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Mugen V2

Mugen V2 APK Mod v2.3 (All unlocked)

Hang Nguyen Dec 17, 2022
Mugen V2

Download Mugen V2 APK Mod is a fighting game of three levels. You will see anime characters like One Piece and Naruto in this popular game. Is based on Mugen and contains Jump Force elements.

Game and App Info.
Name Mugen V2
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 2.3
Size 791M
MOD All unlocked
Category Action
Developer TrafalgarLawzz
Price Free
Google Play Link

This is a game that has a lot of characters, moves, and really great abilities. Along with simple but very eye-catching and attractive graphics. All character types in this game have been improved and upgraded to be an extremely interesting game to play with your friends.

About Mugen v2 APK Mod

Jump force Mugen v2 APK is an offline game developed by TrafalgarLawzz. With this game, you can play it without connecting to the internet or using other data networks. Let's test your bravery with this great game.

mugen v2 apk download

This game is built from a very famous Anime series with the characters here all coming from different Anime series. When it was first released, it was played on the PlayStation platform, and soon after it became a phenomenon in the gaming community around the world. And then after that initial success, it was further developed to play on mobile devices running Android and was loved by many players.

In this game you will be able to perform battle scenes in a 3-dimensional space with famous characters such as Luffy in the Anime One Piece series or Songoku in the Dragon Balls... in addition, there are many other characters with other famous objects that you will see when experiencing the game.


This game is more attractive and unique than ever when more than 300 anime characters have been included in this game. In order to have a better and more novel playing experience, 47 battle maps have been built in the game. Two-dimensional images and actions are applied to create a thrilling battle.

mugen v2 apk free download

In the game, there is a menu for you to choose the character and the screen. Hone your skills and show them off in battles with your friends to see who's stronger and show them off to everyone.


This is a great game thanks to its three-dimensional Anime-styled interfaces along with very realistic animations. The 2D graphics of this game can be said to be excellent with many very special images. The sound system is also built-in detail from the times when the skills are released or the fighting sounds occur, making the battles here more attractive.

How to play

This game's combo attacks and attacks look like they're straight out of the anime. This is a game with the best and most exciting action-fighting gameplay for those who are looking to play with their favorite characters from their Japanese anime. In this game, you just need to press a button and then you can do all the operations in this game. Holding down the Down, Up, and Left buttons while clicking the button at the top will allow you to select each character's Super Attacks.

mugen v2 apk latest version

The game has an additional Training mode and this is also a very good place for you to hone your fighting skills.

Many game modes to choose from

The game has up to 3 game modes for you to choose from Single-player, Team play, and Training mode. When you play solo or in a team, most of the options are the same, but when you play single you only need to choose 1 character and you will proceed to choose 2 characters when playing in team mode. The rest is a Training mode where you can practice your skills with your favorite character to increase your fighting ability for future battles.

What's new in this fascinating game?

  • Fixed some minor bugs in the previous version
  • Improvement and development to increase stability
  • Optimized buttons for more convenience and ease of play.
  • Simple interface accessible to most players.
  • Performance is further improved to improve the quality of the game.
  • The images and graphics are designed in more detail and clarity to increase the eye-catching and attract players.

Download and install the game

Because it is a game that has been developed for a long time and has 2D graphics, this game does not require storage or high configuration devices. To be able to download and install Mugenv2 APK for android, follow these instructions:

mugen v2 apk mod

  • Proceed to download the APK file: search for Mugenv2 APK free download and download the APK file to your device.
  • Once the download is complete, you should see if your device allows the installation of apps from unknown sources, and if not, enable the option in the security settings.
  • Go to the device's storage folder and go to the file containing the downloaded APK file and then click the install button.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete, then go to the main screen and click on the icon of the application and then grant the permissions it requires.


This is a very competitive and entertaining fighting action game so you can play with your family or friends and find the most relaxing moments. You can search for Mugen v2 APK download and download it completely for free. Although it is a game born a long time ago, its appeal is still undisputed. Wish you have an interesting and wonderful experience with this game.

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