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Mafia City

Mafia City Mod APK v1.6.766 (Unlimited gold and money)

Jan 18, 2023

Download Mafia City Mod APK Unlimited gold and money Latest version and control the underground world of crime. Reassemble your team of gangsters to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Name Mafia City
Updated 2023-05-08
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.6.766
Size 106.87 MB
MOD Unlimited gold and money
Category Strategy
Developer Phantix Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Mafia City Mod APK

The term "mafia" refers to a notorious group that has its roots in Italy and is currently gaining popularity. The Mafia is still active today, not just in Italy but in many other countries as well, including the United States. The mafia gang has also been the subject of several global movies.

The Mafia City Mod APK centers on the underworld's operations in several cities, as the name would imply. This game is a thrilling example of the tactical RPG subgenre. The player can utilize it to gain money and feels like the boss of a sizable gang when they first start the Mafia City Mod APK 2023. Make your gang the mayor of the entire city while gradually gaining control of the criminal underground.

download mafia city mod apk

To keep playing till the game is over, choose your audience. Play with your teammates, make plans, and work your way up the ladder to become a godfather. To get to the highest point, you must get rid of the rulers because the underworld is the game's rule. There are numerous gangs, and their members will constantly be opposed to you. To avoid being alarmed when you storm the final throne, you must eliminate other gangs and outsiders.

Simple gameplay

In actuality, Mafia City is typical of these games in that they resemble farms. However, you might encounter an unusual setting for this genre here. It's one thing to lead a nation or tribe to prosperity; it's quite another to run a mafia clan.

There aren't many games with this setting and even fewer with regard to strategy. It's easy to play Mafia City. Unlike conventional methods, you don't need to consider every action. Actually, all you have to do is occasionally access the Mafia City Mod APK for android and issue commands related to the development.

Features - Mafia City Mod APK

Fight together to conquer the world

To gain complete control over any city, form alliances with other players and rivals. Then, fight together to conquer the world. You'll also get fantastic gameplay, music, and high-definition graphics from the game, among many other things.

mafia city mod apk 2022 

Spend the night with some sweet small kids that you meet. The game will provide you with lots of chances to engage with other players, including brave crew members who will be loyal to you at all times and encouraging coworkers who will encourage you every day.

Take a City Tour

You need to make use of Mafia City's rich technical trees in order to put up the best team possible, but you must do so with care. If you want to fight other players, you can buy as many gold tools as you like.

You need to perfect your combat and navigational skills as you play on a range of levels with unique structures and enemies updated on a regular basis. Discover it every day and you'll soon be the new godfather of the city.

Competition with other gangs

Players must battle rival gangs for control of the territory in order to expand it. But the player must first make sure he has adequate strength to carry out this action. If not, you will be destroyed by rival gangs. 

Players who succeed annex other gangs' territory and boost their reputation. If a player successfully claims territory through numerous raids, subsequent raids will also target the player's base. So as to prevent rival gangs from attacking your troops, keep your forces away from your base.

Purchase VIP time with your gold

mafia city mod apk unlimited gold and money

In the Mafia City Mod APK obb download game, gold is the most precious currency, and the only way to get it is by using actual money. You will still be given a little quantity of gold for free in return for your in-game actions. Put your gold to better use by buying VIP status or time rather than spending it on women. Players with VIP status have an advantage in every regard, including faster resource acquisition and higher point payouts for all activities. You are able to play Mafia City as a VIP player with a specific quantity of free gold.

Numerous Occasions

You encounter various daily and weekly challenges that are intended to discourage you, but you must get over them all to succeed. Western, Eastern and other cultures have a big impact on a lot of things.

You must also use the limitless everything features to customize all the lethal hairstyles, clothing, and other elements of your character's appearance in order to make them look like a mafia boss or godfather.

Unrestricted Gold

Gold is the primary form of currency in the Mafia City Mod APK unlimited gold and money. It can be used to upgrade existing structures and build new ones. You'll have almost endless gold on your gaming account thanks to our Mafia City.

mafia city mod apk

Think about how strong you will be if you possess that much gold. Gold purchases made with real money cannot be postponed forever. Sooner or later, you will need to spend money in order to advance. Therefore, use our Mafia City Mod APK unlimited gold tool to gain unlimited wealth rather than trying to survive with limited resources.


Enjoy yourself and have fun, or take part in a number of more conventional activities in Mafia City Mod APK latest version. In addition to a lot more, weekly activities that respect each and every culture often test players' quick thinking.

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