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Teaching Feeling Indonesia

Teaching Feeling Indonesia Mod APK v3.0.23 (Unlimited money)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Teaching Feeling Indonesia

Download Teaching Feeling Indonesia Mod APK - Unlimited Money - Latest version 2022 for Android. You will become a doctor in a small town, curing a lot of people.

Game and App Info.
Name Teaching Feeling Indonesia
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 4.3
Last version 3.0.23
Size 520 MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Role Playing
Developer FreakilyCharming
Price Free
Google Play Link

What do you think about suddenly one day, a little girl appears in front of you, calls you master and does everything you ask? So today, TECHZAPK will introduce to you Teaching Feeling APK, an 18+ game that fully meets the things I just mentioned.

Introducing Teaching Feeling Indonesia Mod APK


At the beginning of Teaching Feeling Indonesia Mod APK, you are some of the doctors in a small town. This doctor lives alone, often focuses on work and does not spend much time on other interests.One day, a man appeared in front of your house with another little girl. He said he had been saved by a friend before on his way to work and wanted to repay you with another child, whose name was Sylvie. The official story begins here.


In Teaching Feeling, the player's main task is to help Sylvie recover her health and psychology after suffering much torture from her former owners. This is a situational choice game, you will have 3 options every time you come into contact with the girl: talk, pat her head or touch her. When choosing 1 out of 3, the game will continue to progress in many different directions that you are the decision maker.
If you talk to Sylvie, you will realize that her health is not good, and the previous psychological trauma seems to have knocked her down. The former owners often beat up and used torture as a pastime on Sylvie. The scars spread all over her body are the result of chemicals being poured on her. Prove you're a good boss to help her through the nightmare.

"Head patting" doesn't mean much, and Sylvie doesn't understand what you mean either. However, if this action is done continuously for several days, she will also feel less insecure and smile every time you pat her heaAnd "touching" will be the first step for a chain of actions with a bad mind behind. The game is rated 18+ because after doing this action, you can go further. You are the owner, the choice is entirely up to you.

Recreate everyday life

The task in Teaching Feeling is of course taking care of Sylvie, but you also have to maintain a normal life. Work and earn so you can pay for your needs as well as Sylvie. Besides, she came into your life more than a slave. It is like a soulmate, a light to your lonely life. Let's live with Sylvie and treat her well, gradually, she will open her heart and have many interesting interactions, true to the 18+ mark that the game sets out. Not only that, your life not only revolves around Sylvie, there are many interesting things outside of that town and unexpected relationships. Don't forget to go out to explore them.

Some tips when playing

Although it was just a game of choice, many players lost after only 15 days of living with her. The reason was because Sylvie was sick and didn't make it. So how to overcome this difficult 15 days?

First and foremost: never touch the “touch” button. Like I said, Sylvie is inherently weak and in need of care, if you have any desire for her, it will be a very bad sign, Sylvie could fall ill and die. Talk to her often and pat her on the head and show empathy. If you get a lot of attention, Sylvie will also open up to you. She will ask to help her master and go out to play.Teaching Feeling has an intimate column, your closeness to the little girl will be assessed through the score above. Meet Sylvie's needs and keep intimacy above 50, while prioritizing picks that increase this stat. Continue to treat her well until the 15th day, Sylvie will become ill. When her intimacy score is above 50, choose a cure for her and she will survive these difficult first 15 days.

Humanitarian values

Teaching Feeling contains the humanitarian value of feminism and child protection law. The image of Sylvie girl appears weak, shy, can be broken at any time, but with tolerance and understanding, you can help her overcome pain and be the foundation for a good life. after that. Through that image, the producer wants to send to players noble messages of human rights, the law of cause and effect and many other things in life.

Instructions for opening the game Teaching Feeling

For English version:

Enter the game -> Press Menu -> Skip.
Wait 1 hour.
Press Menu -> Skip again.
When Menu reappears, Press Menu -> Auto.

Download Teaching Feeling APK for Android

Teaching Feeling is a game with a style that is no longer new, but still very attractive. 2D images mixed with creepy colors bring players curiosity as well as create a unique feature for the game. Teaching Feeling is a choice game, you can choose whatever you want. If you're here to conquer the game, act like a gentleman, and if you're just here to satisfy yourself… you know what to do.

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