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Touch it Rikka

Touch it Rikka APK Mod v1.4 (Full game)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Touch it Rikka

Download Touch it Rikka Mod APK Latest version for Android, is a compassionate person who aids Utah who has dementia. Her pals hold a special place in her heart.


Game and App Info.
Name Touch it Rikka
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.4
Size 9.7 MB
MOD Full game
Category Simulation
Developer Touch it Rikka
Price Free
Google Play Link

Story - Touch it Rikka APK

Care for dementia patients is provided by a compassionate woman named Ricka in Utah. She puts a lot of value on her friends. For those who are unfamiliar with Rikka, guidance is also provided. The fact that she slips out of class to be have sex without disturbing him or her pals shows that she still has a wild side.

Because Touch it Rikka APK latest version is a game program or dating game designed for adults and teenagers, it is OK to refer to it as a dating app. It was first designed and built with young adults in mind.

touch it rikka apk

Social networking platforms, in particular Tiktok, are now used to spread this Ricca game. Considering that this game has a viral vibe, many people want to play and enjoy it. Because of that, Rikka is here right now. Due to its small file size of 10MB, this Rikka program is the perfect Rikka application for your smartphone. The Ricca game is easy to understand and takes up minimal space on your phone.

Our Android app may be installed on your smartphone using the Touch it Rikka APK, which you can download and install. Following our detailed instructions will allow you to safely download our Touch it Rikka APK on your device. The best performance of the day is now available at Touch it Rikka APK for android.

Features - Touch it Rikka APK

It is crucial that you be aware of any issues with the features included in this Touch it Rikka APK. The administrator has outlined the benefits of this particular file version here.

Positive for the Lovers

The player in this video game takes on the character of Ricka, a sympathetic friend who assists psychiatric patients in Utah. ready to assist individuals who are still getting to know Rikka. She has a nice and charming disposition and is not entirely perverted.

Due to the fact that this game was created as a gamification or as an amusement game for teens and fans of the tranquil genre, it is conceivable to call it a great application. During the design and construction phases, youths were taken into account.

Action-packed Narratives

There are many various kinds of girls to meet in the game Touch it Rikka APK 2022, which is simple to play yet has a lot of depth. There are many fascinating various ways to play the game, and the gameplay is superb.

touch it rikka apk download

Here, you will encounter a wide range of individuals and have the chance to pick up new abilities that will advance your reputation. We can learn to recognize and appreciate the magnificence of love by reading stories and playing games about enchanted adventures set in various forms of love.

They each have fairly remarkable personalities. The fact that each individual has a distinct past adds to the narrative's overall richness. Rich, engaging, and interactive gameplay, with a variety of game modes that can surprise players with additional surprises of all kinds.

Animation and graphics

Fans of manga and animation will enjoy playing this game since Rikka, the main character is portrayed as a beautiful and fantastic anime character.

The restoration of the animated Baoduo Liuhua has taken a lot of effort. The Animation Party is making an effort to make the welfare system better. The video game's graphics are two-dimensional and pixel-based.


It is encouraged that only adults play it because you have entire control over Rikka and can manipulate him in any way. This specific Android game can already be played on every significant Android device because it doesn't take up a lot of storage space on your phone and installing it isn't particularly difficult.

Touch it Rikka APK download

First, you made this game Touch it Rikka APK Mod accessible to us by allowing us to download it via WiFi and mobile data. From there, you can play the game for free by following the download instructions.

touch it rikka apk mod

Now that we've cleared up the download issue, I want to assure you that playing any game you download will be hassle-free. that you can reach out to us The game's user interface is quite easy to use and administer.


it's time to call it a day, gentlemen. The details I gave you about the Touch it Rikka APK are something I hope you found interesting. To each of your friends and family, help ensure to forward the post. The easiest to use and most complete resource for all sports, this program is a necessity. Installing a newer version of the application each time should go without any issues.

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