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Kunai Master

Kunai Master Mod APK v0.7.35 (Unlimited money and gems)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download Kunai Master Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version, in each level, other ninjas will be waiting for you. Your task is to get to them and kill them like a real killer.

Name Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin
Updated 2023-04-18
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 0.7.35
Size 95 MB
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Action
Price Free
Google Play Link

Become the strongest kunai ninja 

For those who enjoy playing action games, Kunai Master Mod APK is a fantastic, tense game. In this game, players advance by finishing each level and taking out the new boss. Ninja Assassin is a true warrior path that upholds its credo called kunai master mod apk latest version. 

There will be other ninjas waiting for you at each level. Your goal is to approach them and execute an actual murder. The kunai dagger will be under your control. You can close the gap, avoid strikes, and teleport to foes with the use of weaponry.

kunai master mod apk

Exploding barrels, various fighters, including ninjas, hazardous bosses, and more must be overcome. Gain the ability to command your weapons, strike your opponent, teleport far away, and deflect blows. You can only become a genuine master of the kunai dagger by mastering all the techniques of a stealth assassin.

The game's controls are rather unique. In order to jump and hit the enemy, you must swipe across the screen. Once you've eliminated every adversary in the area, the level is over. There won't be many of them at first, but eventually, there will be more of them.

Features of Kunai Master Mod APK

  • Distinctive combat techniques
  • Simple control
  • A variety of fighters, including ninja
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Bosses with a range of abilities

Upgrading progress

The primary weapon in this game is a kunai. It acts as both your primary tool and a means of honing the talents and abilities of your character in this game.

kunai master mod apk for android

With each level, the potency of the kunai increases, making it considerably simpler for players to defeat foes and even formidable bosses.

Various characters

There is initially only one warrior; but, as players go through the game, other characters can be unlocked by spending coins. These brand-new characters, each of whom has unique abilities, will aid in the struggle against the strong and fearsome foe.

Bomb-filled barrels

Explosive barrels are dangerous so you must avoid them. But if they are used wisely, players can quickly take out a large number of foes. In order to successfully traverse these barrels, strategy and timing are crucial.

Mod test

You learn about a brave ninja in the game who battles evil with the aid of his mystical abilities. This time, the courageous warrior's route was blocked by the wicked bandits. You will only have your swords as weapons to fight against large groups of opponents throughout the whole single-player game.

kunai master mod apk download

With the number of stages in the single-player campaign and the range of character skills, the rated project will pleasantly surprise you. traverse a number of stages. Each stage consists of a brief battle against one or more foes. Only with the aid of your weapons and reflexes can you defeat opponents.

How can I download kunai master Mod APK?

An Android application bundle that has undergone some modification is known as a modded kunai master mod apk free download. Mods have the power to alter the app's functionality by adding or removing features.

It's crucial to only get mods from reputable websites. Verify each file using several antivirus programs.

You can do this to download it on an Android device:

  • Click Kunai master mod apk download from your browser first. 
  • Open Android Settings and select Privacy or Security.
  • Select the Allow Unknown Sources to check box and turn it on.
  • Open the kunai master mod apk for android file.
  • To install it, adhere to the instructions on the screen.


In this game, the Kunai Master Mod APK serves as both the main weapon and the main tool for developing your character's potential. The stronger your kunai, the easier it will be to defeat enemies.

kunai master mod apk free download

You can increase your kunai's efficacy by gathering treasures and making sure it has the right parts. Each of these, including fire, ice, lightning, and wind, has particular advantages in battle. In order to employ new kunai with specific abilities in your tasks, you can find and equip them. By doing this, its power can be boosted, making it more deadly in battle.

Become the strongest ninja in the assassins' world by mastering the use of a kunai!

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