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OldRoll Mod APK v5.0.8 (Premium)

techzapk Jul 08, 2024

OldRoll Mod APK let you explore world of vintage photography with. Download experience your camera and offer unique edit feature.

Name Disposable Camera - OldRoll
Updated 2024-07-08
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 5.0.8
Size 171 MB
MOD Premium
Category Photography
Developer accordion
Price Free
Google Play Link

OldRoll Mod APK - Nostalgic journey through vintage camera

In modern world of technology, mobile app play big role in our daily activity. Whether it is for fun or getting thing done, there app for almost anything. One app has become very popular with people who like play games is OldRoll Mod APK. Article will explain what special mod offers and why it is different and better than other app.

OldRoll Mod APK

Introducing OldRoll Premium APK

OldRoll Mod APK is special app let people have "vintage" experience while using app and game on their phones. It has new look reminds user of mobile device from 90s or early 2000s. 

App is great for those who like old fashioned style or want use games and app no be bothered by ads. With OldRoll Mod APK, user may be relive childhood memory linked to iconic mobile devices.

Main features in OldRoll Mod APK

Vintage filters

OldRoll Mod APK offer many vintage filter recreate look of classic film photography. These filters add charm and nostalgia your photos, turning them into timeless masterpiece.

Lens effects

App offer variety of lens effects, such as vignettes and light leaks, give your photos an authentic vintage feel. These effects add depth and character your images, making them visually appeal and captivating.

Editing tools

OldRoll Mod APK include comprehensive set of editing tool fine tune your photos. Adjust exposure, contrast, saturation get perfect vintage look. You may be also add grain effect add texture and enhance vintage feel.

OldRoll Premium APK

Customization options

App allow you customize intensity of classic filters and adjust their setting your preferences. Versatility allows you create unique and personalized vintage effects for your photos.

High quality photo support

OldRoll Mod APK allows you take high resolution pictures, making sure your vintage style photos are clear and full of detail. You may be capture all small details and keep your pictures look great.

Other highlights of OldRoll APK

  • Film grain and dust effect are one of outstanding features of OldRoll Mod APK, add authenticity your classic works.
  • Vintage frames and borders you may be find perfect border complement your vintage photo.
  • Combine with other editing app in OldRoll Mod APK create unique and creative effect.

Useful tips to play OldRoll Mod APK unlocked all cameras

  • Discover special filter: OldRoll Mod has collection of vintage filter help you make photo with unique look. Experiment with various filter find best match for each picture.
  • Make light leak effect: OldRoll APK lets you add distinctive light leak effect old cameras have. Use these effect on your photo give them special and unique feel.
  • Adjust color and contrast: Make photo look more real, OldRoll Mod APK offer tool adjust color and contrast. You may be modify these setting create photo reflect your personal style.

OldRoll APK

  • Use stretch option: OldRoll APK let you stretch photo wider or taller, which help you make photo with different shape. Try feature create photo stand out and grab attention.

Advantages and disadvantages of OldRoll Mod APK latest version


  • Redesign app and game in retro style, bringing back feel of using legendary mobile device.
  • Recreate familiar space and sound of old mobile phone.
  • Meet need of those who want recreate old mobile experience.
  • Helps user discover and re enjoy childhood memories.


  • Classic interface may not appeal user who prefer modern apps with fresh look.

Actual user experience when coming to OldRoll Mod APK

OldRoll Mod APK has completely transformed my photography experience. As vintage camera lover, app is dream come true. Range of vintage filter and editing tool is impressive, allowing me create stunning photos with nostalgic feel. Ability customize filters and add light leaks add authentic touch to my images. App is user friendly and easy navigate. I highly recommend OldRoll Mod APK anyone who want capture charm of old school photography. It has become my go app for all my vintage photography needs.

OldRoll Mod APK unlocked all camera


Unlock world of vintage photography with OldRoll Mod APK. Experience charm of old school cameras and create stunning vintage style photos with just few tap. Download OldRoll Mod APK now and let your creativity soar new heights. Embrace nostalgia and capture moments that will last lifetime. Do not miss out on incredible app bring past into present.

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