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Quizizz Mod APK v7.60 (Free Download, Latest Version)

Mar 09, 2023

Download Quizizz Mod APK for free to learn anything anywhere. A learning-by-play experience that gets you through your homework and online in no time! Check it out!

Name Quizizz: Play to learn
Updated 2023-11-20
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 7.60
Size 52 MB
MOD Free Download, Latest Version
Category Board
Developer Quizizz Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Quizizz Mod APK

Have you used any learning-by-play apps before? Quizizz Mod APK is one of the most popular app mods used by teachers and students today. Learning and doing exercises through quizzes anywhere, anytime will help you save time and still study effectively. The series of interesting features of this mod will help you use it effectively. Refer to the shares below to know more!

download quizizz mod apk

About Quizizz Mod APK

Currently, studying by books with many theories makes students feel bored. Combining fun games with useful knowledge will help both you and your students learn and work more effectively. Participating in group activities and self-study not only helps students improve self-discipline, but also enjoys doing homework. Quizizz Mod APK is an application that supports learning and working effectively.

Download Quizizz Mod APK allows users to create lessons, quizzes with theory according to their own design. If you are a teacher, you can use Quizizz to divide groups and create assignments for students. These exercises can be completed in person or online. Currently, more than 20 million people are using this mod to study and work. Schools, families or businesses around the world can use the features of this mod for their own purposes.

You can use Quizizz on PC or Quizizz Mod APK For Android for phones. Everything is simplified after you download this mod and enjoy a pleasant learning time. Users can create and store those sentences. The content of the quizzes is designed to your liking. Users are also given the option to choose how to play games, do assignments and more.

The publisher offers many different options for users to increase the fun. Same exercise but you have different options for how to complete it. Players can easily create a free account and use the available features. These features will assist you in managing the puzzle packs you designed earlier. Creators have control over the content and how many people can participate in their assignments.

quizizz mod apk auto answer

Quizizz Mod APK Auto Answer is one of the new versions to help puzzle solvers see the answers faster. It increases the likelihood of recognizing winning answers. There are lots of free puzzle packs with lots of fun learning from science, English, history, geography, biology, math, etc.

Users can choose to make the puzzle pack they design and create public or not. If you choose to share, many other people can join the puzzle solving and learning. Once you've created an account, you can create your own classes and share them with those you give access to. It is quite interesting and has many things for you to explore.

Salient features

Quizizz Mod APK Latest Version has many outstanding features that you should learn more. These features not only provide a better experience, but also help you get more creative ideas in creating puzzles.

Create puzzle packs

Users after signing up for a free Quizizz account can start creating their own quiz packs. These interesting quizzes are optional for you to choose from and how to appear. Creators can add content, add photos, or add answers during the creation process. It has no clear rules or limitations. You can create interesting question packs in all areas whether it is study or work.

quizizz mod apk for android

Easy editing

Quizizz Mod APK allows users to easily edit their previously created question packs. These questions can be customized with answers, question text, or more.

Even if you want to copy a package of other people's questions. If the author grants permission to copy, you can save the template to your library and edit it as you like. The shared puzzle packs are all very interesting so you can use the search bar to find them.

Solve puzzles with fun ways

Players can play and solve puzzles in a variety of ways. The method of solving puzzles is very diverse. You can choose your favorite game genres and start doing your homework. Same question content but you can do them many times in different ways of playing. It creates endless excitement no matter how many times you see the same content.

Complete surveys

Quizizz mod gives users the ability to create surveys. At businesses or organizations, this mod is used for the purpose of completing surveys quickly. It does not limit participants and can provide the best convenience value. Users can quickly reach and complete their survey. You can also respond to live polls or corporate project presentations.

Share puzzle pack

Quizizz Mod APK Free Download allows users to widely share the puzzle packages they create. Accordingly, you can leave them in public mode and let whoever finds it start studying and solving that verse. Conversely, creators also have the right to share only to those they want. Nothing is forced here and the final decision is yours.

quizizz mod apk latest version


Quizizz Mod APK is one of the best options available today for learning through solving puzzles. Many schools and businesses love to use this mod for work or teaching students. You can download this mod now to experience it.

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