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Papers Please

Papers Please APK Mod v1.4.4 (Android)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Papers Please

Download Papers Please APK Mod Latest version for Android - Your job as immigration inspector is to control the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side of Grestin from Kolechia. Among the throngs of immigrants and visitors looking for work are hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists.

Game and App Info.
Name Papers, Please
Updated 2022-11-22
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.4.4
Size 40M
MOD Android
Category Simulation
Developer 3909
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview of Papers Please APK

Papers Please APK is a game that simulates security checks. A player's passport should be authentic, and they should watch out for substitutes entering the Papers Please APK download. You have been assigned a Border Squad by your immigration department. What if it were the other way outside? Your reputation could be harmed by the fact that there are probably more misconceptions and armed gates than you realize.

papers please apk mod

Walls, cannons, and fences enclose the exterior borders. Ever more reports ought to be eligible for migration. Depending on the afternoon's political climate, some alterations may need to be made to the employees' desk duties. They have been portrayed as outsiders, even if they are never your enemies on paper.

There are a plethora of ways to falsify documents to enter the nation. Players must also verify the legitimacy of administrative entities and official seals. Due to the huge risks involved in inbound smuggling, players are now required to examine suspected tourists, detain wanted felons, or defend themselves from threats on behalf of insufficient security.

The purpose of inspecting a visa is simply to mark it with permission or refusal to enter the nation. However, whether it complies with admission requirements or not, or if the documents are genuine or not, all challenge the player's vision, hand dexterity, and occasionally even memory. By the time the Papers Please APK for android was through, I had even remembered the administrative strategies.

The visa cannot simply be rejected if there are issues with the document examination; rather, the cause for the rejection must be stated in accordance with the legal procedure. 

Players will be reprimanded and even harshly punished if an illegal person enters by accident, a legal person is wrongly sent away, or even if there is only a procedure error, which would worsen things for individuals who are not affluent.

The boundary is dotted with weapons, walls, and fences. Transferring the most reports should be done.

papers please apk

Based on the political climate of the afternoon, there may be some adjustments to the operation of staff offices. Outcasts are frequently featured in newspapers, but they're not your competitors.

Features - Papers Please APK


The Papers Please APK Mod’s main plot concerns a new hire who has been named the Ministry of Admission at the Grestin Border Checkpoint. You could stay together with your family in this apartment and enjoy your time in East Grestin.

In order to check all relevant papers, you are now available at the check post. The verification of documents is the central theme of the Papers Please APK PC. Therefore, before allowing anyone into the country, you must verify all information.

Friendly UI

The smartphone-specific user interface and the futuristic dark worldview are what make Papers Please APK obb so appealing. In fact, the Windows Store had a horizontal screen, but the key is that the smartphone version was rearranged for a vertical screen. It offers a good user interface that enables you to play easily, even on a smartphone, and you can swap stuff with tabs.

Two modes including story mode and enless mode

When playing in story mode, numerous immigration checks are conducted in accordance with a daily theme that is provided to you. As the day goes on, you start to see how dangerous the immediate postwar period was, as immigration papers and identity cards are unexpectedly required, immigration examinations are shut down due to terrorist attacks, and so on.

papers please apk download 

Similar to story mode, endless mode involves continually passing through border examinations. You should download Papers Please APK and play both modes due to the numerous replay elements.

Interesting imaginary setting

The state of Arstotzka, where Papers Please APK iOS, Please is located, has just concluded a six-year war with neighbouring Kolechia. The state encountered a significant influx of immigration after seizing the right part of the border town. As a result, you will start working as an immigration inspector at a movement checkpoint.

It is your responsibility to examine each immigrant's passport and any other relevant documentation. You must firmly forbid someone from entering your nation if you discover that their papers are invalid or otherwise flawed, and you must also inform the appropriate protection agency. The entrance requirements will progressively get more stringent, so you must continually update the information.

Use the money you've acquired wisely

The player will earn a payout at the conclusion of each day based on the accomplishments he made during his shift. This money is obtained in a variety of ways, including through reduced fines for infractions and collected bribes. You need to spend money on a lot of things to make sure your life will always be in the greatest condition.

papers please apk for android

includes heating, food, rent, and other basic expenses. Of course, you also need to watch out for earning an excessive amount of money illegally. Try to finish your mission so you can get paid with real money. Because you and your relatives will be found guilty if the government learns about your immigration.


One of the top-rated paid simulation games right now is Papers Please APK free download, Please APK. If you play the Papers Please APK latest version, the communist state of Arstotzka will appoint you as a senior immigration inspector. To help the nation out of significant challenges, you must do a good job at managing the immigration flow.

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