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Police Stories

Police Stories APK Mod v1.2 (For Android)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download Police Stories APK Mod Latest version and counter a destructive mafia out to decimate the city. Give players thrills with a third-person perspective!

Name Police Story Shooting Games
Updated 2022-06-03
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.2
Size 92.4 MB
MOD For Android
Category Action
Developer TSGStudio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Rich content and impressive gameplay will make you feel the best when playing. Let's find out more details right after the article below.

What is Police Stories APK?

Police Stories free download is a popular shooting game recently. Interesting content set in a peaceful city attacked by terrorists. You will play the character of a police officer who fights against the mafia to save a peaceful life for the people. However, to destroy as many opponents as you need to upgrade and equip yourself with the most advanced weapons.

police stories apk

The gameplay of the game is very interesting with many impressive highlights. Especially completely free for Android devices.

Fast-paced gameplay

Police Stories free download has fast-paced gameplay. Standing in a 3rd person perspective, you can see the whole battle and from there make the most appropriate strategy. You will have to be quick and always ready to fight to not be attacked by the opponent first.

Throughout the game, there are not only top-notch gun battles but also police car chases with the mafia. Make sure to drive carefully so you don't get hurt or destroy your mission.

During the game, players have the opportunity to collect a lot of treasures and resources. That will be the money you use to upgrade your equipment and weapons to become stronger.

Lots of vehicles to use

The system of vehicles and weapons in the game is diverse. There are many different vehicles for you to choose from to help the car run faster. Weapons include a variety of powerful guns that shoot long-range, short-range, or sniper.

police stories apk android

In addition to police cars, players can also choose helicopters to do their own tasks. Helicopters help to observe the opponent most clearly and aim at the right target to defeat the mafia.

Unique features of the game

Police Stories Latest Version possesses a lot of unique and great features such as:


This is an interesting feature that helps players automatically aim more accurately. With this feature, you can defeat as many opponents as possible.

Challenging Missions

The mission system in the game is diverse with many different challenges. You will face many difficulties while playing. The difficulty will increase gradually, but in return, the reward will also increase and be worth the effort you put in. You can use the money earned to upgrade weapons and buy new weapons.

Premium Graphics

The most impressive point of the game is the impressive and high-end graphics. Super sharp 3D images, detailing the character in the most realistic and beautiful way. Places in the publisher's city realistically depict buildings, roads, and vehicles,...

police stories apk mod

Not only the picture but the sound is also very interesting. The sound is described in detail, vividly, and realistically. Effects such as: lifelike gunfire, explosions, and whistles give a complete and immersive feel.

Many levels to explore

Police Stories androidhas many different levels of play. Each level will have different difficulties with many new challenges. You need to pass to rank up and win more rewards.

Simple controls

The control system of the game is simple with easy buttons. You can customize it quickly without any difficulty. Even if you're just starting out, it's still easy to get used to.

Perform stunts

There are many dangerous situations that happen that you need to overcome. That brings a more stimulating and interesting experience for players.

Does not contain ads

Police Stories android contains no ads. When playing you will not be interrupted in the middle. This helps provide the best experience.

Totally Free

This game is completely free with many outstanding features. Wouldn't it be great to be able to play an interesting game like this but completely free, without spending money? Note that the game is only for Android devices.

police stories free download

Above is an article to share about the hit game Police Stories APK. Fast-paced and many attractive challenges will bring you the most unique experiences. Hopefully, a few minutes on this article has brought readers more useful knowledge. So what are you waiting for without downloading immediately to experience it right away.

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