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Keepsafe Pro

Keepsafe Pro APK Mod v12.10.0 (Premium unlocked)

techzapk Dec 17, 2022

Download Keepsafe Pro APK Mod - Premium unlocked - This app will help us comfortably customize and store our personal images, helping you to keep your privacy at maximum.

Name Private Photo Vault - Keepsafe
Updated 2024-02-27
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 12.10.0
Size 30
MOD Premium unlocked
Category Photography
Developer Keepsafe
Price Free
Google Play Link

If you attend parties, have fun meeting relatives, and friends, or travel somewhere with family or adventure, experience alone, want to save those moments. Good memories, right? And in this article we will introduce to you the Keepsafe Pro APK application that will make your photo folder and video collection private, no one is allowed to access these items of yours, in addition to you and your access permissions completely self-regulating.

What is Keepsafe Pro APK?

I firmly believe that in your private life, there is no one who does not have photos and videos of a personal nature that do not want anyone to know. And this Keepsafe Pro APK application was born to help us comfortably customize and store our personal images, helping you to keep your privacy maximum.

keepsafe pro apk

The security of data and storage for Keepsafe Pro APK is what makes users extremely secure and satisfied. With this premium feature, Keepsafe Pro APK will allow you to customize editing in your own way. Keepsafe Pro APK is valued as a great privacy tool.

Features of Keepsafe Pro APK app

 When you take pictures and save them in the memory of your electronic device, in the process of storage inevitably there will be problems or those photos will be stolen without knowing the reason. To keep the photos safe in the process that you use your electronic device to download pictures and videos Keepsafe Pro APK app gives you access to all the galleries in the interface of your phone through which you can customize everything with a simple click to select and edit.

This Keepsafe Pro APK application makes it possible for you to increase the security of your photos and videos in your gallery by inserting a protection pattern or password that you can adjust yourself.

Secure Keyboard

The Keepsafe Pro APK app is used by millions of users worldwide and the reason it is considered the best is its usefulness and safety.

keepsafe pro apk best version

In this application, you can optionally set a latch pattern, password, or lock pattern. And especially the highlight of the Keepsafe Pro APK application is that you can set your device password by voice, or any sound or sound you like, inserted in the photo or video section of the gallery. These secured collections will protect you against any kind of external threats to a multitude of different sources, so when you use the secure keyboard of the Keepsafe Pro APK app You don't have to worry about them anymore.

Save memory, and storage space

Keepsafe Pro APK this app acts as a form of storage mailbox and safe deposit box for pictures. In the RAM itself of this Keepsafe Pro APK application, you can optionally put all your daily images or videos for convenient storage for later easy search and access.

And this Keepsafe Pro APK application has an extremely large memory, so in the process of storing things can contain images and videos of all genres. This kind of snapshot feature makes it useful to get something essential. Normally, the photos stored in the phone's gallery are encrypted with passwords and secure patterns, so you don't have to worry about their safety.

Variety of information

In this Keepsafe Pro APK application, the preservation system will automatically create Apk files to help you protect your photos and videos in the best way.

keepsafe pro apk free download

With Apk files that have meaning such as the date of storing the photos, or the date of taking them to a secure folder, ... many photos will mark different information, a variety of information to help you to bookmark, automatically remember the images, milestones.

Protective film layer

As we have learned above, we also know that the Keepsafe Pro APK application is installed in a secure way to protect the safety of your photos and videos so that it will be covered with many layers of protective film. different when necessary to open the application. If not you, strangers who want to steal your photos at Keepsafe Pro APK can hardly overcome those extremely complicated and time-consuming identification steps.

Photo Recovery Function

The point not to be missed when it comes to the Keepsafe Pro APK application is to restore images and videos to their original state. If you accidentally click to delete a favorite image or video by mistake, then you absolutely do not need to worry because the photo recovery feature of this Keepsafe Pro APK application is extremely great, not only recovering The image quality and sharpness are completely unaffected.


This Keepsafe Pro APK application has updated and improved the optimization of the best functions. The information stored with the help of the Keepsafe Pro APK application will be classified and neatly organized, and many images and video content will be filtered through to determine the level of privacy you need.

keepsafe pro apk free download_ios

Thousands of downloads to experience and use the application, so what are you waiting for without using the application to have an interesting experience of information security. Trust us, this Keepsafe Pro APK application will not let you down and the results when you use it exceed your expectations.

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