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Temp Mail

Temp Mail Mod APK v3.36 (Premium, no ads)

SeoAdam Dec 17, 2022

Temp Mail Mod APK is a great email protection application that you should not ignore if you want to be more productive. This tool eliminates spam, and phishing emails to ensure your real inbox is clean and safe. Temp Mail Mod APK possesses many outstanding advantages and features, let's find out the details right after the article below.

Name Temp Mail - Temporary Email
Updated 2023-08-17
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 3.36
Size 19M
MOD Premium, no ads
Category Communication
Developer Privatix Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Temp Mail Mod APK?

Temp Mail Mod APK is a tool for creating temporary emails for Android devices. Through this application, your email will always be protected, not spammed by advertising spam emails, thereby ensuring user privacy.

Why should you set up a temporary email through Temp Mail Mod APK premium tool without using the main email? That's when you feel doubt about the accuracy, and credibility of the websites and online services. Then you can use temporary email to ensure safety, and avoid receiving spam in your main email.

What's on Temp Mail Mod APK

Temp Mail Mod APK owns many outstanding features and different things from other Mod versions. So what does Temp Mail Mod APK no ads have?

Instant email address

Temp Mail Mod APK has the main task of creating an instant and fast email address with just a few simple steps. In just over 1 minute, you already have an email address to use for your work.

The advantage of setting up an email through the Temp Mail Mod APK tool is that you do not need to provide your name, age, password, and phone number information like the usual way on Google mail.

Short storage time

Because they are temporary emails, their storage time is very short. Specifically, about 2 hours for an email you just created. Therefore, the application does not have to store the data or you do not have to store so much information that you never use it again.

Tool to download attachments

Although temporary email still has many limitations in operation, it will not be as full-featured as a regular email. However, you can still perform basic operations such as Receiving – sending emails, downloading attachments, access a variety of media such as photos, videos, documents, etc.

Mail is not a fully working email address, but you can do 2.4 Permanent deletions. Temp Mail Mod APK has a permanent deletion feature. Therefore, if when setting up an email via Temp Mail Mod APK, there are any documents that you no longer need, after a period of time the system will automatically delete them.

With this feature, you can delete all unnecessary folders, promotional ads or spam as quickly as possible. Thereby saving you a lot of time and effort

Benefits from Temp Mail Mod APK

It is no coincidence that the Temp Mail Mod APK possesses such a huge number of downloads. The tool brings many practical benefits to users, specifically as follows:

Protection of privacy

This is the top benefit most appreciated by users in the Temp Mail Mod APK.

This application helps you secure personal information through its short storage time, just over 2 hours all spam will be permanently deleted. In particular, the temporary email address is anonymous to the sender, so there is no risk to the user

No spam or advertising

Although the temporary email created by Temp Mail Mod APK has the feature of sending and receiving mail when registering you will not need to provide any information. This will ensure that advertisers will not collect your information to send spam to.


Temp Mail Mod APK allows users to use many different languages. So no matter which country you are in, you can install it to support your work

Easy and fast

Setting up a temporary email via Temp Mail Mod APK is quick and simple. In addition, how to use is also extremely easy, just click to see the incoming content

Customize notifications

Temp Mail Mod APK allows users to customize notifications according to their needs. In addition, you can turn on notifications with important partners to be able to respond promptly to work

Email filtering

One of the top reasons why Temp Mail Mod APK is so loved is its ability to quickly filter emails.

You will be able to filter and remove junk folders, and spam items. Especially all content is checked and moderated before being sent to your mailbox. That way, you won't waste time or face scams.

Should you use Temp Mail Mod APK

Should Temp Mail Mod APK download and use or not? This is a question that is being asked by many people today. Why not? This is a useful tool with many great features. Through this tool to help you work more efficiently, especially for those of you who want to send anonymous mail, Temp Mail Mod APK does a great job of that. It also deletes and creates emails quickly.

Use Temp Mail Mod APK with full features like normal email mode but help prevent ads, spam, and protect information. Therefore, this is a worthy choice for everyone.

Above is a sharing article about the Temp Mail Mod APK tool. This is a great application that you should not miss if you want to be more productive.

Hopefully, a few minutes on the article has brought readers more useful knowledge.

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