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Teaching Feeling En Español

Teaching Feeling En Español APK v3.0.23 (Download for Android)

Jul 31, 2023

Discover Teaching Feeling En Español APK, a captivating anime visual novel game.

Name Teaching Feeling En Español
Updated 2023-07-31
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 3.0.23
Size 520 MB
MOD Download for Android
Category Simulator
Developer Teaching feeling
Price Free
Google Play Link

Teaching Feeling in Spanish | Explore a Captivating Anime Visual Novel Adventure

Japanese visual novels have captured the hearts of anime and gaming enthusiasts in recent years. These interactive stories immerse us in intriguing plots and offer the chance to make decisions that will determine the characters' destinies. One of the standout visual novels in this genre is Teaching Feeling En Español APK, a touching story that takes you on an exciting journey filled with significant choices.

Teaching Feeling En Español APK

Discovering the Prominent Attraction of Teaching Feeling APK Free Download

In the vast universe of anime-style visual novels, Teaching Feeling shines brightly. Designed and developed by the talented creator Ray-Days, also known as FreakilyCharming, this visual novel has captivated a broad audience with its captivating story and endearing characters. The creator's prior success with works like Love At First Sight and intimate comics has solidified their reputation as a versatile and talented artist.

An Overview of Teaching Feeling in Spanish APK Fully Unlocked

Teaching Feeling is a visual novel where you, as the player, assume the role of a doctor attending to patients in your own clinic in a small town. One day, a grateful patient returns to offer you an unusual gift: a young woman named Sylvie, who was once a slave and is now free due to mysterious circumstances. From that moment on, Sylvie's fate will be in your hands, and your choices will influence her path in life.

Appealing Features of Teaching Feeling Descargar En Español Para Android

In the world of Teaching Feeling En Español APK Todo Desbloqueado, several features make this visual novel stand out:

Multiple Endings

One of the main attractions of Teaching Feeling is the variety of endings the game offers. Each choice you make throughout the story will directly impact the game's outcome. Will you be a protector and father figure to Sylvie, or will you succumb to cruelty and mistreatment? Your actions will determine the course of the story, ensuring a unique gaming experience with each playthrough.

Teaching Feeling En Español APK Para Android

Unlockable Secret Scenes

The visual novel also includes exciting secret scenes that can be unlocked by making specific decisions at crucial moments. For players eager for additional details and hidden secrets, these scenes provide a reward for paying attention to every dialogue and choice in the game.

Translated into Spanish

A significant advantage of Teaching Feeling En Español APK Ultima Version is that it is fully subtitled in Spanish, allowing for complete immersion in the deep plot and emotional dialogues revolving around Sylvie.

Author's Experience and Pros/Cons of Teaching Feeling 4.0.13 APK Español

Personal Review with a Narrative Touch

To immerse ourselves in the gaming experience, we will share a personal perspective on Teaching Feeling APK 4.0 Español. The touching plot and well-developed characters create an emotional connection with the story, and the choices result in a sense of responsibility towards Sylvie. The various possible endings offer stimulating replayability, although some may find the controversial themes in the game to be a deterrent.


Among the notable advantages of Teaching Feeling are its unique gameplay, deep plot development, and multiple endings. Additionally, the availability of the game in Spanish expands its accessibility to a broader audience, enabling a full understanding of the story and interaction with the characters.

Teaching Feeling APK 4.0 Español


Some players might consider the controversial themes and moments of cruelty in the game to be unsuitable for all audiences. Furthermore, the linearity of the game may be limiting for those seeking more freedom of choice in their visual novel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teaching Feeling En Español APK Para Android

Is it safe to download this game from

Yes, is a reliable site to Teaching Feeling APK Descargar Gratis as long as you ensure to obtain the file from a secure and trustworthy source.

How to download the game?

To download Teaching Feeling, simply visit and look for the corresponding download link for the game. Then, follow the provided instructions to install the game on your Android device.

System Requirements to Run the Game

To enjoy Teaching Feeling on your Android device, you will need an Android operating system version 4.4 or higher, as well as sufficient available storage space.

Other questions related to the game

If you have other questions or concerns related to Teaching Feeling, we recommend checking the official website or the player community for more information and support.

Teaching Feeling 4.0.13 APK Español


Teaching Feeling En Español APK offers an exciting adventure in the world of anime-style visual novels. With its touching story, significant choices, and multiple endings, this game captivates players and immerses them in a unique emotional journey. If you are drawn to the idea of caring for and protecting a character with an impactful story, Teaching Feeling awaits you with its secret scenes and profound dialogues, all translated into Spanish for an immersive experience. If you are ready to dive into this thrilling story, download Teaching Feeling and embark on an unforgettable journey!

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