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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor Mod APK v2.3.8 (Mod menu)

Dec 17, 2022

Discover the thrilling secrets of your mysterious neighbor in Hello Neighbor Mod APK! Uncover the truth as you break into his house in this exciting and suspenseful game.

Name Hello Neighbor
Updated 2023-05-23
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 2.3.8
Size 108M
MOD Mod menu
Category Adventure
Developer tinyBuild
Price Free
Google Play Link

This person will be friendly and approachable, but there are also many cases where this person is extremely uncomfortable or contains some horrible secrets that suddenly one day you discover something shady from your neighbor. You want to find out the truth and start the journey to break into his house to find out. That is the core of Hello Neighbor Mod APK. Really interesting, right? Do not hesitate any longer, follow our article below to find out more details about this super cool Hello neighbor mod menu apk game.

About Hello Neighbor Mod Menu APK all acts unlocked

Hello Neighbor Mod APK all Act unlocked is a game application released by the famous game maker tinyBuild, and allows players to download it for free on both Appstore and Google Play stores.

download hello neighbor mod apk

One fine day, suddenly next to your house, a strange neighbor just moved in. The moment you see him you see something very mysterious and dangerous. You confirm it, even more, when each day passes you hear strange noises coming from the house next door. Something or something very mysterious is going on in his basement, it could be some kind of terrible horror. This urges you to break into the house and on a journey to find the truth in Hello Neighbor Mod APK all acts unlocked.

Hello Neighbor Mod APK all acts unlocked will really bring players to step by step to explore and experience every corner of the neighbor's house with many secrets that will be gradually revealed. This really makes everyone excited but equally attractive and dramatic.

Learn the drama of the mysterious neighbor in Hello Neighbor Mod APK full version

In fact, we humans are always curious about new things, this also helps us discover a lot of interesting things in daily life. However, sometimes too much curiosity will also put the main characters in danger not only in horror movies but also in real life.

hello neighbor mod apk

In Hello Neighbor Mod APK full version, you will also play the role of a super curious guy who decides to sneak into the neighbor's house to discover the mysteries inside this house. So you will see, what surprises are waiting for you ahead. Download now Hello Neighbor Mod APK all acts unlocked to experience it.

Dramatic and exciting exploration with Hello Neighbor Mod APK latest version

Entering Hello Neighbor Mod APK latest version, surely the feeling of each player is the extreme suspense and stress because if unfortunately, the neighbor finds out that you are breaking into his house, your life will be lost. Because you know your neighbor is not the right type when he is an AI that has the ability to learn and store information extremely quickly.

Accordingly, if you successfully break into his house by climbing through the window, the next time his window will be closed securely. If you enter his house by jumping the wall, climbing the wall into the house, please inform you, that next time it will not be so easy because now he will build the fence higher than that and equip the wire. Extremely sharp spikes can hurt you at any time

Interact with objects in the house

A tip for you in the process of breaking into and discovering the mysterious neighbor's house in Hello Neighbor Mod APK god mode is that you can interact with objects in the house, this helps you to distract a sly and cunning old neighbor.

hello neighbor mod apk all acts unlocked

In the house in Hello Neighbor Mod APK god mode also has a lot of places for you to hide when he is at home, such as lockers, under the bed,... However, be careful when participating in the secret search in Hello Neighbor Mod APK god mode, don't repeat the same actions over and over because this neighbor looks stupid, but his nature is extremely smart and cunning, he can do anything including killing them all friend.

In addition to discovering the secret hidden in this house, to win, you also have to solve the puzzles in Hello Neighbor Mod APK latest version. This is also really interesting, isn't it?

Mission to escape from the dangerous house

As content like a real horror movie, Hello Neighbor Mod APK full version takes you from surprise to surprise, with suspense, and drama mixed with fear when you try to escape the house without being discovered. Every tense moment will unfold as if you were watching a special escape movie. Hello Neighbor Mod APK full version currently has three main scenes for players to experience.

hello neighbor mod menu apk

Coming to scene 1 and scene 3: The player will have the task of successfully breaking into the house

Scene 2: The player will have the task of escaping from the house that is being guarded extremely tightly

Don't forget in the house of Hello Neighbor Mod APK god mode, your neighbor won't be happy at all when someone sneaks into his house. So be very careful with your every move. Download Hello Neighbor Mod APK today to enjoy extremely interesting entertainment.

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