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Kali Nethunter

Kali Nethunter APK v2019.3-rc1 (For Android)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Kali Nethunter

Download Kali Nethunter APK 2022 for free for Android, it is highly secure, can be used with any application and limits external attacks. Completely free for users.

Game and App Info.
Name Kali Nethunter
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2019.3-rc1
Size 5 MB
MOD For Android
Category Tools
Developer Offensive Security
Price Free
Google Play Link


Custom ROM from Kali Nethunter APK will help you own the interface with a high degree of customization. Plus, it gives you the ability to personalize the ROM to the user's liking. You can do what you like right on your beloved smartphone. Discover interesting things about this app now.

What is Kali Nethunter APK?

Perhaps many people will find it difficult to understand this application. First of all, open-source custom apps are apps that change the ROM presets in each phone. Have Stock Android on any smart device. These ROM customization apps give users powerful penetration into powerful mobile platforms.


Kali Nethunter APK is an application of the above type. This app has a unique combination of Kali Nethunter Apk HID Attack and OTG USB cable. It includes intrusive layers of Linux chroot (Kali), an attached Android app, and a custom ROM (Read Only Memory) hole. Moreover, users can access the root system of their Android device and ensure security.

In addition, there is the Kali NetHunter App Store for users to test apps for penetration attacks and forensic issues.

What interesting features does Kali Nethunter APK have?

Kali Nethunter APK for Android provides users with many attractive additional tools and features.

Highly customizable

Users can change and add many new features with Kali Nethunter APK for Android without root. You can use it to mirror multiple images and videos from your phone to wireless devices or monitors via HDMI. Besides, any command is entered on this app.


If you want more advanced customization with your Android device, you need a computer and a USB port to connect your phone and your PC. You will use the command lines on this APK and customize it on your computer.

Support penetration testing

Kali Nethunter APK 2022 supports penetration testing on many devices such as Nexus, Samsung, and Oneplus One. Most devices are built on top of Kali Linux.

On the other hand, users increase the possibility of self-access and attacks on personal computer systems if you use NetHunter to forward them. Attacks and penetrations with Kali Nethunter APK often involve BadUSB Attacks, Evil AP Mana, and HID keyboards.

User-friendly menu

The interface of Kali Nethunter APK has the main black color. The Menu bar is classified into many different categories and user-friendly with many people. Users can access Kali Broom Manager, Custom Commands, HID Attacks, and NetHunter HID.


This menu will guide you in clear directions to explore the world of Wireless Radio in-depth, customize your Wi-Fi settings to be compatible with multiple devices, and keep up to date with the latest versions of this app. All are available on the Menu of Kali Nethunter APK free download for you to explore.

Same function as Teensy

TEENsy boards are quite famous and suitable for users to handle small projects. This feature is for those who are passionate about customization and install additional customizations with USB and HDMI connections.

This tool is a software designed specifically for mobile phones, connecting the system via USB when installing and running on Android phones. With the Teensy keyboard attack, Kali Nethunter APK turns your phone into a sharp weapon for hacking and coming into security testing systems.

Kali Nethunter APK download for you

Kali Nethunter APK latest version is version 3.15.4. It bears the name of its publisher, Kali Nethunter. This application attracts a lot of attention from people who like custom ROMs and adjust USB mode to turn into a device with a unique network interface. The size of this application is quite compact, so you can complete Kali Nethunter APK free download.


On the other hand, this app is under gs outside of Google Play Store so you need to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed in your Android device. If you love advanced customization of your device, download Kali Nethunter APK.


Kali Nethunter APK is a unique customization application for Android devices based on the Kali Linux platform. However, it is only really suitable for those knowledgeable about recovery, rooting, bootloader, choot. If you do not use it well, your device may be in some danger. It can be logo error, system error or many other things.

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