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Injustice Mod APK v3.4 (Unlimited money and gems)

Hang Nguyen Dec 17, 2022

Injustice Mod APK is a hit game released Warner Bros. It is a game adapted from the previous hit series. Injustice Mod APK is attractive by its unique gameplay, which is the confrontation between the most beloved superheroes in the universe. You will be able to unleash your passion and turn your childhood dreams into reality when you transform into a superhero. Let's find out more details right after the article below.

Game and App Info.
Name Injustice: Gods Among Us
Updated 2021-03-23
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 3.4
Size 58 MB
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Action
Developer Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Injustice Mod APK?

Injustice Mod APK is a simulation game based on the cult movie Batman V Superman. In the game are intense confrontations between superheroes. Here you will become one of those heroes and fight to save the country.


The content of Injustice Mod APK revolves around the confrontation of superheroes with the evil force that is The Society, led by Gorilla Grodd. Here the heroes need to unite to destroy the enemies who want to take over this chaotic world.

injustice mod apk

In the game Superman, Aquaman, Black Adam and Wonder Woman will combine to kill Brainiac. When fighting, the game will have 2 endings at your disposal. That is:

  • Choose Superman, he will kill Braniac and Batman, use the ship to establish control over the Earth. He created a mind-controlled Batman to convince Supergirl to join him.
  • If you choose Batman, Superman and Clark's allies are defeated. Bruce traps him in the Phantom Zone, forming a new Justice League with Supergirl taking Superman's place.


The gameplay of Injustice Mod APK is quite good and attractive. It is a fighting game of superheroes. You will have 1 - 1 epic confrontations with other superheroes. To win you need to perform skillful fighting skills and precise attacks. You need to have the right strategy, understand the opponent and hit the right weakness to win.

You will use the control keys to manipulate, including the left navigation key, swipe up to jump, swipe down to bow or do somersaults,...The control keys are responsive, quick and simple. Just play 1-2 times, you can get used to the joystick set.


The character system in the game is diverse with many superheroes and villains. Each character will have its own power. To upgrade your fighting ability, you need to collect many gifts and bonuses. Some useful accessories that you should collect are: Head, Legs, Chest, Arms.

injustice mod apk all characters unlocked

Some of the most prominent and loved characters in the game are: Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, Catwoman, The Flash, Cyborg, Cheetah, Deadshot, Doctor Fate, Harley Quinn, Joker,...

What does Injustice Mod APK have?

Injustice Mod APK possesses many outstanding advantages, not only in gameplay but also in features and visual design. When coming to Injustice Mod APK you will never be disappointed by the experience that this game brings. As follows:


The graphic quality of Injustice Mod APK is highly appreciated, extremely impressive thanks to the Unreal Engine image technology. The images are detailed, true to every millimeter, you will feel extremely satisfied with the action footage contained in the game. Smooth movements, agile movements make your best friend feel like you are really experiencing the matches in the game.

Not only the image but also the sound of Injustice Mod APK is also very impressive. All sounds are described realistically, in detail and strangely vivid. This shows the careful investment of the game publisher

Attractive game mode

The game mode of Injustice Mod APK is attractive with many unique experiences. You can play 1-to-1 or real-time multiplayer.

injustice mod apk download

Through each confrontation will find the winner and register on the queue. The more matches you win, the higher your score, the greater your chance of topping the leaderboard.

Upgrade and equip

Injustice Mod APK will upgrade the equipment to more advanced after winning. Those equipment will help you win, create an advantage over your opponent. Strength is the most important factor when fighting evil and hostile forces

Outstanding Features

Injustice Mod APK possesses the following outstanding features:

  • Is a fighting game, attractive superhero
  • Experience vivid graphics with high definition, vivid sound.
  • Diverse character system with many character routes from hero to villain
  • Create beautiful, vivid images that make a deep impression on players
  • Designed many different costumes. Each battle you will have the opportunity to change into a suitable outfit
  • Join many daily challenges, improve your competition level
  • Easy to control via the on-screen virtual keyboard
  • Completely free, easy to install

Install Injustice Mod APK and OBB

How to install and Injustice Mod APK and obb download is not difficult. With just simple steps, you can experience a top-notch game. The installation steps are as follows:

injustice mod apk unlimited money and gems

  • Open unknown source
  • Uninstall the original if available
  • Download Injustice Mod APK and OBB download from reputable website address
  • Proceed to extract and install according to the guided steps
  • Open and experience

Above is a sharing article about the cult Injustice Mod APK game. If you are a fan of superhero movies, you should not miss this great game. The experience in the game will bring you the sweetest and most sublime moments. Hopefully, with a few minutes of staying on this article, it has brought readers more useful knowledge.

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