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Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator APK Mod v1.5 (Unlimited blood)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Surgeon Simulator
Game and App Info.
Name Surgeon Simulator
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.5
Size 237 MB
MOD Unlimited blood
Category Simulation
Developer Bossa Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link

This game will help everyone fulfill their childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Let's learn a little more about this game.

Introduction to the basics of Surgeon Simulator APK

Surgeon Simulator APK download is a game that simulates doctors' surgeries and surgeries.

surgeon simulator apk

The game was developed and upgraded by Bossa Studios. When playing this game, you will play as a talented surgeon who performs surgical operations to save his patient's life.

Surgeon Simulator APK game features

When you are a doctor, your patients need you to save their lives you need to stay calm to do the operations of a surgeon to save your patients' lives. So when participating in the game Surgeon Simulator APK download you will see a lot of very realistic features that also require your courage when participating in this game.

Surgeon Simulator is that you have become a surgeon

Your friend is suffering from an illness that requires surgery to save their life. You will play the role of a doctor who performs the simple to complex operations of a professional doctor such as peeling, separating, holding, touching, and transplanting internal organs in our body.

If you are a doctor in the future, then Surgeon Simulator APK download is a game for you to show off as well as a test to help you be more confident in the future to become a good doctor. And if you are a person who loves to explore the human body, this is the game for you.

A horror game

When participating in the game Surgeon Simulator APK free download, you will have to be an adventure lover because this is a horror game that causes real confusion, bewilderment, and fear.

surgeon simulator apk download

This is a game that has no academic elements, so when playing this game you may be confused, may make mistakes during surgery and you need to find a way to fix them. That is why this is the attractive and dramatic nature of the game.

Surgeon Simulator APK free download has stages like surgery such as heart transplant, kidney transplant, and heart transplant... without any instructions or assistants to help you. You will have surgical instruments and a patient waiting for you.

Your job is to pick up the surgical instrument and express your ideas to the patient without any specific instructions. For an amateur like you, during surgery, mistakes such as dropping the scalpel, dropping the watch into the abdominal cavity, or dropping the drill into your hand make the character shake like dying...

You will both perform surgery and gain experience to become a professional surgeon.

While playing Surgeon Simulator APK free download you have to follow the general rules: first, you have to clean all the organs to the part you need to operate on, then pair, and replace the part to be operated on, and finally, The main thing is surgery so that the patient loses as little blood as possible.


The scene in the game Surgeon Simulator APK free download is a pair of hands and their operations on the body of a lying patient. You will touch the screen of your device to adjust the movement of your hands to grasp objects to perform surgery. At first, you will find yourself clumsy, but later on, your manipulations will become proficient and faster.

surgeon simulator apk free download

During the surgery, you will be surprised by the virtual effects in the game, the shaking phases in the car, and the spaceship will make you feel like you want to lose your heart when performing surgery.

While playing Surgeon Simulator APK latest version many times you will feel quite horror, but this game has a lot of meaning that will help you to draw valuable lessons. You need to have responsibility, knowledge, and skills when working, especially those related to human life.

Surgeon Simulator APK

The mods of Surgeon Simulator APK latest version will give us more choices to play this strange and fascinating game.

  • Free download is free to download version
  • Latest version is the latest version surgeon simulator package
  • Is the release version of the 2022
  • Unlimited blood is a version of Surgery Simulator that simulates unlimited blood.

Above are a few versions for you to choose from to download. Here we will show you how to download this game.

Download Surgeon Simulator APK

If you are curious to try this new game, you can go to a 3rd website to download this game. The steps to download Surgeon Simulator APK are very simple. As long as you complete the steps as instructed in the installation file, you can play this game.


Surgeon Simulator APK APK unlimited blood is a fairly new game for those who are passionate about surgery as well as have a desire to be a doctor. This game is both entertaining and horror, but more importantly with a great sense of being highly educational.

surgeon simulator apk latest version

When you are a doctor, you need to have a sense of responsibility as well as knowledge and skills that can save your patients.

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