typical drive-and-deliver experience; It is a complete simulation that immerses players in the challenges and excitement of the freight world.

Truck And Logistics Simulator APK

Picture this: You're not just a player; you're a truck driver navigating through vast landscapes, facing hurdles, and racing against time to deliver goods. However, this goes beyond simple driving; it also involves running a trucking empire, choosing wisely, and creating a successful logistics company. Truck and Logistics Simulator is a realistic and fun game that appeals to gamers and truck enthusiasts with its realistic physics and eye-catching graphics

Attractive points of the game

Captivating Graphics

Truck And Logistics Simulator Mobile APK isn't just a game; it's a visual treat. The graphics are nothing short of impressive, with meticulously designed trucks, environments, and landscapes. As you hit the virtual road, you'll witness detailed cityscapes, diverse highways, and rural areas—all brought to life with stunning realism.

Realistic Truck Physics

Ever dreamt of feeling the weight and power of a real truck? This game brings that dream to your fingertips. The advanced physics simulation ensures that every turn, acceleration, and brake feels authentic.

Diverse Gameplay Modes

Truck And Logistics Simulator APK Latest Version offers more than just a linear drive-and-deliver experience. Jump into Career Mode to build your trucking empire from scratch, starting as a rookie and progressing to a business tycoon. Prefer a more relaxed experience? Free Roam Mode lets you explore the open world at your own pace. And for the social gamers out there, Multiplayer Mode allows you to connect with fellow trucking enthusiasts in a shared virtual world.

Truck And Logistics Simulator Mobile APK

Attractive Features of the game

Realistic Truck Physics

​Forget the typical arcade-style driving games. In the Truck And Logistics Simulator APK Release Date for Android, every truck behaves like its real-world counterpart. The game employs advanced physics simulation, ensuring that the weight distribution, handling, and momentum mimic the challenges faced by real truck drivers. It's not just a race against time; it's a test of your trucking skills.

Extensive Truck Selection

No two trucks are the same in this game. It boasts a diverse lineup of licensed trucks from well-known manufacturers. Every truck has a unique set of features, interior design elements, and personalization choices. Whether you prefer the sleek design of a modern truck or the ruggedness of a classic, the choice is yours.

Detailed Environments

​The devil is in the details, and Truck And Logistics Simulator APK Obb doesn't disappoint. The game features meticulously crafted environments, including bustling cities, endless highways, serene rural areas, and bustling industrial zones. Every road has its unique characteristics, landmarks, and challenges, making each delivery an adventure of its own.

Cargo Management

​It's not just about getting from point A to point B. In Truck and Logistics Simulator, managing your cargo is a critical aspect of the game. Consider weight distribution, secure packaging, and proper handling to ensure your precious cargo reaches its destination intact. It's a puzzle within the larger trucking simulation, adding layers of challenge and strategy to the gameplay.

Business Management

For those who dream of more than just driving, it introduces business management elements. Oversee a fleet of vehicles, employ drivers, work out contracts, and grow your business. In the logistics sector, being a shrewd businessperson is equally as important as being a competent driver.

Dynamic Day-Night Cycle and Weather Systems

​Experience the realism of a dynamic day-night cycle and ever-changing weather conditions. The game adapts to the time of day, affecting visibility and road conditions. Whether you're navigating through a sunlit highway or braving a stormy night, Truck and Logistics Simulator keeps you on your toes.

Modding Support

The fun doesn't end with the default game content. Truck And Logistics Simulator APK Free Download often provides modding support, allowing players to unleash their creativity. Create and share custom truck models, design new environments, and craft challenging missions - the possibilities are endless. This keeps the game longer and encourages a thriving modding community.

Truck And Logistics Simulator APK Download

Experience of the author of the article and Advantages/Disadvantages of the game

Personal Experience

Alright, buckle up! I've spent some quality time trucking through the virtual highways of Truck and Logistics Simulator, and let me tell you, it's been a ride like no other. Picture this: You're sitting in the driver's seat, the engine roaring, and the open road stretching out before you. The realism hits you from the get-go – the truck's weight feels substantial, the acceleration is spot on, and the brakes respond just as they would in real life.

It's an experience in and of itself to travel across different places, including peaceful countryside or busy city streets. The attention to detail is jaw-dropping; it's not just about reaching your destination but enjoying the journey. The dynamic day-night cycle adds a layer of immersion – driving under a starlit sky or through the morning mist brings a certain magic to the experience.


  • Realistic Gameplay: Feel the weight, power, and challenge of driving a truck with physics so true to life, that it's like you're on the actual road.
  • Diverse Truck Selection: Explore a variety of licensed trucks, each with its own personality and unique features, adding a personal touch to your trucking journey.
  • Engaging Environments: Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted landscapes that aren't just scenery; they're characters in your trucking adventure, offering challenges and scenic routes.


  • Challenge: While the realistic approach might take some getting used to, the initial learning curve transforms into a rewarding journey once you're acclimated.
  • Limited Free Roam Objectives: While Free Roam Mode grants freedom, some might miss having specific objectives, balancing between leisurely exploration and structured gameplay.
  • Modding Complexity: For newcomers to modding, the customization aspect might seem complex initially. Once mastered, though, the possibilities for improving your game experience are virtually limitless.

How To Download The Game Safely?

Choosing a Secure Source

In the vast and potentially risky cyberspace, selecting a safe download source is crucial. stands out as a reliable website, trusted by many for secure game and app downloads.

Streamlined Download Process

Visit, search for Truck And Logistics Simulator APK Download, and click "Download Now" at the article's bottom. Follow on-screen instructions for a hassle-free download to your device.

Truck And Logistics Simulator APK Latest Version


Truck and Logistics Simulator APK  transcends typical gaming, offering an immersive journey into the trucking world. Its realistic physics, diverse truck selection, and engaging environments redefine the simulation experience. The game's commitment to realism, coupled with the freedom to explore, manage a virtual business, and even delve into modding, creates a multifaceted gaming experience. As you navigate the highways, overcome challenges, and build your trucking empire, Truck and Logistics Simulator proves itself as more than a game - it's a captivating adventure for enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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