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Star Girl

Star Girl Mod APK v3.10 (Vip unlocked)

Mar 01, 2023
Star Girl

Star Girl Mod APK Unlimited money, gems and max level latest version 2023 who is about to build her career as a superstar while having lots of fun along the way!

Game and App Info.
Name Fashion Style - Dress Up
Updated 2016-05-25
Compatible with 2.3 and up
Last version 3.10
Size 43.5 MB
MOD Vip unlocked
Category Simulation
Developer Star Girl Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Star Girl Mod APK

The gatherings, events, and other features offered by Star Girl Mod APK 2023 are numerous. Join the events and performances to discover your abilities. Make your face appear even more gorgeous to resemble a queen. Your moment is now, so make the most of it by acting the part. Make your character want to become a virtual celebrity by making them as bright as the sun.

With a wide variety of outfits and collections, discover new life. Enhance the character interface's glitz. Wear the necessary attire and spend some money on new outfits. Additionally, a shopping function has been added. Purchase fresh clothing and accessories.

star girl mod apk max level

A participant in the colorful and thrilling simulator Star Girl Mod APK free download will assume the character of a superstar. He will meet members of the secular community and enter a fascinating and beautiful universe while playing the game. Fashion and glitz have shaped their own rules. Will the new individual be able to integrate and become a vital part of this environment? The user will support the success of his character.

The plot of the Star Girl Mod APK unlimited money and diamonds states that the protagonist is just starting out on her adventure. If everything goes according to plan, she will achieve renown, acclaim, and increasing popularity. You need to establish a spectacular and distinctive image if you want to become renowned.

The player will gradually discover more items and come across intriguing characters. It's critical to establish a positive rapport right away and win their support. The protagonist should be able to sing, dance, move gracefully, and carry on a dialogue. Her ability to draw attention will be limited without these abilities. You must also keep an eye on your actions because any slip-up will be a gift to the omnipresent paparazzi.

The protagonist will engage in a variety of tasks and events as she progresses. She will establish the right connections and profitable acquaintances there. Additionally, you ought to capture some breathtaking pictures that will be used for magazine covers. The simulator has gorgeous visuals, an intuitive user interface, and a well-designed control scheme.

Features - Star Girl Mod APK

Hundreds of dresses and costumes

Each participant can choose from hundreds of dresses and costumes in the Star Girl Mod APK for android. In developed nations, the majority of attractive women participate in fashion competitions wearing various model dresses. They will also dress in the newest, most fashionable outfits. Only the audience and particular leaders are drawn to cute and sexy dresses.

star girl mod apk vip unlocked

Everything that is accessible in real life is also accessible in the game. such as tops, skirts, t-shirts, purses, accessories, jewelry, earrings, and a wide variety of other items. Most of the needs of the female players were met by the game creator.

Gather for a date

Players are able to go on outings with their future spouses thanks to the Star Girl Mod APK unlimited money and gems. The most famous people sift through the minefield in quest of the ideal match. They date and fall in love with reliable performers. Actors in movies also desire to marry fashion models and females. 

The player must go on dates with potential spouses after rising in the game. Meet the companion in a restaurant or hotel. Offer your honest opinions while outlining your purpose and objectives. Give careful thought to who you want in your life. Since there is only one life to experience, dating should be carefully chosen. During the gathering, take in everything that is going on. Visit eateries, bars, and hotels to finish the trip.

Lovely Screen

Like traditional NA games, Star Girl has a distinctive art style, and because of its excellent graphics, maps, and characters, it has gained a large following in the NA market. In comparison to traditional NA games, Star Girl Mod APK max level has adopted a new virtual engine and undergone significant improvements. 

The game's screen experience has been significantly enhanced by more recent technology. All NA game enthusiasts can fully enjoy the pleasure that Star Girl  brings while maintaining the original NA style, as it maximizes the user's sensory experience, and there are many various kinds of APK mobile phones with excellent adaptability.


The most popular item for females is offered by Star Girl Mod APK VIP unlocked. Yes, the majority of women and girls want to go shopping to complete their purchases. They will require a variety of outfits each week. So the game's creator intends to give everyone fantastic purchasing options. Shop as you would in real life, paying cash for everything.

star girl mod apk

When visiting a shop, you might see a lot of inventory and goods. Select the appropriate object to purchase and any jewelry that is offered. Every week, the exclusive area is updated with the hottest new collections. However, the prices to purchase those exclusive selections are higher. Buy your favorite heart-shaped items because everything is created with player love in mind.


All in all, we covered every important aspect of the Star Girl Mod APK latest version. This incredible celebrity is playing a lifestyle-based game. Every new participant picked up the game much more quickly. Most women and girls participate in this activity by using their dreams. To make more money in the game's original version, you had to participate in every competition.

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