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Oneplus Dialer

Oneplus Dialer APK Mod v12.0 (Premium unlocked)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Oneplus Dialer

Download OnePlus Dialer APK Mod - Premium Unlocked - This is known by many users as one of the software used to dial important numbers on the android operating system. Download now.

Game and App Info.
Name Oneplus Dialer
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 12.0
Size 8 MB
MOD Premium unlocked
Category Tools
Developer OnePlus Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Therefore, OnePlus Dialer APK, the downloads of this application in recent years are increasing rapidly. OnePlus Dialer has some outstanding utilities and features to attract users. Let's find out more details through the following article.

What is OnePlus Dialer APK known for?

OnePlus Dialer APK application is the tool used to communicate on phones running Android operating system. The application specializes in providing the type of mobile dialing service through the user's favorite collection. OnePlus Dialer will access the phone book system to help users get the best service.

oneplus dialer apk latest version

There are many features integrated in the OnePlus Dialer APK application so that users can exploit and use it easily.

That is the reason why many users choose this application for their mobile device. Besides, devices using the Android operating system produced by OnePlus itself have received the attention of many customers. As a result, the OnePlus Dialer app is more popular than ever.

OnePlus Dialer APK App Details

To better understand this application, readers can learn and grasp the following basic information:

  • App Name: OnePlus Dialer APK
  • Application size: 7.59MB.
  • Latest version: V12.0.
  • Package name:
  • Application developer and supplier: OnePlus Co., Ltd.
  • Application fee: Completely free for users to download the application.
  • Compatible operating system: Android operating system version from V9.0 and above.

Accordingly, users must use an Android phone with a minimum version of V9.0 to be able to download and run this application.

oneplus dialer apk download

Users need to check if the mobile device has met this requirement? If you have not updated or upgraded to the new version, users need to do so immediately to be able to use this application.

Outstanding Features of OnePlus Dialer APK

When users use the OnePlus Dialer APK application, they will notice some outstanding features such as:

  • OnePlus Dialer APK for Android 12 application is easily downloaded to your phone without spending a single penny.
  • There are no sales channels advertised in the OnePlus Dialer APK application.
  • The interface is designed by OnePlus to be simple for users to use.
  • Download OnePlus Dialer APK to your phone to use, you will feel the smoothness.
  • OnePlus Dialer provides over 40 different wallpapers for users to easily choose and change continuously.
  • OnePlus Dialer APK latest version is developed with 15 different languages ​​so that users can use it according to their native language.
  • The application is designed with two different modes, light and dark, to suit the user's usage situation.
  • Block spam messages that may appear right inside your phone's dialog box.
  • Expand the feature to automatically add phone numbers to your favorite contacts list right on mobile devices.

In addition, the application has many other attractive features waiting for users to discover. Therefore, users should quickly implement OnePlus Dialer APK for Android 12 download to their devices to discover interesting things.

oneplus dialer apk for android 11

However, this application still has some small disadvantages to mention such as new versions will not automatically update, users are required to update themselves, not suitable for weak internet... The publisher fixes it in the next versions so that users have the best experience.

How to download OnePlus Dialer APK to your phone

OnePlus Dialer APK is an application provided by a third party for users to use. Therefore, this application is not yet available on the store system of the Android operating system. Therefore, to download the OnePlus Dialer APK for Android 11, 12 application or any other version, users must visit official websites.

When choosing the correct application provider, the user downloads the application to his device. Users only need to click on the download button and the application file will be started. File download speed is fast or slow depending on the quality of your internet network.

After the file is successfully downloaded to the device, the user will proceed with the installation. Before performing the installation, users must perform application access permission to ensure the highest security. The installation process is quite quick, so users can quickly use the application on the device.


From the above shared information, readers certainly have a more specific look at the OnePlus Dialer APK application.

oneplus dialer apk for android 12

Hopefully the article will be a useful information channel for readers who are interested in this application.

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