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Honor Of Kings

Honor Of Kings Mod APK v0.2.5.3 (All heroes unlocked)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Honor Of Kings

Download Honor Of Kings Mod APK latest version for Android. To enjoy the features of numerous heroes inspired by Chinese historical figures and legendary figures.

Game and App Info.
Name Honor Of Kings
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 611 MB
MOD All heroes unlocked
Category Action
Developer Level Infinite
Price Free
Google Play Link

Honor of Kings Mod APK includes a variety of heroes based on Chinese historical figures and legendary figures. You will enjoy both the graphic and historical figures from this game. Here’s quick information on Honor of Kings Mod APK, let’s find out below!

About Honor of Kings mod apk all heroes unlocked

Level Infinite is the thing that makes the game attractive to the audiences, which produced the Honor of Kings Mod APK for free download. In this action game, the only purpose of players is to control their heroes to win against other players.

honor of kings mod apk all heroes unlocked

In the game's 5v5 warfare mode, players work together to destroy their opponent's base. To do this, you'll need to cooperate with your teammates, take out enemy heroes, and seize control of strategic points on the battlefield.

In addition, the game offers a ton of things, such as heroes, skins, and mounts. Make sure you win every award if you want to dominate the battlefield and show off your unique flair.

Honor of Kings mod apk latest version features

Here are some of Honor of Kings mod apk latest version 2022 features that make the game interesting. 

Several Heroes to Choose From

You'll have the exceptional chance to control a range of characters in this game, each with their own narrative. Mulan, Menki, Hou Yi, Wu Yeng, and Zhu Rong are just a some of the historical individuals who have influenced many heroes. When you update the game, all heroes in Honor of Kings can be unlocked.

honor of kings mod apk all unlocked

The right hero must be chosen for every battle because they all have different playstyles and skills. To enhance their gaming experience, users can also amass a variety of skins and mounts. To dominate the battlefield, make sure your crew is the perfect blend. If you make any mistakes, immediately admit it and modify your strategy. 

A game's growth that is exhilarating

After choosing your heroes, engage in the fast-paced and exciting combat. Players can explore and study on a number of maps throughout the game. You must progress through the levels in order to win. The goal is to engage in combat in three lanes, capture the enemy attack crystal, and knock out nine towers.

The crystal's immense power can alter the outcome of a conflict if used wisely. Once you acquire it, you can move closer to your opponent's base while reducing their ability to defend themselves.

You will have a chance to win by attacking and destroying their place. As your opponent has the ability to do the same, so don’t think it’s easy, you must remain watchful and protect your base at all costs.

Different types of heroes

The game also features a number of hero classes. Every class has unique benefits that can increase your team's success on the battlefield. Fighters are heroes who can balance attacking and defensive abilities. Assassins are extremely mobile and are proficient at quickly removing opposing heroes.

honor of kings mod apk for android

The mage characters wield powerful magic, whilst supports provide healing and boosts to teammates. Tanks are tough heroes with strong defenses who can take damage for their team.

Excellent Gameplay

You won't be disappointed with the rewards in this game. As you advance through the stages, you will find valuable items to help your heroes and crew. The rewards improve as you progress, giving you incentive to keep playing and improving your skills.

Nothing is more satisfying than winning the ultimate title and inspiring your team to triumph. It feels fantastic to be the best and rule the battlefield in Honor of Kings APK latest version 2022.

Easy Installation

Once you have the APK file, installing Honor of Kings is surely easy. It's an especially suitable honor of kings mod apk for android, enabling players from this platform to enjoy themselves.

It's time to put together your team and control the battlefield in Honor of Kings APK. There are no special technical requirements for the game, which is free to play.

Honor of Kings mod apk free download

Developers and publishers have updated the software with fixes and new features. You will therefore have the best experience with the Honor of Kings APK Mod - Premium Unlocked - for a 5v5 MOBA.

honor of kings mod apk latest version 2022

Additionally simple is downloading the Honor of Kings mod apk. Simply select a location that offers a reliable download link that you can utilize right away. You are also guaranteed that this mod is secure. Your device suffers absolutely no damage.


The Honor of Kings mod apk is a fantastic option for all gamers. We hope that the knowledge we provided in this article will enable you to take pleasure in your time. For the most captivating and stunning gaming experiences, get this mod!

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