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Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling APK Mod v2.5.2 (English Version)

Hang Nguyen Dec 17, 2022
Teaching Feeling

Teaching feeling is a familiar Visual Novel game but with a touch of sensitivity. As a simulation game with a Japanese Anime style, the game gives players a beautiful and poor maid ready to do all the things they want. This is a game that does not appear in Google Play and the App store because of sensitive factors. You need to download the Teaching Feeling APK to experience it.

Game and App Info.
Name Teaching Feeling
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with 4.3 and up
Last version 2.5.2
Size 753 MB
MOD English Version
Category Simulation
Developer FreakilyCharming
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Teaching Feeling APK?

Teaching Feeling APK is a game built briefly and easy to understand, the main purpose is to help users transform into a caretaker of acute and unhappy young girls. Your task is to take care of and confide in that poor girl to forget her painful past with her former owner. Spending time taking care of that poor girl, your result is a love that she reciprocates. This is a game with sensitive as well as stimulating situations, you can touch her sensitive points when she agrees. As long as you take care of her wholeheartedly and thoughtfully, she will be reciprocated with great love.

The advantages of Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling APK has a plot like a novel

Teaching Feeling APK has a plot like a love novel, you become the caretaker of a poor and cute maid. Players use all means to show love and care for that poor girl and gradually capture her heart.

Interact with characters

In the game you can interact with that cute girl with 3 options: patting her head, talking, and touching. You can choose the right action depending on the time.

You can rub her head to show tenderness and not be too intimate and take advantage of her, this will give her peace of mind and gradually forget her unhappy past.

Talking to her helps you understand her better, the more you talk to her, the more you can make her express her feelings, and gradually you will gain her trust.

When you choose to touch the girl's body, you are trying to get intimate with the girl, this is an action that can fail as well as succeed, if she really has a crush on you, this will is a great love. If the girl hasn't agreed to let you touch her, you've reopened that poor girl's wound.

All activities take place like daily life.

Your task is to take care of the poor and cute maid, you need to pay attention to maintain your daily life. Players need to work to earn money to live and treat both. When two people appear in love, your life will become more interesting with a cute girl.

Dress up that cute girl

When you first start, your maid will be pitiful because she was abused by her previous owner, you have to take care of the wounds on her body. When the wound is healed, you can buy her beautiful costumes to make her even cuter.

Some tips when you play Teaching Feeling APK

Although it is a simple game, many players fail after 15 days of living with the girl, because they player does not have the right plan to take care of the girl:

The first thing is that you should never touch the button when you first start, please always take care, talk, and pat your head to let your poor maid stabilize her spirit as well as restore her health and safety. Forget the pain from the past.

Teaching Feeling APK has a bar showing intimacy, if your intimacy level is below 50 then try to take care of your intimacy score higher. Always try to maintain a high intimacy score before you can touch that girl.

Instructions for Teaching Feeling APK download and install.

Currently, Teaching feeling has not been widely released in the world, players need Teaching Feeling APK to download Mod versions to experience the game. Currently, a mod that is most loved by users is the Teaching Feeling APK English version with the English language to help people around the world play.

To download and install Teaching Feeling APK English you need to do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit a 3rd party website to download the Teaching Feeling APK mod, pay attention to download the Teaching Feeling APK latest version to be able to install it successfully.
  • Step 2: Grant permission to install 3rd party apps for your phone
  • Step 3: Open the newly downloaded and installed Apk file.
  • Step 4: Follow the installation instructions, wait for the installation process to complete and you can open and play the game Teaching Feeling APK 2022

Notes when downloading and installing the game Teaching Feeling APK 2022

As a completely free application, players download the Teaching Feeling APK free download and install it without paying a single penny.

It can be downloaded and installed for your computer by downloading an Android operating system emulator and starting to download and install the Teaching Feeling APK PC like on your phone.

Please scan the downloaded Apk file for viruses before installation to avoid bad guys attaching malicious code to the file.

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In Conclusion

Teaching feeling is an extremely popular game and attracts many players in Japan. Currently, the world has begun to spread and is loved by many people. You just need to download the Teaching Feeling APK English mod for your phone or computer to experience it. This is a game that is humane as well as shows everyday life. Players adopt the Teaching Feeling APK Mod to improve their ability to care for those they love.

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