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Match Colors AI

Match Colors AI APK v1.0 (Unlocked Pro, for Android)

Oct 31, 2023

Match Colors AI APK is a color grading tool that streamlines efficiency and consistency in image and video editing.

Name Match Colors AI
Updated 2023-10-31
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 19 MB
MOD Unlocked Pro, for Android
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Diphupoly
Price Free
Google Play Link

Match Colors Ai APK | Streamlining Color Grading With Precision And Efficiency Through Artificial Intelligence

Let's dive into the captivating world of Match Colors AI APK. Imagine a tool that revolutionizes how you work with colors in your images and videos. That's precisely what Match Colors AI is all about.

Match Colors AI APK

Changing the Color Grading Game

This app is not just another color grading tool; it's a game-changer. This web application leverages the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance your color editing experience. With it, you can seamlessly match and manipulate colors, taking your creative endeavors to a whole new level.

How It Works

The core concept behind the app is color transfer. It enables you to duplicate and apply color attributes from one image or video to another, guaranteeing visual coherence and consistency. In other words, it lets you steal color grades from reference images. This feature alone can save you hours of painstaking manual color grading.

Attractive Points Of The App

Efficiency Redefined

One of the most alluring aspects of Match Colors AI APK Download is its time-saving capability. Say goodbye to starting your color grading from scratch. This application can extract colors from reference images, jumpstarting your creative process. No more tedious color adjustments; this app takes care of the complicated part for you, keeping you firmly in the creative zone.

Uniformity Across Videos

For those in the realm of video production, Matchcolors AI is a game-changer. It ensures that your color grading remains consistent across various shots or scenes within a video. By analyzing the color information from a reference frame, the AI algorithms seamlessly adjust the colors in subsequent frames, achieving the desired look. The result is a harmonious visual experience throughout your entire video.

User-Friendly and Accessible

This app is not just efficient; it's also incredibly user-friendly. It is compatible with all modern devices including desktop and mobile. You can even install it as a fullscreen Chrome App on Mac and PC or as a standalone app on your iPhone, iPad, and many Android phones and tablets. The convenience is at your fingertips.

Match Colors AI APK Download

Features Of The App

Color Matching with AI Analysis

Match Colors AI's primary feature is its ability to perform color matching through AI analysis. This means that it can take the color information from a reference image and apply it to another image or video, ensuring that visual consistency is maintained.

Compatibility with Reference Images

What makes the app truly versatile is its compatibility with reference images. You can use your custom reference images, allowing for precise color matching.

Built-in film Detector and Emulator

For those who love the look of analog film, Match Colors AI App Download has you covered. It comes with a built-in film detector and emulator, adding an authentic touch to your color grading. This feature lets you recreate the classic film aesthetics you love.

Standalone Web Application

Match Colors AI for Android is incredibly convenient to use. You can install it as a standalone web application on your preferred device and access it through all major browsers. No complex installations or setups are required.

3D LUT Creation and Sharing

With its Pro version, you can take your color grading to a whole new level. You can create and share 3D LUTs (Look-Up Tables) for enhanced color manipulation. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating and sharing unique color grades.

High-Resolution Photo Saving

Sometimes, it's all in the details. This app allows you to capture the intricacies of your color grading work by saving high-resolution photos. Your creations will look stunning, even when viewed up close.

Multi-Device Support

Match Colors AI Android APK offers flexibility with multi-device support. You can use it on up to three different devices, ensuring you're not tied down to a single platform.

Inclusion of All Future Upgrades

Investing in the Pro version of Match Colors ensures that you're always up-to-date with the latest advancements in color grading technology.

Matchcolors AI

Actual Experience Of The Author Of The Article And Advantages/Disadvantages Of The App

Personal Experience

I recently had the opportunity to dive into the world of Match Colors AI APK, and the experience was nothing short of impressive. The ease of use of the interface is one of the best. Even if you're not a professional editor or designer, you can quickly get the hang of it. For a simple color transfer, all you need is a reference image and the image or video you want to apply the color to. The AI analysis takes care of the rest, ensuring that your colors match seamlessly.


  • Time-Saving Color Grading: One of the most outstanding advantages is the time you'll save. With this app, you can replicate a reference image's color grading in no time. It's like having a professional colorist at your disposal.
  • Consistency Across Videos: For video producers, achieving color consistency is a must. It ensures that the color grading you apply to one scene is seamlessly carried over to the next, maintaining a visual uniformity that's essential for professional video work.
  • Advanced Pro Version Features: You can use your own reference images for precise color matching. The built-in film detector and emulator add an artistic flair to your color grading. Plus, it's accessible on various devices, and you can create and share 3D LUTs for enhanced color manipulation.


  • Complex Reference Images: While the tool can handle many reference images well, there may be cases where highly intricate or complex reference images don't translate as smoothly.
  • System Requirements and Device Limitations: Although it works on various devices, it's important to ensure your device meets the necessary system requirements for optimal performance.
  • Subscription Costs: If you opt for the Pro version, there may be subscription costs involved. Even if the Pro edition has a ton of additional features, it's crucial to consider the pros and cons, particularly if money is tight.

Match Colors AI


Match Colors AI APK stands at the forefront of a new era in color grading. This amazing web app powered by artificial intelligence is capable of completely changing the way we use color in our photos and movies. It is quite amazing how much time it can save, as it works with video time all, as well as offering plenty of new capabilities in the Pro version. Enthusiasts and practitioners alike find it a helpful tool. Checking out the software is worthwhile if you want to improve your color grading.

Things Readers Need To Know

  • Advanced Color Grading with AI: Using artificial intelligence, this program makes color grading easier and more accessible for all users.
  • Color Transfer Between Images: It enables seamless color replication between images, saving you time and effort.
  • Consistency in Video Color Grading: For video producers, it ensures that colors remain consistent throughout the entire video, providing a professional touch.
  • Custom Reference Images: Users can use their own reference images, ensuring precise color matching.
  • Built-In Film Detector and Emulator: The film detector and emulator feature adds a touch of nostalgia and artistry to your color grading.
  • Standalone Web Application: You can access The app conveniently through your web browser without the need for complex installations.
  • 3D LUT Creation and Sharing: The Pro version lets you create and share 3D LUTs for unique color grades.
  • High-Resolution Photo Saving: It allows you to capture the intricate details of your color grading work, even in high-resolution images.
  • Multi-Device Support: The app can be used on multiple devices, offering flexibility and accessibility.
  • Inclusion of All Future Upgrades: With the Pro version, you'll stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in color grading technology, ensuring you have access to all the latest features and enhancements.
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