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Krita APK Mod v5.1.1 (For Android)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download Krita APK Mod Latest version - Whether you create illustrations, comics, animations, concept art or storyboards – Krita will be a powerful tool for you.

Name Krita
Updated 2023-01-05
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 5.1.1
Size 86 Mb
MOD For Android
Category Art & Design
Developer Stichting Krita Foundation
Price Free
Google Play Link

Want to paint more simply with a digital painting app? Want to own an application that can upgrade the graphics quality? Krita APK with many unique supporting features can definitely help you solve many problems. Krita Apk Mod is not only full-featured to help artists complete their drawings in the best way, but also a powerful tool to help finish graphics faster. Many innovative features of this mod make many users feel surprised and love them more and more. If you want to know more about this mod, please refer to our shares below!

What is Krita APK?

Krita Apk is known as one of the applications that support digital painting. You can also consider it a professional raster graphics editor with the ability to provide the ultimate drawing and graphics support system. Users can use the features of this mod to create vivid sketches or paintings using modern technology. Excellent drawing tool system from brushes to ink colors, tools to help build complex scenes. Etc. All those features are carefully calculated by the publisher before being included in this app.


Krita Apk For Android not only provides a faster and more convenient tool for painting, but also helps users easily use filters to edit the drawing to become more perfect. Whatever files the user uses are supported by Krita. In addition to drawing and graphic design, you can create animations using advanced methods such as creating with stories, managing comic projects or scripting your own using Python.

However, the Krita Apk interface is said to be more suitable for large screen devices. You can use the tablet to design or create the shape you want. With professional digital, users can draw shapes in vectors or pixels. The most special feature of this mod that makes many people hard to believe is Krita Apk Free Download. You don't need to pay any extra fee to download and own this mod. 

Krita Apk Download Requirements

You can download any version of Krita Apk completely free. However, you need to satisfy some of the following Krita Apk Download requirements:

  • Requires operating system from Android 5.0. Above

  • Offers in-app purchases


When you meet these 2 conditions, you can Download Krita Apk at any time to your device. The versions of this mod are also quite diverse and give many excellent impressions. You will surely have great digital painting moments.

Outstanding features of Krita Apk 2022

The features of Krita Apk will surely surprise many users. It is not only a simple painting aid but also possesses the ability to paint like magic. Users can use the following useful features in their painting process:

Export animation

Not only can create and use still images, but Krita Apk also allows users to use FFMPEG to export animations at will. You can do this with frame animations easily.

Various types of brushes

To make it easier for artists to perfect their drawings, Krita Apk provides a lot of different brush patterns. You can use filter brush, spray brush, mixing and filling brush, etc. All of them to make your drawing easier.

Multiple blending modes available

Color is one of the factors that determine whether your website is really beautiful and impressive.


The publishers of Krita Apk understand that and have really brought special color mixing formulas into this mod. Users can use these color formulas to create completely new and special colors.

Support hotkeys

Krita Apk can be used in SAI and Photoshop. Hotkeys will be especially supported if you want to use your drawings in these 2 editing apps. It gives users the ability to edit more easily and conveniently.

Versatile canvas

Canvas feature is one of the outstanding elements of Krita Apk. Accordingly, this mod provides a pseudo-infinity Canvas and rotated and mirrored Canvas. Users can use these 2 special abilities to improve their drawing better.



Krita Apk is a great and cost-effective digital drawing mod. You do not need to spend a lot of money downloading mods and buying the necessary tools for drawing. If you love painting, you cannot ignore this mod.

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