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Hoard Master

Hoard Master Mod APK v0.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Hoard Master

Download Hoard Master Mod APK - Unlimited Money - If you simply want to find a game for fun, not too difficult, then Hoard Master Mod APK is a perfect choice.

Game and App Info.
Name Hoard Master
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.5.2
Size 119 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Simple gameplay does not require high technology but is still addictive. Seemingly simple yet surprisingly attractive. It will definitely be an attractive pastime game for this summer. Let's find out more details through the article below.

Hoard Master Mod APK is what?

Hoard Master Mod APK is a casual game with simpler gameplay. It is not aggressive, does not bother, or requires too much experience and technique to play. However, not because of that, Hoard Master Mod APK is not good, but on the contrary, it is very addictive.

hoard master mod apk for android

Specifically, Hoard Master Mod APK is an active game, which is a sequence of eating items in black holes. Through it, you will collect many bonus coins and many other things that can be converted into money. This is a game with lots of upgrades to do and fun levels to play.

The gameplay is simple but not boring. The game never ends and you won't get bored while playing. With each round, the level of play will increase for you to experience. Impressive graphics and controls create a solid foundation for the game.

Hoard Master Mod APK features

Hoard Master Mod APK has more interesting features than you imagine, It brings great experiences to players such as:

As normal as possible

If you don't like to think too much, afraid to play complicated, brain-tangled games, then Hoard Master Mod APK is the number 1 choice. From its simple mechanism to the upgrade system all the way to control, it's not complicated.

Stockpile many items

The main task of this game is how you can accumulate as many items as possible.

hoard master mod apk

As a black hole, you should be able to swallow things easily and transport them into the money machine. The difficulty will increase with level, you need to develop and upgrade your item

Simple mechanics and controls

The mechanism and control system of the Hoard Master Mod APK game is very simple. Virtual navigation to move and get everything into the black hole. You just need to hold the screen and drag and drop lightly.

Many things to upgrade

In the new version 2022, Hoard Master Mod APK has been upgraded a lot. Some of the factors that you can clearly see are your radius, speed, and power. Upgrading each requires money that you can get from swallowing items.

Improve skills

To win you need to improve your skills. Although simple, when entering higher levels, it requires you to be faster. That is:

  • Improved speed to move faster from place to place. The radius allows you to expand your swallowing ability to take in larger items. Finally, capacity allows you to carry more items at once.
  • Improve skills to upgrade costs. Make sure your upgrade stats are equal to be able to do it faster and more efficiently

Amazing graphics

Hoard Master Mod APK uses 3D graphics, so it is very appreciated.

hoard master mod apk download

The graphics in the game make players more interested and not bored. The game is set in a virtual space in the sky. The movements are very smooth and realistic. Vivid animation design, as if you are participating in a really exciting game.

Remove ads

Although it does not automatically remove ads, Hoard Master Mod APK has this feature for users to choose from. There is a button to skip ads and you just need to press it and you will not be bothered by the images and sounds of that promotional video.


Hoard Master Mod APK is completely free. You just need to download from a reputable website address to be able to enjoy this game. The process is simple without spending any money. Especially high security and does not affect your mobile device.

Above is a sharing article about the game Hoard Master Mod APK which is quite interesting. Although not as impressive as adventure games, for simple entertainment, Hoard Master Mod APK is an interesting choice.

hoard master mod apk free download

So what are you waiting for without downloading Hoard Master Mod APK to experience it today? Hopefully, a few minutes of saving on this article has brought readers more useful information.

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