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Krea AI

Krea AI APK v1.3.2 (Live Painting for Free, Real-Time Image Generator)

techzapk Jan 02, 2024

Krea AI APK is an AI-driven tool for real-time image creation and enhancement, enhancing design.

Name Krea AI
Updated 2024-01-02
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3.2
Size 50 MB
MOD Live Painting for Free, Real-Time Image Generator
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Krea AI
Price Free
Google Play Link

Krea AI APK is a revolutionary real-time image generator, that merges AI with creativity. It transforms prompts into dynamic visuals, offering unparalleled control and diversity in artistic expression.


Overview of Krea AI for Android

Welcome to the future of creative expression - Krea AI, a real-time image generator powered by artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, it becomes more than just a tool; instead, it becomes a mystical canvas that realizes your thoughts. It transforms your prompts into amazing works of art, going above and beyond typical generators.

Picture this: you describe a scene, an idea, or even a feeling in words, and this app translates it into captivating visuals. Whether one is interested in learning about art differently or is a painter, artist, historian, or just someone who likes art, this tool can help. It facilitates the realization of your ideas by helping you make the necessary connections.

Attractive Features of the Krea AI App

Real-time Canvas Editor

The heart of this app is its real-time canvas editor. This feature sets it apart from other text-to-image AI generators. Imagine describing a landscape with mountains, rivers, and a setting sun. As you input these elements, Krea AI brings them to life on the canvas in real time. You can even add specific shapes like triangles or circles, and it intelligently incorporates them into the scene, transforming them into mountains or the sun.

Generative Visualization Tools

Krea AI Free is not just about generating images. It is a full toolkit for visualization. It satisfies a variety of design needs, including custom editing and text-to-image conversion. Our creative and adaptable toolkit is ideal for creating logos or gathering inspiration for design projects.

Krea AI Free

Upscale and Enhance Function

In the world of digital imagery, quality is king. Its upscale and enhanced feature allows users to take their creations to the next level. This tool is particularly beneficial for enhancing image and video quality, making this app a valuable asset not just for creating but also for refining digital content.

Overlay Tool for Fine-Grained Control

Want more control over your images? Its overlay tool offers just that. It lets users precisely adjust the poses and locations of items in their photos. In digital art and design, this fine-grained control adds a highly valued degree of customization.

AI-Enhanced Imagery

Clarity and detail are crucial in digital art and Krea AI Live Painting for Freeexcels in this aspect. Your work will look crisper and more realistic because of its AI-enhanced imaging function, which adds a layer of depth and detail. This enhancement is particularly loved by users for the professional touch it adds to their work.

User-Controlled AI Accuracy

A unique aspect of Krea AI is the degree of control it offers over the AI’s output. Users can dictate how closely the AI adheres to the original image, allowing for a balance between artistic freedom and accuracy.

Capture and Create Function

It goes beyond traditional image generation with its capture and create feature. Using its features, users can use this to construct a project from the image of any application or window that they want to capture on screen. This characteristic creates new opportunities for the production of digital material.

AI Training and Community Support

For those looking to tailor this app to their specific style, the platform offers AI training options. Additionally, a supportive community and training resources are available, making it easier for users to get the most out of Krea AI.

Krea AI Download

Logo Illusion

For freelancers working on logo design projects or brands looking to showcase their identity differently, its Logo Illusion is a game-changer. Describe your brand story through prompts, and watch as this app brings your vision to life with multiple output options. It's not just about creating logos; it's about storytelling through visual art.

Text to Video AnimateDiff (Beta)

In the beta phase, Krea AI Real Time AI Image Generator introduces the Text to Video AnimateDiff feature. Transform your text into professional animated videos in a matter of seconds. Say goodbye to hours spent on video creation. With this beta feature, the future of animated video generation looks promising. Stay tuned for further advancements.

Architect Render

Step into a realm where architectural design meets cutting-edge AI. The way architects visualize and show their renderings is being revolutionized by its Architect Render. Static, lifeless representations are replaced with dynamic, immersive designs that captivate stakeholders and clients.

Krea AI App


As digital creativity is always changing, Krea AI APK stands out as a breakthrough that changes the way we think about visual artwork. Both inexperienced and seasoned designers will find this AI tool to be easy to utilize. Unique features including an on-the-spot canvas editor and improved tools that meet different creative needs for digital art are offered by it. It ensures a smooth and happy creative experience whether you're experimenting with the application, using advanced features, or researching AI trends. What distinguishes it from other tools on the market is its capacity to instantly transform your thoughts into digital masterpieces.

How To Krea AI Download Safely? 

For the actual download process, begin by visiting the website. Once there, use the search function to find the specific application you're interested in. When you locate the relevant article about your chosen application, read through it for any necessary information. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll find a marked "Download Now" button. Click on this button to initiate the download process. Follow any subsequent instructions that appear on your screen carefully. By completing these steps, the desired application will commence downloading and soon be available on your device, ensuring a smooth and secure acquisition of your digital content.

​Things Readers Need To Know 

  • Real-Time AI Image Generation.
  • Customizable Editing Options.
  • Advanced Upscale and Enhance Tools.
  • Dynamic Overlay Tool for Image Manipulation.
  • AI-Powered Image Enhancement for Clarity and Detail.
  • User Influence on AI’s Image Fidelity.
  • Capture and Edit Any Application’s Display.
  • Personalized AI Training Options.
  • Extensive Community Support and Training Resources.
  • Versatility in Applications (e.g., AI Art, Logo Design, Video Generation).
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