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Old Roll

Old Roll Mod APK v5.0.4 (Premium Unlocked)

techzapk Jun 06, 2024

Old Roll MOD APK is famous photography app brings charm and personality of classic cameras your smartphone.

Name Disposable Camera - OldRoll
Updated 2024-06-06
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 5.0.4
Size 134 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Photography
Developer accordion
Price Free
Google Play Link

Old Roll MOD APK - Create the most unique and attractive retro photos

Have you ever wanted create vintage and unique photos from your modern photos? With Old Roll MOD APK app, you may be turn ordinary photos into unique and timeless works of art. Discover interesting things about app in article below.

Old Roll MOD APK

Introducing Old Roll MOD APK

Old Roll MOD APK is unique and creative photo editing application. App allows you to turn modern photos into beautiful vintage photos in just few taps. You may be choose from variety of filters to change not only color, but also feel and style of your photo.

With Old Roll, you may be also share your artwork directly to your favorite social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You may be explore and interact with community of other users, share and discover new creative ideas.

Main features of Disposable Camera Old Roll MOD APK

Diverse vintage effects

Old Roll MOD APK Premium Unlocked provides series of classic effects for you create photos with classic and artistic beauty. From classic film effects, cracks, scratches special color and lighting effects. You may be create photos with your own style.

Flexible editing

Old Roll MOD APK allows you adjust photo parameters such as brightness, contrast, color and more. You may be customize to achieve desired effect and beauty. Feature helps you create unique and creative photos.

Filters and accessories

Old Roll MOD APK unlocked all camera provides variety of filters and accessories for you to create unique and special effects. You may be add color filters, filters, photo frames. And other accessories to create your own style for each photo.

Old Roll MOD APK Premium Unlocked

Friendly interface and easy to use

You may be easily choose effects, edit parameters, and add accessories to your photos with ease. Old rolls mod apk happymod has simple and intuitive interface helps you enjoy the photo editing process comfortably.

Share and store easily

Old Roll MOD APK allows you share your works of art directly from the app. You may be share photos social networks like Instagram, Facebook or store in your personal gallery. Helps you display and share your works of art with everyone easily.

Highlights of Old Roll MOD APK

  • Film grain and dust effects create more vintage and classic look photos, like those from old film cameras. 
  • Light leaks and lens flares create dreamy and nostalgic effects may be customize look and intensity of unique light.
  • App provides community platform for user share photos and interact with people with similar interests.

Tips for using the Old Roll MOD APK app

  • Explore collect of effect and filter: Come with diverse collection of retro photo effect and filter. Experiment and create your own unique photo. Take time explore and find style you want convey through your photo.
  • Combine edit tool: Combine and use multiple edit tool in Old Roll simultaneous create complex and unique effect. Try combine filter, tweak parameter and edit create creative and unique work.
  • Fine tune parameter: Fine tune parameter such as brightness, contrast, color and more create custom effect. Test and adjust these parameter achieve the best result.

Disposable Camera Old Roll MOD APK

Advantages and disadvantages of Old Roll Unlock All Camera APK Download


  • Provide user with rich collect of classic filter.
  • Easy select filter and effect and preview result instant.
  • Provide community platform for user share photos and interact with people with similar interest.
  • Customize and adjust photo parameter suit your style.


  • May request access your photo and personal information.
  • Require internet connection download new filter and make editing easy.

Realistic experience of new update Old Roll MOD version

According to review, user have had positive experience with app. They appreciate having large collection of retro effect and filter available, which help create photo with unique and vintage style. User also appreciate ability to customize parameter. Allow them adjust brightness, contrast, and color of effect as desired. Another advantage emphasized by users is app simple and easy use interface. Users feel comfortable when operating and enjoy photo editing process no difficulty.

Old Roll MOD APK unlocked all camera


Old Roll MOD APK is indispensable app for photography lovers who love classic look. It allows you turn modern photos on your smartphone into beautiful vintage pieces. App offers easy use interface and high image quality. So, Download Old Roll MOD APK today and create creative works with beauty of classic cameras.

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