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Haunted Dorm

Haunted Dorm Mod APK v1.7.1 (Unlimited money)

Dec 17, 2022

Download Haunted Dorm Mod APK - Unlimited money - is a horror survival game that is highly sought after. There is an attractive gameplay that makes many people wait.

Name Haunted Dorm
Updated 2024-01-26
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.7.1
Size 68 MB
MOD Unlimited money
Category Strategy
Developer Mihuan
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is an attractive horror survival game and is welcomed by many gamers. In the game Haunted Dorm Mod APK, players must build barriers, and defense systems to be able to destroy a female ghost to protect life. As a game that combines traditional and horror elements, it gives players an attractive and attractive entertainment space.

Attractive gameplay

Since its inception, the Haunted Dorm Mod APK has been noticed by many players, is a simple game that works on a 2D graphics system. However, the appeal and drama of the game were warmly received by many players.

The player's task in Haunted Dorm Mod APK is to build a small "fortress", building a safe defense system so that the ghost cannot reach you. When the defense is strong and secure enough so that the child does not come to you, your character can rest comfortably, depending on the comfort of your character, you will receive the corresponding amount.

The money collected will be used to continue to upgrade, and build defenses as well as an attack to prevent and destroy the ghosts that are trying to attack you. Upgrading the doors, and wall system as well as increasing the counterattack for the defensive Towers to be able to prevent as well as destroy the ghost.

When you first enter the game, you only have an empty room with gloom and darkness. Sitting in a room where you already feel scared, a ghost appearing will make you startled and scared. In such a situation, how will you handle it, just turn to run away or fight that ghost to survive.

To protect yourself, you must start the journey to earn money and build utilities to protect you, choose for yourself the architecture that suits your pocket to fight the ghost that wants to attack you. Depending on the player's calculation, choose to go the long way with large constructions and require a lot of money and effort, but once completed, it is possible to block the ghost from attacking you. In addition, you can choose to follow a short-term strategy, how much money you can spend immediately.

The player's job is to block the ghosts at the small heads and gradually expand their advantage by larger rooms. Gradually, the gloomy rooms will be brightened by you when you destroy the ghosts. Everything in Haunted Dorm Mod APK will be brighter as you kill more and more ghosts.

The beauty of Haunted Dorm Mod APK is that the design is simplified to the maximum, the gameplay is simple, but dramatic, and gives players a thrill that cannot be missed. A dark and gloomy tone has led you to the suspense, always having to live in fear of being caught by the ghost at any time. There are times when you don't dare to breathe hard for fear of being discovered by the ghost. Your mind must always be focused to notice the things around you. The state of fear makes you feel more excited than ever.

The advantages that Haunted Dorm Mod APK brings to players.

Impressive with simple graphics

Haunted Dorm Mod APK has simple and light 2D graphics for phones. Not focusing on developing the interface, Haunted Dorm Mod APK is more important in terms of game plot content. The dark color font is given by the publisher as the main background tone for the game, this is the tone that creates gloom and horror. As a horror-oriented game, the colorful design will lose its value of the game. A simple and light design will make the game run smoothly on your phone. Haunted Dorm Mod APK attracts players with the plot and gameplay, not the interface, the 2D interface is a factor that makes the game more popular with players.

Haunted Dorm Mod APK exploits many different perspectives, both bringing new experiences and helping players not be discouraged in the process of running away from ghosts.

Weapon System Upgrade

In the game Haunted Dorm Mod APK, in addition to running away, players also have to build defense systems as well as weapons to fight and destroy ghosts. Making money and upgrading the weapon system is something that every player must do, when you have upgraded your weapon system well, there is no need to worry anymore. Always make sure the character is safe, if you get caught by the ghost, you have to start over.

Instructions to download Haunted Dorm Mod APK for android and install it on your phone.

To download and install Haunted Dorm Mod APK , follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Visit a 3rd party website and download the Haunted Dorm Mod APK download the latest version to your device. This is a Haunted Dorm Mod APK that is free to download, so it won't cost you anything.
  • Step 2: Open the Apk file in your download and complete the installation. During the installation process, the phone requires permission to install applications of unknown origin, please agree.
  • Step 3: Wait for the installation of Haunted Dorm Mod APK to complete, then you can open and play the game.


Haunted Dorm Mod APK is an extremely attractive 2D game, a simple game with a horror-action genre that always gives players a feeling of suspense and confusion in fear. Since its release, the Haunted Dorm Mod APK has been loved by many people, now with the development of the Haunted Dorm Mod APK unlimited money, you can freely build your defense system as well as your weapons to be able to defeat the ghost.

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