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Musclewiki APK v2.3.6 (Simplify your workout, Free Android App, Latest)

techzapk Jan 23, 2024

MuscleWiki APK is a fitness app with a vast exercise library, personalized workouts, nutrition tools, and a user-friendly interface.

Name MuscleWiki: Workout & Fitness
Updated 2024-01-09
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 2.3.6
Size 104 MB
MOD Simplify your workout, Free Android App, Latest
Category Health & Fitness
Developer MuscleWiki SEZC
Price Free
Google Play Link

Musclewiki APK is your street map to a more potent, healthier model of yourself—it's now not just every other exercising app. In a world where finding reliable workout instructions can be challenging, MuscleWiki steps in to simplify the process. This software program is appropriate for novices and pro gym goers, with a library that consists of more than seven hundred exercises.

Musclewiki APK

Overview of Musclewiki APK

Musclewiki .Com, available for free on Android, is more than just a workout app. It is an all-inclusive exercise device with a clean-to-use UI. The app offers users the ability to customize exercises according to their health degrees and objectives via providing textual commands and movies for over seven hundred sports.

The Attractive Features of Musclewiki Home

Robust Exercise Library

Musclewiki .Com Download APK takes pride in its extensive exercise library. There are complete instructions for energy training and cardio exercises, suitable for both novices and skilled health fanatics. The specific commands, which cover everything from simple bodyweight sports to hard weights, ensure correct form.

Intuitive Body Map for Workout Navigation

Say goodbye to confusion with MuscleWiki's clickable body map. Simply select the muscle group you want to target, and the app guides you to suitable exercises.    

Fitness Calculators for Nutrition Planning

MuscleWiki goes beyond exercise guidance. To calculate your everyday caloric intake for particular targets like fat loss or muscle advantage, the app gives fitness calculators. The macro calculator ensures you get the right proportions of protein, carbs, and fats based on your stats and objectives. A one-rep max calculator additionally aids in measuring your power gains.

Musclewiki APK Download

Upcoming Pre-Made Workouts from Experts

While the custom workout builder is already impressive, MuscleWiki has more in store. Imagine having access to professionally designed training programs. Whether you need splits that target man or woman muscular tissues, complete-frame exercises, or centered circuits, MuscleWiki is getting ready to provide professionally designed physical games to save you time and provide knowledgeable recommendations.

Ongoing Exercise Category Expansions

MuscleWiki doesn't rest on its laurels. The app is constantly adding extra exercising genres to its repertoire further to its contemporary electricity and cardio alternatives. Anticipate Pilates physical activities to enhance center power, yoga asanas to sell flexibility, and agility drills to beautify coordination. Adding to the library every day pushes you to exchange up your addiction.

Fitness Tracker for Progress Monitoring

To enhance your fitness journey, future updates will introduce a fitness tracker. Keep song of your workouts, sets, repetitions, and weights to provide yourself with difficult data to evaluate your improvement through the years. Tangible improvements not only motivate you but also inform adjustments to keep making gains.

Musclewiki .Com

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Musclewiki Workout & Fitness APK


  • Comprehensive Exercise Library: Access to over 700 exercises for all fitness levels.
  • Intuitive Body Map: Easy navigation for targeted muscle group exercises.
  • Fitness Calculators: Convenient tools for calorie, macro, and one-rep max calculations.
  • Upcoming Pre-Made Workouts: Professionally designed programs for various fitness goals.
  • Ongoing Exercise Category Expansions: Regular additions for a diverse and stimulating routine.


  • Limited App Development Information: Lack of details about the app's development timeline.
  • Limited Community Information: Sparse details about the user community.
  • Occasional App Bugs: Potential for occasional technical glitches.

Musclewiki APK Download and Install

For a secure Download Musclewiki APK for Android, head to Ensure your fitness journey begins with a trusted source to experience the full potential of MuscleWiki.

Musclewiki .Com Download APK


Musclewiki APK is a dependable, easy-to-use health device that makes developing personalized sporting activities easier. With its sizeable workout series, person-friendly interface, and impending professionally created sports, MuscleWiki is positive to come to be your move-to health partner.


  • Comprehensive Exercise Library: Over 700 exercises with videos and instructions.
  • Intuitive Body Map: Clickable map for targeted muscle group exercises.
  • Fitness Calculators: Convenient tools for calorie, macro, and one-rep max calculations.
  • Pre-Made Workouts: Expert-designed programs for various fitness goals.
  • Exercise Category Expansions: Ongoing additions covering Pilates, yoga, and agility.
  • Fitness Tracker Feature: Upcoming updates for workout logging and progress tracking.
  • Trusted Source for Download: for secure MuscleWiki APK downloads.
  • Advantages: Comprehensive library, intuitive navigation, expert-designed workouts, diverse exercises.
  • Disadvantages: Limited app development information, community details, and occasional bugs.
  • Motivational Platform: MuscleWiki empowers users to take control of their fitness journey.
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