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Sun Surveyor Pro

Sun Surveyor Pro Mod APK v2.5.1 (Sun & Moon)

techzapk Dec 17, 2022

Download the application Sun Surveyor Pro Mod APK - Sun & Moon - This is an application that helps users track and predict the position of the sun and moon. Download now, a great app.

Name Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)
Updated 2023-08-29
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 2.5.1
Size 8.5M
MOD Sun & Moon
Category Photography
Developer Adam Ratana
Price Free
Google Play Link

As an astronomy enthusiast, who likes to track the rising and setting times of the moon and the sun, you can't ignore the Sun Surveyor App Review. You can track and learn when, as well as where, the most beautiful sun and moon can be observed. Taking pictures at that time is great for you, isn't it?

What is Sun Surveyor App Review?

Sun Surveyor app is an application to predict the position of the sun, moon rise, and set. There are also interactive maps, street views, as well as astronomy. With an excellent 3D map system, the Sun Surveyor App Review can accurately predict the time and location of the sunrise and sunset to help you have the best moments.

sun surveyor app review

This is an extremely useful application for filmmakers, real estate professionals, or people in the solar industry. You can choose the best locations to get energy and light from the sun suitable for your work. Not only that, for today's youth, having very unique and beautiful check-in locations is what you want. Sun Surveyor App Review will help you get the best location to have the best, most unique photos.

The Sun Surveyor app is a great app that you can get on the Google Play app store. However, to use the Pro version, users need to pay to use it. In addition, you can download the Sun Surveyor pro mod apk to be able to use the Sun Surveyor Pro Mod APK everything unlocked feature completely for free.

Outstanding features of Sun Surveyor App Review

Accurately observing and predicting astronomy

Sun Surveyor App Review has a 3D compass system and makes accurate predictions about sunrise and sunset positions. Not only the sun, but the Sun Surveyor App Review also gives you the exact location and time of the most beautiful moon for you.

sun surveyor mod apk android

It is not difficult for users to see the most beautiful and nearest location. There is also an interactive map mode and street-view so users can quickly navigate to a beautiful location.

Import and export Google Earth location and share with friends

Sun Surveyor App Review also allows you to export your Google Earth location and share it with your friends so you can experience that wonderful moment with you. You can also enter the location sent to you by others so you can discover a great spot. Sharing the location with a light source, and a great view is something that many people love.

Does not contain ads

A special feature that Sun Surveyor App Review wants to aim to best serve users is no advertising. Sun Surveyor Mod APK has no ads for users to have great moments without being interrupted by ungainly advertising programs.

sun surveyor mod apk no ads

The annoying ads make users very uncomfortable, the application is completely ADS-free so you can comfortably use it without being disturbed.

Other Features of the App

  • Predict the distance as well as the age of the moon in the near future, the application can also predict the distance of your position and the moon in the near future, not only the distance but also the brightness, cycle…
  • Can be used offline: Not completely offline use, some features can be used offline, and some features that cannot be used offline are map view and street view mode.
  • Search location: The application allows users to search for the position of the moon or the sun at a current time on the compass system, 3D map.
  • Sun's shadow information: Sun Surveyor Mod APK also calculates the degree of shade of the sun, based on online maps, Sun Surveyor Mod APK can calculate the shadow that the sun can create. at a certain point in time.
  • Make it possible for users to take great photos with the magic clock feature.
  • With 9 different Widgets about the sun and the moon for a very beautiful home screen.

Instructions to download and install Sun Surveyor Mod APK for Android

Sun Surveyor is an application from the Google Play store, but to use the attractive mod feature, players need to download the completely free Sun Surveyor Mod APK everything unlocked version from a 3rd party developer with these simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Delete the original downloaded from the Google app store if available
  • Step 2: Visit the website of a 3rd party publisher to download Sun Surveyor Mod APK free download to your device
  • Step 3: Installed from the file of a 3rd party publisher, so players need to grant permission to install apps of unknown origin to the phone.
  • Step 4: Open the apk file that you just downloaded Sun Surveyor Mod APK and install it. Wait for the installation to complete and you are ready to use.

Note: This is a Sun Surveyor Mod APK android application, but if users want to install it on their computer, they can download the emulator and install it on their PC. Then perform the installation steps as on the phone.


Sun Surveyor Mod APK is a great app for everyone. Especially astronomy lovers, real estate enthusiasts, and check-in enthusiasts.

sun surveyor pro mod apk

Sun Surveyor Mod APK android helps users to view and predict the orbits of the moon and sun in the future. Users can see the locations with the most beautiful sunset or sunrise. Wish all users can use Sun Surveyor Mod APK in the most perfect way to best serve themselves.

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