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Race Max Pro

Race Max Pro Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Race Max Pro

Download Race Max Pro Mod APK - Unlimited Money - This is one of the most popular racing games that you don't want to miss on your phone. Download and play it now.

Game and App Info.
Name Race Max Pro - Car Racing
Updated 2023-01-24
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version
Size 396.0Mb
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Developer Tiramisu
Price Free
Google Play Link

This is a driving game loved by real racers. Diverse race track with professional opponents. Give players impressive emotional levels. Let's learn more about this game.

Race Max Pro Mod APK with high-class race track

Race Max Pro Mod APK is a racing simulation game with sharp graphics. Through the game, you can test your own driving ability. Currently, the game has 3 popular modes: classic racing, drag racing, and drifting. To win, players need to equip their cars with the most powerful accessories.

download game race max pro mod apk

You can buy spare parts with the money that you gain after each win. All the player needs to do is touch the control arrow button on the screen.

The player can speed up the car when the nitro button on the screen is full. Race Max Pro Mod APK has outstanding advantages compared to the games available on the market. It is the player who can unlock the vehicles with the coins collected. As well as repair the cars that you are. When participating in the game, you will feel the thrill and tension. When rushing down straight roads or unexpected turns. Players must have solid driving experience to be able to overtake their opponents and win the game.

Unique point of Race Max Pro Mod APK

Race Max Pro Mod APK game gives players a feeling of authenticity and fun. Let's explore the features of this game with us.

Diverse car collection

Race Max Pro Mod APK everything unlocked game gives players a lot of choices. From classic cars to modern sports cars. Each vehicle type will have its own parameters and features. There will be models that excel in speed. While there are cars that specialize in drift racing. However, players can easily upgrade and improve the vehicle's stats thanks to the Race Max Pro Mod APK unlimited money and gold feature. Players will need to change the wheels, gearbox, and engine depending on their chosen path.

download race max pro mod apk

Over time and victories. Players can unlock new car models. The further you go, the more models you have to choose from. Along with that, the map system will be expanded. Players can go on city roads, beaches, and tunnels. You will never get bored when you join the Race Max Pro Mod APK game.

Exciting racing mode

Players can experience a lot of racing tracks in the game. Especially street racing, this is the most basic mode for players. At this track, players can get used to driving and practice speed control. Meanwhile, the drift track will be a place for players to challenge with the most dangerous turns. Players will need to use the brake pedals in time.

To be able to surpass the opponent in a spectacular way. In drag mode, players will have the opportunity to show their strengths in short and fast races. Either mode has its own advantages. To be able to fully enjoy the fun of each mode. Players need to have a good grasp of their driving skills. Keep in mind that the nitro tank can only be used when it is full of energy. So please align the time to use it effectively and reasonably.

Realistic sound graphics

The racing cars will make players satisfied with their luxurious and eye-catching appearance.

race max pro mod apk

Along with that is the super realistic engine sound. Each engine is realistically simulated and inspired by famous car models. Race Max Pro Mod APK game simulates city landscapes. Therefore, players will see high-rise buildings, traffic signs and amusement parks.

Variety of characters

Currently, the game owns 8 different characters and the number will increase in the future. When the player wins and gets a big bonus amount. Characters will also be leveled up. The higher the level, the more new skills the character will have. The game builds both male and female characters. Suitable for many players. The unique personalities of each main character are one of the factors that make up the fun of Race Max Pro Mod APK.

Instructions to install Race Max Pro Mod APK free download

To be able to install the download game Race Max Pro Mod APK, players will need to do the following:

  • Step 1: First, the player needs to access the download link from a 3rd party. Then proceed to download the Race Max Pro Mod APK to the device.
  • Step 2: Next, the player needs to turn on the mode that allows downloading applications of unknown origin to the phone. Only then users can install Race Max Pro Mod APK download.
  • Step 3: Finally, players need to access the downloaded game file and install it. Then you can experience the game to your liking.


Race Max Pro Mod APK is the hottest racing simulation game on the market today.

race max pro mod apk unlimited money

You should try once to experience this interesting game. We guarantee that the game will satisfy your passion for speed.

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