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PUBG MOBILE LITE APK Mod v0.24.0 (Without vpn, Unlimited money)

Hang Nguyen Dec 17, 2022

Pubg Mobile Lite APK is a mobile game that is too famous on the game market today. With Pubg mobile having the too heavy configuration, then the publisher launched a product called Pubg mobile lite. It can be said that this is an extremely great idea for those who love this series of survival games. With this game, you will not need to worry about the weight of your device and can experience it the best way.

Game and App Info.
Updated 2022-12-10
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 0.24.0
Size 685 MB
MOD Without vpn, Unlimited money
Category Action
Developer Level Infinite
Price Free
Google Play Link

About Pubg Mobile Lite APK android

Basically, this game will also keep the traditional gameplay of the Pubg survival game series. Thanks to that, you will not need to practice or learn about this game once you have experienced similar games. However, there will still be some changes with the map being reduced as well as the number of players participating will be less. The pace in the games will also be much faster to be suitable for playing on the phone.

When participating in the battle in this game, you will be parachuting onto a deserted island with many other players. Collect weapons as well as equipment to be able to survive perfectly. To be able to win, you must destroy all your enemies and become the last survivor on this map.

pubg mobile lite apk

You need certain skills to be able to survive in this harsh environment. Fighting is not the only way to victory. If you are a player without high shooting skills, collect the necessary items to end the game with a live battle with fewer players.

In this game, the circle will also get smaller over time. Players outside the ring will lose health continuously until they die. Therefore, you have to move continuously within this set with supported vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, boats... However, you should focus as well as make the right decisions because these vehicles will attract the attention of enemies because of their noise when moving.

Interesting features Pubg Mobile Lite Mod APK unlimited money

Multi-language support

The game supports multi-language with 12 languages ​​including Indian. This is a great thing for players in India as well as other regions around the world.

Massive weapon and equipment system

Possessing an extremely diverse and rich arsenal with a full range of guns such as sniper rifles, rifles ... with more equipment, bulletproof vests, and mortar helmets classified in 3 separate levels. The higher its level, the better its protection.

pubg mobile lite apk download 2022

There are also grenades, smoke bombs, stun bombs, and exploding bottles... will make the battle more fierce and like a real-life battle.

An arena with life and death battles

Train your skills well to participate in survival battles with your friends or you can also play in solo mode and find a way to survive on your own. However, when playing in groups, you will be able to communicate and have better strategies.

Fair gameplay

Everything in this game is fair to all players. Every player at the start is the same and doesn't have any add-ons for survival. The anti-player system using interference software is also developed very carefully to avoid inhibiting players. The player will be permanently locked out of his account.

Connect with friends around the world

With 4-player mode, you can play with your friends by inviting them to the waiting room. Or you can also play in this mode with strangers around the world by teaming up.

pubg mobile lite apk download without vpn

You can also chat with them by talking face to face or texting so this game will be full of strategy and teamwork.

Sound Graphics

This is a survival game series with excellent HD graphics and sound quality. High definition and clear sound to every detail that not all games have will make you feel the best.

Guide Pubg Mobile Lite APK download 2022 Without VPN

Because this game is not for CH play, you need to download Pubg Mobile Lite BGMI Mod APK download. Download a VPN app and change your address to the countries where the game is available. To install this game you do the following:

  • Download apk file to your device
  • When you have finished downloading the game, go back to the APKPURE application to install this game.
  • Change VPN address to change access country
  • Log in with your Facebook account or other accounts to experience the game

Pubg Mobile Lite APK download PC- install the game for the computer

pubg mobile lite mod apk unlimited money

To be able to play this game on mobile, you need to install an Android emulator application on your computer. Then follow the steps above for your phone.

Note: you should download the latest version of this game to get the best experience for yourself. Avoid downloading versions of Pubg Mobile Lite APK download old versions that cannot be installed or have errors that do not match the version.

In Conclusion

It can be said that Pubg Mobile Lite APK is a very suitable and convenient choice for many players using low-profile mobile devices. The publisher of this series has aimed for a series of games that are accessible to more players. It is a very good business strategy. If you love the Battle Royale game genre then this is a perfect game. So what are you waiting for without finding the Pubg Mobile Lite APK file download 2022 and install it on your phone?

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