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Rope Hero Mafia City Wars

Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK v6.4.9 (Unlimited money)

Jan 18, 2023
Rope Hero Mafia City Wars

Download Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version and explore a new open world with upgraded features. Be ready for a fast-paced RPG gameplay with crime elements.

Game and App Info.
Name Rope Hero: Vice Town
Updated 2023-02-16
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 6.4.9
Size 168.72 MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Action
Developer Naxeex Action & RPG Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK

Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK enables third-person exploration of a big open world. The main character of Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK download wants vengeance on those who harmed him. In order to move around the environment and battle opponents, the player can make use of a variety of tools and weapons, including a grappling hook.

rope hero mafia city wars mod apk download

The player will most notably possess limitless superpowers. He has little trouble climbing walls and will leap from one building to another. He may also use his hands to shoot webbing at foes to render them helpless. It's time to transform into a true super rope hero. Try your hand at a fantastic RPG-styled 3D third-person shooter, gain a new gaming experience, and have a lot of fun.

This game is thrilling and captivating all around. It will grab your attention right away, and you won't be able to put it down. Download Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK latest version and start your adventure.

Use your influence to help the police fight crime and clean up the city. While achieving interesting missions, the main character will engage in gangster combat. Either the main character will become popular in the city or a mafia gangster. They expect intense pursuits and conflicts with various crime lords. You decide your fate in this.

Features - Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK

Circulate The City

You can simply stroll around the city during your free time because your hero has the right to rest. Use vehicles to get about, scale the tallest buildings, and attempt the largest jumps. Regarding amusement, there are no limitations. You will undoubtedly not be bored by the maximum amount of detail and high-quality illustration of city streets.

Use Your Blue Super Hero

rope hero mafia city wars mod apk unlimited gems

A blue-colored superhero is the primary character of Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK unlimited money. Along with being strong, he is also quick. To move around and battle foes, the player will make use of his abilities. He will leap between buildings like a spider. He can flee danger and climb tall buildings because of this talent. He also possesses a mystical rope that enables him to swing across enormous chasms.

By using this technique, he may reach locations that are difficult to reach. This rope can be used to lasso enemies and encircle them. He can then use his fists to finish them off. The blue superhero is incredibly strong as well. He has the strength to lift large objects and fling them at his foes. He can also effortlessly climb walls and other barriers.

And finally, he can shoot webs out of his hands. This sticky material has the ability to entangle enemies, leaving them defenseless. Overall, the player will like commanding the blue superhero because he or she is a strong character. He is a blast to play with and has a variety of useful talents.

Play a Fun Open World Rope Hero

Tall buildings, gloomy lanes, and twisting highways may all be found in the expansive open world of Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK unlimited gems. This universe is open for the player to explore at his own speed.

rope hero mafia city wars mod apk unlimited money

The world is also filled with enemies. Gangsters, mafia members, and thugs are some of these adversaries. These adversaries must be defeated by the player utilizing his fists, tools, and superhuman skills.

A number of side tasks are also present in the open world. Despite being optional, these quests offer prizes that can aid the player's path.

Make Your Character Your Own

In Rope Hero Mafia City Wars APK, your avatar can be completely changed. His attire, hairdo, and accessories are all interchangeable. Additionally, you can improve his tools and devices.

Your avatar can defeat entire gangs by himself if you invest enough in upgrades to make him a strong superhero. Start giving your character a unique look and increasing his strength now! In this Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK free shopping, there is only one way to triumph: by doing this.

Give Your Hero Weapons

In addition to his primary weapon, the magic rope, the blue superhero may use a variety of other tools and weapons. The player can locate these objects by exploring the wide world, which is where they are dispersed.


Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK for android is actually a respectable endeavor. It's up to you to aid the amusing blue superhero in gaining notoriety by battling crime in the huge city.

rope hero mafia city wars mod apk

You can utilize both abilities and a huge armory of different weapons to accomplish this. For instance, you can go fast through the streets or on building roofs with the limitless rope.

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