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Learn The Heart

Learn The Heart APK Mod v2.0 (Unlimited money and gems)

Feb 02, 2023

Download Learn The Heart APK Mod an interactive app that guides you through the complexities of love and relationships.A ke quizzes and learn valuable tips and advice.

Name Learn The Heart
Updated 2023-01-20
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 2.0
Size 53.4 MB
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Productivity
Developer FDPStudio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Learn The Heart APK

The dynamic and captivating Learn The Heart takes users on an interactive and captivating tour of the difficulties of love and relationships. Users of the app can explore a range of relationship-related topics and get insightful relationship advice from a number of interactive scenarios and stories within the app.

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A dating sim-style mobile game with a subtly adult content focus is called Learn The Heart APK Mod. Players take charge of a character who quits his dull job and goes to his childhood home, where everyone of his childhood pals is more attracted to him. He has various personalities, unique dialogues, and unique animations, so you have to check on them throughout the game.

Additionally, Learn The Heart APK latest version will feature a substantial amount of situations, mini-games, and challenges that will enable users to play the game for many hours while also unlocking exclusive content.

This amazing program will prove to be a useful tool for you if you're interested in deepening your knowledge of the human heart and maintaining its health. This is a priceless tool for anyone who wants to better understand how the human body functions, including students, healthcare professionals, and anyone else.

The Learn The Heart APK Mod unlimited money and gems is simple to use thanks to its clear UI. These include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese, among other languages and dialects. The excellent program is a priceless tool for people who wish to understand the human heart better and keep it healthy.

Features: Learn the Heart Mod APK

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Games like Drift Girls or The Arcana have plots and genres similar to Learn The Heart APK download. However, this game is still one of the most popular in its category because of the variety of unique features and skills it contains.

Several types of play

Learn The Heart APK for android features mini-games that demand you complete challenges in order to win, so falling in love with the main character requires more than just choosing the right words.

Unique females

In addition to having lovely designs, the five females featured as Caroline, Mary, or Sheryl in the Learn The Heart Mod APK unlocked everything also have extremely distinctive personalities and interests. While some of the girls like to shop or dance, others prefer to read or watch movies. After reading "Learn the Heart," you'll be better prepared to handle the difficulties of your own interpersonal interactions moving forward.

How to play Learn The Heart APK

learn the heart apk free

A crucial aspect of memorizing is developing relationships with your chosen neighbors. They engage in mini-games and activities as they grow their friendships and seize new chances.

You can travel to a number of places throughout the game, including the house and garden. Additionally, in the H mode of the game, the player has the ability to modify the character's transparency, shutter speed, and maximum value.

Remove the ruby from the tank, then look for the pink cat next to the rock. It has a small button on it that can be used as a key to open the fence at night. I hope this will enable you to complete what has to be done.


Learn The Heart APK free download is a mobile app for learning about the architecture and operations of the human heart.

learn the heart apk latest version

Regardless of age or gender, every user can gain something from the application.

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