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NIKKE APK v104.8.9 (Latest Version)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download NIKKE APK for Android for free Command and collect girls with unique combat specialties to create your ultimate team! Experience the next level shooting action with simple controls.

Game and App Info.
Updated 2023-02-19
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 104.8.9
Size 130.9 MB
MOD Latest Version
Category Role Playing
Developer Level Infinite
Price Free
Google Play Link

Are you looking for 3rd person shooter game? Do you want to become a skilled sniper to save the world? Nikke APK is an innovative and impressive shooting game that can help you focus on fighting for the survival of humanity. This game not only has a good title but also has an extremely attractive gameplay. The epic view of the world after disaster and in danger of being invaded will make you more motivated to fight. The system of sexy female characters and modern weapons will definitely make you feel excited. Check out our posts below to know more about this mod!

What is Nikke Apk?

Nikke APK is a sci-fi themed role-playing RPG shooting game. Players will take on the role of young girls in a team to save the world from danger and doom. Characters in the game will use mainly guns and modern sci-fi weapons to fight enemies. The wonderful combination of 2D/2.5D live technology makes the characters move more smoothly. The special feature of this game is that it is placed in portrait view. Therefore, the player can control the character, lock the target and fire with 1 hand.

nikke apk

Nikke Apk 2022 is the epic battle scene of the girls against the alien invasion. Just like the apocalypse comes, humans have to hide underground and the war takes place in various locations. The girls with attractive appearance will use their excellent fighting skills to fight the invasion from aliens. Players can join other characters to form a team to complete tasks together.

The game making unit has been very focused on developing simple auto-fire control mechanism, sophisticated 3D character design with a fast - strong - violent battle tempo.

Features of the game:

  • Simple control mechanism combined with auto fire makes it easy to control
  • The character image in the game is extremely beautiful, with anime style
  • Stunning graphics using a combination of Unity and Live 2D 3.3
  • Many game modes for you to explore
  • The NIKKE system is diverse with each unique feature

How to download Nikke APK?

Nikke Apk For Download is not difficult to do. You just need to find a reputable supplier and install it like installing other mods. A special feature is Nikke Free Download.

nikke apk 2022

This means that players do not need to spend money to download mods or buy any in-game items. You will fight to complete the mission to be rewarded with the necessary things.

Outstanding features of Nikke Apk Latest Version

Nikke APK latest version will bring many things that make players feel surprised. Here are the salient features of this game:

Nikke Apk No Ads

In the latest special version, Nikke Apk No Ads will be activated. No annoying ads can appear and interrupt your battle. You can comfortably play games and fight without worrying about any constraints related to viewing ads.

Simple control mechanism

The game has a simple control mechanism, you can play with just one finger. This helps you control the fighting characters much faster and more efficiently. All you need to do is direct NIKKE to lock the target and they will automatically fire and reload when they run out.

nikke apk for download

Besides, the girls also have special skills, characteristics and personalities that will be revealed when you participate in the main campaigns.

Multiple game modes

It is known that in addition to the normal game mode, Nikke APK also has a pvp mode, open Map exploration, multiplayer squads, Tower defense mode and limited time activities. You can change game modes when you feel you have conquered the current game mode. Each mode will bring a different feeling to the player, so you can rest assured about them.

Nice graphics

Nikke APK has extremely beautiful graphics thanks to the use of Unity and Live 2D game making technology along with beautiful character images drawn in anime style by one of the top Korean artists like Kim. Hyung-seop.


Nikke Apk Download is very easy and just need to perform simple operations. This fighting game title is also very 'hot' and can bring an extremely great experience to players.

nikke apk latest version

Therefore, if you want to explore the ability to fight with girls, you should choose Nikke APK 2022.

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