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PokeList APK v1.4 (for Android, Latest Version)

SeoAdam Aug 22, 2023

PokeList APK is an application that helps you find your teammates in the famous game Pokemon Go.

Name PokeList
Updated 2023-06-27
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.4
Size 2 MB
MOD for Android, Latest Version
Category Books & Reference
Developer The Phoenix Developers
Price Free
Google Play Link

Discover the Pokemon Universe with PokeList | Your Ultimate Companion App

Are you excited to explore the enchanting realm of Pokemon, but feel daunted by the sheer diversity of these delightful creatures? If you're in this boat, you're not alone. For fervent PokeList APK enthusiasts, recalling the names, types, and unique traits of each Pokemon can be a challenge. But fret not, because there's a solution that consolidates all these vital details into one convenient hub PokeList.

PokeList APK

Overview of the PokeList Pokemon Go APK

PokeList is an unfastened software for Android developed by Flokin Digital. It's a treasure trove of statistics about Pokemon, presenting a comprehensive database that includes the names, kinds, unique competencies, and different information about these iconic creatures. What sets this app aside is its inclusion of pixel artwork sprites for each Pokemon, allowing users to position faces to the names they stumble upon. Whether you're a pro-Pokemon teacher or a newcomer to the sector of Pokemon, PokeList serves as an invaluable aid to your journey to'em all.

Attractive Features of the PokeList APK For Android

Comprehensive Pokemon Database

PokeList v1.3.11 APK boasts an in-depth database that covers a widespread array of Pokemon species. From the electrifying Pikachu to the lovable Piplup, you'll discover records of all your favorite Pokemon and extras. This database serves as an invaluable reference, helping you learn about the various Pokemon sorts and their precise attributes.

Pixel Art Sprites

One of the standout capabilities of PokeList is its inclusion of pixel art sprites for each Pokemon. These charming and sentimental sprites now not best add a visible detail to the app but additionally make it less complicated for users to pick out and recall their favored Pokemon. It's like having a Pokedex proper in your pocket!

User-Friendly Interface

PokeList is designed with user convenience in thoughts. Its intuitive interface ensures that even learners can navigate the app resultseasily. Whether you are attempting to find a selected Pokemon or absolutely browsing to make bigger your know-how, PokeList's consumer-pleasant layout makes the experience a breeze.

Author's Real-lifestyles Experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of the PokeList APK Latest Version

Now that we've got included the app's functions, let's delve into an actual-lifestyles people enjoy and discover the benefits and downsides of the use of PokeList.

PokeList Pokemon Go APK

Personal Review

Imagine this You're a devoted Pokemon instructor, always in search of approaches to enhance your expertise of those mesmerizing creatures. That's exactly where I determined myself after I stumbled upon PokeList. My adventure with this app has been not anything brief or delightful.

From the moment I opened the app, I was greeted with a visually attractive and consumer-pleasant interface. Navigating through the great database of Pokemon became a breeze, and the inclusion of pixel artwork sprites brought a touch of nostalgia to the revel in. Whether I needed to look up a specific Pokemon's type or truely wanted to explore the numerous world of Pokemon, PokeList had me protected.

But like every app, PokeList is not without its quirks. Let's explore the blessings and downsides I encountered all through my time with this app.


  • Unparalleled Pokemon Knowledge: The biggest advantage of PokeList is the wealth of information it offers. As a Pokemon fanatic, gaining access to a comprehensive database of Pokemon names, types, and capabilities at my fingertips became a game-changer. It's an invaluable useful resource for each casual lovers and aspiring running shoes.

  • Pixel Art Nostalgia: The inclusion of pixel art sprites for each Pokemon turned into a lovely touch. It no longer best made the app visually attractive but also helped me hook up with the Pokemon on a nostalgic degree. Seeing these charming sprites brought lower back fond memories of my early Pokemon adventures.

  • User-Friendly Design: PokeList's person-friendly design deserves praise. Even if you're new to the world of Pokemon, you'll find the app smooth to navigate. It's intuitive and affords an unbroken enjoy for customers of all ability stages.


  • Lack of Official Support: PokeList is an unofficial, fan-made app, because of this it lacks the official assist and updates that official Pokemon apps receive. This can once in a while result in previous information or compatibility issues with the ultra-modern Android variations.

  • Limited Interactive Features: While PokeList excels at supplying facts, it lacks interactive functions that a few customers may choice. It's by and large a reference tool, so don't anticipate features like battles or trading.

PokeList v1.3.11 APK

  • Advertisements: Like many unfastened apps, PokeList includes advertisements. While they're not overly intrusive, some customers may discover them distracting. An advert-free version or an option to take away advertisements thru in-app purchases could be a great addition.

FAQs approximately the PokeList PgSharp

How to download the app?

To download PokeList, honestly, visit on your Android device. Search for in the search bar, locate the app, and click on the button. Once the set up is entire, you may release the app and begin exploring the world of Pokemon.

System Requirements to run the app

PokeList is designed to run on Android gadgets. To make certain easy overall performance, it is advisable to have a tool with at least Android four.4 or higher. Additionally, having a stable internet connection will decorate your experience whilst gaining access to the app's features and updates.

Other questions associated with the PokeList APK Radar

If you have got any other questions or concerns approximately PokeList, feel free to reach out to the developer or seek advice from the app's person guide. Additionally, you can be a part of online groups of Pokemon enthusiasts to proportion reviews and acquire information approximately the app.

PokeList APK For Android


PokeList APK is a great associate app for anyone captivated by the arena of Pokemon. Its comprehensive database, pixel artwork sprites and person-friendly interface make it a valuable resource for both informal fanatics and committed running shoes. So, in case you're eager to make bigger your Pokemon expertise, identify your favorite creatures comfortably, and indulge in a touch of nostalgia, PokeList is the app for you. Download it from a reputable source, explore the Pokemon universe, and allow your journey to emerge as a Pokemon Master to start!

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