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Race Master 3D

Race Master 3D Mod APK v3.6.5 (Unlimited Money)

techzapk Jun 06, 2024

Race Master 3D MOD APK offers immersive racing experience with realistic graphic and excite gameplay.

Name Race Master 3D - Car Racing
Updated 2024-05-31
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 3.6.5
Size 164 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Developer SayGames Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link

Race Master 3D MOD APK - Top sports car racing with all speeds

Race Master 3D is high speed racing game with realistic 3D graphics and engaging gameplay. In game, you will experience dramatic races on dreamlike roads. Drive your luxury, sports and supercars to overcome your opponents and become the king of the road.

Race Master 3D MOD APK

Introduction to Race Master 3D MOD APK

Race Master 3D MOD APK is unique racing game become real racer. In Race Master 3D MOD APK, you will participate in challenging races on beautiful and diverse tracks. Race to win, overcome talented opponents and become champion. Game offers you variety of racing cars from fast sports cars, each with its own unique engine and performance.

In particular, Race Master 3D MOD provides you with diverse vehicle upgrade system, allowing you customize and enhance your vehicle performance. Helps you create custom race car that suits your own style and helps you outpace your opponents with ease. Beat them on track and prove that you are the best.

Attractive points of Race Master 3D MOD APK Menu

Graphics are incredibly realistic

Game offers detailed car models and beautifully designed environments that create immersive racing experience. Whether you're racing on street or off-road.

Graphics will make you feel like you're actually behind wheel of high-speed racing car. Attention to detail in graphics adds overall excitement of game. Race Master 3D really sets itself apart from other racing games thanks its visually appealing graphics.

Intense gameplay like never before

Game challenges players with skilled AI opponents. Those who will stop at nothing cross finish line first. Races are fast paced and require quick reflexes and precise controls to navigate tracks.

Gameplay mechanics are designed deliver thrill experience. Controls are very responsive, allowing you make precise maneuvers and maneuver around corners with ease. Feeling of speed is exhilarating and there is rush of adrenaline as you overtake your opponents and cross finish line.

Race Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money

Main features of Race Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited money and Unlocked

Cars and tracks have been unlocked

In Race Master 3D MOD APK Unlocked, all cars and tracks are unlocked from beginning. You don't have to spend time completing challenges or earning virtual currency access them. Enjoy freedom choose from variety of high-performance cars and race on different tracks right from the start.

Customization options

Personalize your car reflect your unique style and preferences. Race Master 3D MOD APK Full Money offers extensive customization options, including paint colors, decals, and performance upgrades. Enhance your car speed, acceleration and handling gain advantage over your opponents on track.

Challenge AI opponents

Race Master 3D MOD APK features smart and skilled AI opponents will push your racing skills limit. Participate in thrilling races and compete against challenging opponents who will stop at nothing win. Test your reflexes, strategize your moves and prove yourself as ultimate racing master.

Multiple game modes

Race Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money and gems offers many different game modes keep you entertained. Participate in single player races pass different levels and unlock achievements. Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and compete for top spot on leaderboards. Additionally, time trial mode allows you test your skills against time and beat your own records.

Race Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money and gems

Tips to play Race Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money game

  • Focus on vehicles control: Make sure you understand how to drives, knows how to brake and accelerate flexible. Helping you overcomes difficulty turn and avoid collision with other vehicles on road.
  • Master track: Learn how to go through turns, makes sure maintain speed and avoids collision with obstacles. Master curve and route help you save time and surpass your competitor.
  • Plays strategical: Do not just focus on speed, considers how to use power up, manage your vehicle speed and traction. At same time, choose right time overcome your opponent. Will help you control game and create advantage in race.

Advantages and disadvantages of Race Master 3D MOD APK


  • Focus on create realistic and beautiful graphic.
  • Challenge yourself in single player mode, or compete with friend in multiplayer mode.
  • Offer wide range of vehicle choose from, from agile sport cars powerful off road vehicle.


  • Because of it high quality graphic and special effect, Race Master 3D MOD require device with relative powerful hardware configuration.

Race Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited money and Unlocked


Race Master 3D MOD APK delivers amazing racing experience that will keep you coming back for more. From realistic graphics intense gameplay, game has everything racing enthusiast could ask for. Download Race Master 3D MOD APK now and become ultimate racing master.

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