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Idle Supernatural School

Idle Supernatural School Mod APK v2.1.4 (Unlimited money and gems)

Jan 14, 2023

Are you looking for the coolest Simulation to download? Look no further than Idle Supernatural School Mod APK Unlimited money and gems latest version for android.

Name Idle Superpower School
Updated 2023-02-15
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 2.1.4
Size 136.8 MB
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Simulation
Developer Longames
Price Free
Google Play Link

In today's life, attractive game mods are a prerequisite to keep everyone entertained. Idle Supernatural School Mod APK is one of the training games to create superheroes with extremely attractive gameplay. Players do not need to lose any cost and can still choose to download many different attractive game versions. This game focuses mainly on supernatural powers and trains people who want to become superheroes. Teaching facilities will be established and each person with their own skills will have their own training unit. This is no different from a magic school that helps you create superheroes.

idle supernatural school mod apk for android

Your academy will take students and train them. The quests in this mod will be continuously given and if you are the one to complete them you will receive a reward. Read more shares below to know more about this mod.

What is Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk?

Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk is one of the virtual world character incarnation games with an attractive plot. Players will have an academy that trains people with supernatural powers. Each person's own source of strength will be trained in different parts. This mod developed by Longames has brought extremely unique and novel gameplay. The current player is not a student but will become the leader. You need to establish teaching facilities to ensure that your students are getting stronger day by day.

One of the important parts in Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk For Android is the power stone. Missions are given regularly such as fighting mutant monsters outside the school, performing virtual combat missions in the cabin. If you complete these tasks well, your reward will be power stones even more. At this point, the player can use those power stones to upgrade their collection of superpowers and start improving the gene box or equipment in the school. Remember that if you upgrade your school, your students can fight stronger by getting promoted quickly.

idle supernatural school mod apk latest version

However, in order to receive quests and power stones players need building points to access missions, maps, and chapters. In each chapter you will get limited building points. What you need to do is get those points to update the new map and open the quest. Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk Free Download not only brings the thrill of playing but also makes players more excited with new gameplay. If you really want to find a new type of construction game then this mod is very suitable.

Versions of Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk

The mod publisher has created different versions so that users can choose the gameplay they want. You can rely on the upgraded featured features to choose the version you want.

  • Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems is the version that many players love the most. Here, you will get a huge budget and comfortably spend it on many different goals like shopping, upgrading schools or more. In general, this support tool is great for players.

  • Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk Latest Version allows players to access new features at the earliest. Mods regularly update changes or new features here. If you love new experiences and lead the trend, you should not ignore this mod.

  • Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk Free Rewards brings a lot of fun to players. Here you can get free gifts. These gifts may or may not be valuable. However, if you are lucky, then surely big gifts will help you a lot during the game.

Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk 2023 features

If you are curious and want to know more about the features of this mod, you should follow the following shares:

Works without internet connection

Even if you don't have an internet connection, you can continue your game in offline mode. It still works automatically based on what is pre-programmed. Everything will still develop in the direction you choose.

Detailed instructions

idle supernatural school mod apk

If you are a beginner, then Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk will give you the most detailed instructions. You do not need to worry when the interface of the mod has been improved and is very easy to use.

Discover magic

The magic-like supernatural energies of this mod will really surprise users. If you really love exploring magic, you shouldn't miss it.


Idle Supernatural School Mod Apk promises to bring more new and interesting things. If you are interested in this unique gameplay, download it now to experience.

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